- Ancient Pill Revives Immortal King

“Hunyuan Immortal King’s furnace has been started, someone is trying to refine unmatched precious pills!” In the foreign realm, there were cries of alarm that sounded from all different areas.

It was because everyone in the cosmos could see a fiery red furnace that released dazzling radiance. It was massive beyond compare, towering in the void, transferring endless great dao symbols.

Moreover, the pill furnaces of all different lands were resonating, releasing medicinal fragrance.

Hunyuan Immortal King Furnace, this was a peerless work among pill furnaces, a supreme treasure. It not only possessed astonishing fighting strength, it was also known to be Immortal Domain’s most powerful furnace.

When using it to refine pills, the effects would be optimal.

Right now, Shi Hao was sitting in the starry sky, continuously sending medicinal herbs into the furnace, carefully watching. These were all ancient medicines that were hundreds of thousands of years old, not a single stalk ordinary.

Meanwhile, these were all supplementary ingredients, not a single stalk of the main medicine thrown in yet.

In the distance, Pan King and the restricted region lord were both watching carefully, their expressions serious. Hunyuan Immortal King also came, seated in the void, staring at Shi Hao who was refining this medicine.

At Shi Hao’s side, it was dazzling and brilliant, precious medicines piled up high. If this was in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, any stalk would draw sighs of astonishment, leaving them shocked.

However, in Immortal Domain, it was just that extravagant. When an immortal king refined medicines, how could it be ordinary?

Shi Hao seemed to be squandering things away, every stalk of medicine containing astonishing medicinal nature. When they were thrown into a furnace, every stalk would release waves of multicolored smoke, making even this starry sky become incredibly dazzling.

During this process, stellar splendor, lunar brilliance and daylight all became like water ripples, continuously flowing over, entering the furnace.

The essence of sun and moon converged, the divine essence of the cosmos smelted, entering the furnace.

At Shi Hao’s side, there were a few stalks of immortal medicines that were extremely mysterious, able to communicate, able to speak, even more so able to fly into the sky or escape through the earth.

However, they didn’t flee, all because Shi Hao promised that he would only remove some leaves and flowers, that he wouldn’t injure their roots. Moreover, after this, they would be planted in All Life Earth, allowed to grow again in the shortest amount of time.

Among them, five stalks came from Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu’s dwelling.

As for the other two stalks, one was the lower realm’s number one spiritual root, sealed within it was a terrifying separate body of a terrifying creature, the final stalk was the White Tortoise Carrying Immortal who followed over.

“Brat, now, you can actually make the Heavenly Immortal Tree reappear.” The White Tortoise Carrying Immortal said.

The Heavenly Immortal Tree was previously divided into four by someone, becoming four Heavenly Deity Trees.

This was precisely the reason why it lost its immortal dao spirituality, only by merging together into one could it recover.

There were rumors that stated that back then, that terrifying creature known as the ‘Fake Medicine Dealer’, when he was choosing what immortal medicine to seal himself into, his first choice was the Heavenly Immortal Tree.

He divided it into four stalks, but discovered that the Heavenly Immortal Tree wasn’t suited to carrying separated bodies, so in the end, he switched to another medicine.

Back then, there was a Heavenly Deity Tree at the White Tortoise Carrying Immortal’s side. Later on, he headed to Burial Earth, discovering another stalk there, these two stalks both following at his side.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, reaching out a large hand, grabbing out divine trees from the formless void. No one knew what kind of great divine abilities he was displaying, where he obtained them from.


As a result, the four Heavenly Deity Trees merged into one, turning into a true immortal tree!

There were some fruits on it, immediately producing astonishing irregular scenes. Immortal radiance surged, great dao sounds rumbling.

Shi Hao began to refine medicine!

The first immortal medicine’s leaves and flowers entered the furnace, immediately making this place overflow with fiery light, simply about to drown out this area of the starry sky.

At the same time, the pill furnaces in all different places rumbled, the medicinal fragrance becoming even more shocking.

It was because all furnaces produced a reaction, worshipping the number one pill furnace, resonating with it.

All of the divine furnaces had spirits, mysteriously producing some reactions. A furnace of great medicine was going to appear in this world.


When the leaves and branches of three stalks of immortal medicines were thrown in, endless great dao symbols surged from within the furnace, triggering a wave of astonishing changes. Lightning radiance surged, descending as expected.


Lightning radiance descended, landing on Hunyuan Immortal King Furnace, blasting this place until it became dazzling.


