Perfect World

Perfect World

Chapter 1491:

- Origin

This thing was too blinding, dazzling to the point of several dozen suns condensed together, creating a source of brilliance!

The three great experts all experienced a corresponding process, their eyes bleeding Even those as powerful as them needed a long time to adapt in order to clearly see what that was.

Even Heavenly Eyes were burning with scorching pain!

This was a chest!

The hall was ancient, at the center a sacrificial platform. It wasn’t tall, not even as large as a mature person, on it this thing.

This was the object of origin?

Shi Hao began to suspect whether the source was connected to the chest.

Sanzang and Shenming were obsessed, as if they were going to sink inside. It was because they were shone on by the auspicious light. They felt as if their undead knight bodies were changing, even though it was slow, they were now in this process!

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao developed a type of strange feeling as well. His body’s abnormality was one thing, what made him feel even more fear and trepidation was that there was a wave of mysterious aura that attacked at his skull.

The brilliance the chest released wanted to enter his primordial spirit!

He was immediately shocked. This was the place where the soul rested, how could he allow it to invade?!

Shi Hao rejected it, but he discovered that it was completely useless. This type of power was too domineering, unstoppable, impossible to resist. It entered his skull, the radiance spreading, merging with him.

Fortunately, at the crucial moment, the sword core collected inside his body released a light cry, actually forcing away the multicolored light, pressing it out.

“What kind of thing is this exactly?” Shi Hao was uneasy.

At this time, the long life tree also came. Not long ago, it hid in his body. When it saw this scene, it was shocked as well.

“How terrifying, my long life time ring is actually shaken, about to be corroded!” It began to panic a bit.

The long life medicine was special. Otherwise, the undead knights wouldn’t have brought them in, have them search for natural luck. It could still hold on for a short amount of time.

“It really is comfortable, I am going to become a Burial King!” It was as if Shenming was dreaming.

“I am the most powerful!” Sanzang roared.

The two of them seemed to have become possessed, forgetting everything, completely immersed in a type of state that was extremely difficult for outsiders to imagine.

Shi Hao didn’t move recklessly, instead taking a few steps back, carefully sizing this place up.

“What do you think, have those two noticed that I am different?” Shi Hao asked the old medicine. Otherwise, why were the smiles of those two before so strange?

When the ancient palace shone, forming a vortex, swallowing him inside, if he didn’t have the Everlasting Sword Core, he would have died for sure.

It could be said that those two seemed to be deliberately plotting against him.

Shi Hao even wanted to take action here, suppress these two, eliminate future problems ahead of time.

However, after considering how they were deep and unfathomable, moreover having items bestowed by Burial Kings on them, he decided not to act rashly.

“It’s also a chest?” Shi Hao looked at the object on the sacrificial platform, and then at the rotten wooden chest in his hands.

From the outer appearance, his chest really was too lacking compared to the other one. That one surged with radiance, gushing with auspicious splendor, obviously an important divine object!

Meanwhile, the one in his hands was about to rot already, just a tattered wooden chest.

Moreover, the one on the platform was related to origin, possessing unimaginable power, making all undead knights go crazy!

As for the wooden chest in his hands, even now, Shi Hao didn’t know what kind of use it had.

Shi Hao carefully sized it up. That chest was only a foot tall. It flickered with nine-colored brilliance, as if it was made of nine types of Immortal Gold.

Of course, it was closest to the legendary Seven-Colored Immortal Gold!

However, upon closer inspection, Shi Hao felt like it wasn’t like Immortal Gold, but a bit like jade.

“It is most likely carved from the branch of an immortal tree!” The long life tree said, this was its opinion.

It seemed like metal, yet wasn’t, like stone, yet wasn’t, like wood, yet wasn’t wood. It was difficult to say what kind of material it was, extremely strange.

In the end, Shenming and Sanzang woke up, no longer bewildered. They looked at it carefully, continuously sighing with praise, finding it hard to hide their excitement.

It had patterns on its surface that looked extremely complicated, as if there were life imprints coming to life one after another. This thing seemed to be alive!

“I feel like it isn’t a chest, but rather solid, an origin ancient artifact itself!” Shenming said, not thinking that it was a chest with something inside.

“I feel the same way…” Sanzang said.

Shi Hao was moved. What these two said made sense, perhaps this thing was the source object itself. There were no cracks on its surface, as if it was completely solid.