Shi Hao released a light shout. With a wave of his hand, a trace of green light appeared, sealing all of the lightning, making all of the electricity covering the sky instantly disappear like scattered smoke.

However, when the fourth stalk of immortal medicine was used, heavenly tribulation appeared again, even more berserk. It was actually yin yang thunder radiance, carrying the aura of the source of heaven and earth.


Shi Hao released a light shout again. This type of thunder tribulation immediately shattered, breaking apart in an instant, stopped by Shi Hao again.

However, each time he threw in a stalk of immortal medicine, different lightning tribulations would inevitably appear again!

The immortal medicines had pretty much all been used, even the sealed terrifying creature stalk had some branches and leaves removed, thrown into the furnace.


Chaotic energy surged, this place becoming incomparably dazzling.

Everyone knew that the crucial time had arrived!

Shi Hao produced a stalk that carried powerful energy. This was Yin Yang Herb, what he obtained from Scarlet King five hundred thousand years ago. He never used it all this time, leaving it to Imperial Court.

Now, this medicine was still here, providing great use.

When it entered the furnace, this world released ghost weeping and deity howling noises. The gods of the heavens seemed to have descended, endless divine radiance fell down, void images took form here.

“There is also the final stalk of medicine!”

It was the main medicine of this medicine concoction, much more precious than immortal medicines and the Yin Yang Herb.

“Three Life Medicine!”

Shi Hao said quietly, throwing in some specks. It looked ordinary, but once it entered the furnace, this place became too dazzling. When those ordinary specks entered the pill furnace, it underwent an astonishing transformation.

Even Shi Hao’s expression changed. What he sensed wasn’t a rapidly shifting scene in the furnace, a great dao transformation within, but rather the heavenly tribulation in outer space. Chaotic radiance erupted endlessly, crashing down.

He didn’t feel any fear himself, but this was medicine refinement. It came for the pill medicine! If it was disturbed at the crucial moment, unable to form the pill, then it would be extremely troublesome.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao carried this pill furnace, facing the lightning radiance, slaughtering his way outwards. His large hand covered heaven and earth, carrying the immortal king furnace as he tore through the void, entering the primal chaos.

The lightning radiance submerged him. Shi Hao displayed great divine abilities, blasting aside the lightning tribulation, tearing apart the primal chaos, incredibly heroic and valiant.

However, that heavenly tribulation was everywhere, some of it actually extending towards the pill furnace from other directions.


Shi Hao engraved a character in the void. Dao laws were like a sea, completely erupting, facing the heavenly tribulation.


However, there was some lightning that didn’t come from outer space, but rather erupted inside the pill furnace, formed from the void!

“Suppress!” Shi Hao shouted out.

He had heard about this type of thing before. When true unmatched great medicines were difficult for the outside world to destroy, then it would break apart from inside. Thunder radiance appeared in endless strands, once they hacked out, this pill furnace would be ruined.

Shi Hao engraved characters, writing endless symbols on this pill furnace, his speed extremely fast. This was an essential process to refining medicine.

It was because this pill furnace was special, needing some symbols engraved in the pill furnace. Now, for the sake of suppressing this lightning radiance, this heavenly tribulation, he had no choice but to do it ahead of time.

This was an extremely difficult process. Even if Shi Hao was extremely strong, the slightest bit of carelessness would also destroy this pot of unrivaled precious medicine.

“This won’t do! There is clearly a wave of power that insists on destroying this great medicine, not wishing for it to appear in this world.” In the distance, Hunyuan Immortal King spoke, warning Shi Hao.

It was because this furnace of pill medicine was too heaven-defying, able to save immortal kings, which was why there was a mysterious power that didn’t permit it to appear, because this would break some type of balance.

“Dao friend, you can face tribulation now.”

Shi Hao’s five secret realms shone, displaying the greatest divine abilities. At his level, he could long understand all types of mysterious methods.

He seized Taishi Immortal King’s primordial spirit, tearing it viciously, and then threw it into the void, using it to face the endless lightning.


Lightning radiance appeared in millions and millions of strands, drawn away by that primordial spirit, fiercely hacking it apart.

Death Substitution Method!

Many immortal kings knew it, but using this to take on a tribulation for a pill furnace, this was definitely a world splitting choice. Which immortal king would throw their life away for a furnace of medicine?

From past until now, immortal kings were all high up above, there were none who would die in a wronged manner like this.

Aocheng and Scarlet King’s primordial spirits were still there. Their expressions completely changed. They sensed that with Shi Hao’s methods, killing their primordial spirits wouldn’t be too difficult.