“Will we be able to turn into Burial Kings?” Shenming said with great excitement. At this moment, she reached out her hand, about to grab towards that origin object.


However, immediately afterwards, she was struck flying, coughing out large amounts of blood, her body almost blasted apart.

Meanwhile, this was still because she had the protection of the patterns bestowed by a Burial King. Otherwise, her body and soul would have definitely been wiped out.

Shi Hao was completely stupefied as he watched. This thing was terrifying after all, it couldn’t be lightly touched.

“Let me try!” Sanzang said. His hands held the magical decree, walking forward, extremely fast. The scripture sounds there were great, starting to sound. Symbols surged one after another, rushing forward.


However, he also suffered a rebound. One could actually see flames burning the powerful decree, burning a corner.

Sanzang released a great cry, half his body scorched black, blood flowing out from the corner of his lips, also flying out, unable to approach that origin ancient artifact.

“This… we have no way of touching it. Will we still be able to turn into Burial Kings?” Shenming and Sanzang both felt extremely helpless, a bit dispirited.

It was because they came full of hope, moreover truly successfully entering the ancient palace, yet in the end, they couldn’t touch this ancient artifact.

“You have to understand that even though the ancient cave is here, this artifact might not appear for billions of years. If we miss out on this chance, we might never be able to encounter it again…” Sanzang found this hard to accept.

“I am going to continue trying!” Shenming said.

This thing was this important? Shi Hao became suspicious. It was actually this formidable! Wasn’t it enough if Burial Kings just took action themselves? Why did it have to be this troublesome?

Shi Hao had many questions. He asked the long life tree, asking it for an explanation.

“What kind of place do you think this is? The fact that you are able to arrive here really is tremendous luck. Just how many were able to come here since ancient times?” The old medicine said.

“Even I can enter, so Burial Kings definitely shouldn’t have any problems. Can’t they just directly take action and help their heirs out?” Shi Hao wasn’t convinced.

“Anyone can come, it is just Burial Kings themselves who can’t. Otherwise, there will definitely be great problems!” The long life medicines rejected this thought of his.

“Why?” Shi Hao was shocked.

“There were rumors that the appearance of the Burial Kings has something to do with this object!”

According to the legends this old medicine spoke of, that was an extremely strange phenomenon, one that was hard to believe.

Burial Kings’ appearance was precisely related to this origin ancient artifact. Moreover, the ancient artifact could only be seen once in a lifetime, otherwise, if they met again, there will likely be a great problem!

It was to the extent where there were even sayings where, after seeing the origin ancient artifact, everything would change, including oneself.

In short, the Burial Kings couldn’t appear, see it a second time.

Otherwise, the Burial Kings would change!

“There are some things where you can try to imply from Shenming and Sanzang. These things that I am talking about are all legends, I don’t know the truth.” The immortal medicine said.

“Are you not scared of us being exposed?” Shi Hao said.

“It doesn’t matter. Regarding these things, ninety percent of undead knights have no idea, only the Golden Undead Knights knowing some more hidden rumors.” The old medicine said like this.

“The Burial Kings really can’t come themselves?” Shi Hao decisively asked.

“If Burial Kings come, there will be terrifying things that will appear!” Shenming said. She actually spoke about some secrets to Shi Hao’s surprise.

“Do you all still remember that existence in Heaven Valley? That is Burial King, but because he made contact with this place, he then disappeared!” Shenming said.

“But after he disappeared, another Burial King appeared from the depths of burial land, one who looks completely identical to him!” Sanzang said.

“It is precisely because it is like this that it is terrifying! The two Burial Kings had the exact same outer appearances, but their natures were completely different, regarded as two different people!” Shenming said.

This left Shi Hao shocked. This origin ancient artifact was not simple after all.

“It is rumored that all objects that had something to do with the origin ancient artifact would be regarded with utmost importance by Burial Kings. My burial region’s three great Burial Kings subdued one object, no one allowed near it.” Sanzang said.

There was one object buried in the great tomb, a seal established by the three great Burial Kings. No one was allowed near that place.

This made Shi Hao feel the importance of this place once more. This thing was too extraordinary.

Burial Earth was this sinister? Shi Hao began to think to himself.

“By relying on it, one can become Burial Kings. However, what do you two plan on doing? There is no way of approaching it at all right now!” Shi Hao said.

He really was confused. How could the item on the platform be this magical? Could it really hold such great power?
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