Otherwise, how could he make Taishi face tribulation just like that?

Taishi still hadn’t died. Even though he was hacked at until his entire body was scorched black, primordial spirit scattering, it was still continuously reforming.

“I’ll have to let you down.”

Shi Hao said, suddenly exerting force. A hand reached out, lightning surging all around it, restraining that shattered primordial spirit again. He seized it and then began to refine it.

He erased Taishi’s will, refining his primordial spirit force, and then threw it into the pill furnace.

This type of great medicine was ultimately used to save an immortal king’s soul, so refining a primordial spirit naturally couldn’t be any more normal.

Back then, when Pan King told him how to refine this unmatched great medicine, Shi Hao didn’t feel the slightest burden. Three Life Medicine, immortal king primordial spirit, he had all of these things.


This place underwent a strange transformation the outside world couldn’t see too clearly. Lightning radiance and the furious roars of an immortal king tore through primal chaos. The pill medicine was too dazzling, drowned under dao laws.

Shi Hao sat there, head covered in sweat, continuously engraving symbols into the pill furnace.

It was just medicine refinement, yet it actually reached this step. One could see just how heaven-defying this furnace of medicine was.

In the end, the pills were completed. Heaven and earth shook intensely, all of Immortal Domain ringing with a faint immortal melody that left one inwardly shaken.

At the same time, nine-colored multicolored light tore apart the cosmos, accompanied by primal chaos. With a guangdong sound, the furnace cover was smashed aside on its own. Inside were some nine-colored immortal pills, sparkling and translucent. Then, with brilliance more dazzling than a scorching sun, they rushed out just like that.

In the distance, several figures appeared, their eyes were burning with desire, about to reach out their hands and seize it.

However, they all stopped themselves in the end.

With a weng noise, Shi Hao seized all of these pill medicines, sealing them into jade containers.

“Dao friend, would it be possible to exchange for a pill medicine? I am willing to exchange with long life medicines and other things.” An immortal king asked.

“I will not exchange!”

Shi Hao refused. It was because this pill medicine could be said to be one of a kind, impossible to refine even if others wanted to. The key was Three Life Medicine, this ingredient was completely impossible to find.

He still had some, but he couldn’t use it. He had to leave it for Cao Yusheng to deal with unforeseen changes.

That person was a bit embarrassed, but in the end didn’t say too much. Several great immortal kings all withdrew.

Who didn’t want this type of medicine? Even immortal kings couldn’t help but be enticed. However, who dared fight Shi Hao to the death here? This fella already slaughtered out a reputation, his battle accomplishments glorious.

He dared slaughter his way into Realm Sea alone, charge into the foreign realm, ultimately bringing back several heads, coming back unscathed. Who wouldn’t feel restraining fear?

This was the youngest giant in all of history!

That day, Shi Hao prepared to revive immortal kings.

At the same time, he was also excited and moved, not knowing if this pill medicine would be effective for the restricted region lord, crystal skull and others. It was to the extent where he wondered if it would be useful for Huo Ling’er!

Pan King and Hunyuan Immortal King came over, watching from the side.

The Heavenly Horned Ant, Mu Qing, Lunar Jade Rabbit, Qing Yi and others were also here, watching nervously.

Shi Hao personally took action, feeding Number Two Under Heaven a nine-colored immortal pill. Even during the Age of Emperor Collapse, this type of medicine was still like something out of a legend, full of legendary brilliance.

Age of Emperor Collapse, it was rumored to only have one single furnace!

“It is effective!” Pan King said.

It was because Number Two Under Heaven was starting to convulse, especially the place between its brows, resplendent brilliance was released.

Scripture sounds could be heard, the symbols Shi Hao engraved into the medicine during the concoction process.

The ancient pill recipe had this type of requirement, stating that some mysterious great dao symbols had to be engraved.

Now, scripture sounds rang out, as if there were mysterious ancient incantations.

Specks of spiritual light shone, gathering from all directions, entering Number Two Under Heaven’s head.


This was especially the case when a streak of light shattered the void, smashing apart Immortal Domain’s realm wall. It actually rushed here, entering Number Two Under Heaven’s head.


Many people were shocked. What was going on?

The changes were too sudden. Shi Hao almost took action, but in the end, he held back.

“Brat, why are you here?” Number Two Under Heaven suddenly opened its eyes. When it saw Shi Hao, it was a bit stunned.

This wasn’t an unfamiliar gaze, as if it was incredibly familiar, as if it had already known Shi Hao for many years.

Judging from its words, one could see that this wasn’t the first time they met.

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