Perfect World

Chapter 2005: Slaughter From the Future Until Now

- Slaughter From the Future Until Now

“Attack! Kill him first!” Feather Emperor said, his voice extremely rushed.


Behind him, a pair of tattered wings reappeared, carrying blood. When they moved, Realm Sea began to stir, a rain of light scattering down his body. He was determined to get rid of Huang first.


Grand Emperor responded with action, using his half immortal emperor magical artifact to slaughter forward.

As for Gray Emperor, he was also like this. He was always coordinating with those two emperors. He chanted incantations from his mouth, bringing about death curses.

World Eradication Elder turned around, gazing into that great river of time. His expression was grave. He wasn’t opposed to the three emperors’ attacks, but he also carried restraining fear towards that creature from the long river of time.

For them, what was frightening? There was almost nothing!

It was because they were precisely the most powerful creatures.

That was unless it involved time. If something came from the great river of time, that individual might be extremely extraordinary. This was an unforeseeable variable.

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Once it touched upon half immortal emperors that went against time, not even they could deduce what would happen.

An intense great battle erupted. Shi Hao fought a decisive battle against the three half immortal emperors.

Feather Emperor, Grand Emperor and Gray Emperor all ingested an Emperor Pill each. Their entire bodies surged with dark light, becoming more and more powerful, their darkness force incredibly powerful. Their magical force erupted, quickly returning to the peak.

That was why they remained fearless, wishing to unleash a great slaughter and wipe out this great enemy.

However, the current Shi Hao already underwent an instance of transformation, also becoming different. He surged with magical force, increasing his dao skills. Together with the pain of losing his son and his brothers, his killing intent became terrifying to the extreme.


This place was beaten into ruin. Realm Sea’s waters couldn’t immediately cover up this area.

The four great half immortal emperors slaughtered their way here, clashing intensely, blood splashing everywhere. This was history’s most intense great battle, new worlds opened in the seas at every turn.

It was because the power was too vast. When primal chaos was torn through, there would be a new heaven and earth.

Only half immortal emperors could do this, realm eradication and realm creation were both within their palms and fingers.

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The long river of time surged, shaking intensely. That place became hazy, three shocking rainbows quickly arriving from the lower reaches of time.

World Eradication Elder’s expression finally changed. He could sense that they were half immortal emperors, all three of them. They rushed over from that place at the same time. This was a bit terrifying.

One had to understand that from the past until the present, how many half immortal emperors were there? Those who were still alive were all here!

If he was included, there were only five of them.

However, in the lower reaches of the great river of time, three of them immediately appeared in a group. This was extremely terrifying. This type of fighting strength, when grouped up together, could overthrow many things.

It was clear that moving along the river of time wasn’t an easy task, easily triggering great karma, bringing about danger.

Normal experts weren’t willing to do this.

Not even half immortal emperors would easily touch this kind of karma. They could wander about the great river of time, but they usually avoided it, normally definitely wouldn’t interfere with anything out of fear of bringing about a great disaster upon themselves.

The greater one’s strength, the greater the karma involved!

Otherwise, without any restrictions, if they just behaved unscrupulously, trying to change everything, wouldn’t this entire world become chaotic? There wouldn’t be any meaning in existence then!

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They were now close. One could already vaguely see three experts descending, wrapped within unmatched divine light. Those great dao symbols were extremely powerful, intimidating their souls.

Even World Eradication Elder, this type of individual was shaken. As expected, there were powerful half immortal emperors who came. Judging from how they were seething with killing intent, he felt like things were far from reassuring.

There were three individuals on that side. If they joined up with Huang, wouldn’t it be four against four?

The arrogant Feather Emperor’s wings were fiercely beating right now, erupting with heaven overflowing killing intent. He wanted to kill Huang as soon as possible, to get rid of this huge problem.

He saw the three individuals who were descending, fearing that something unexpected would happen.

Right now, they had four half immortal emperors on their side. If they joined up, they could definitely seal up Huang, slowly whittle away at him until he perished. This was a situation of inevitable victory.

Comparatively speaking, they really didn’t want to see any new variables.

The three creatures who came from the lower reaches of the great river of time immediately made the situation become complicated.

There were three great creatures, two men and one woman. They were all in human forms, the auras they released incomparable, making one feel like they were about to suffocate.

Resplendent symbols swirled around their bodies, patterns covering them densely, indicating that their dao laws were extremely profound. These were experts with unmatched aptitudes.

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These three individuals moved together, looking down on all under the sky. They stared at Realm Sea, overlooking all experts here.

The two men and one woman were full of a dazzling rain of light. They walked towards this place, making Realm Sea separate and the heavens tremble. When they were all together, they really were too powerful.

Right now, the three great experts stared at Shi Hao. When they saw him, they immediately smiled.

“It’s him, we truly found him!”

One of them muttered to himself.

When they saw the three great experts smile, Feather Emperor, Grand Emperor and Gray Emperor’s faces immediately changed. This really was too terrible. If they smiled towards Huang, then they were most likely enemies and not allies.

Even World Eradication Elder’s mind trembled, feeling like the situation wasn’t good.

“Dao friends came from so far away. We are of different times, but this is also a meeting of fate. However, going against the great river of time, if you take action recklessly, this entire heaven and earth will be overturned.”

World Eradication Elder reminded. He was extremely worried. If these three experts were to attack, the consequences would be unimaginable.

At this moment, Feather Emperor’s expression became more and more cold. He had a type of suspicion, feeling that Huang would most likely die today, so that was why the future experts went against the great river of time to change the situation.

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Perhaps this battle was related to too much.

For the sake of changing some great events in the future, for the sake of altering their fate, they didn’t hesitate to rush back endless years. Even if they were going to suffer tremendous karma backlash, they still wanted to change the past.

“Right, Huang perished today. These people came here for him.” World Eradication Elder nodded, saying this to himself.

Gray Emperor and Grand Emperor inwardly nodded, because there were four great half immortal emperors who could surround and kill Huang. As for what the end result would be like, it was hard to predict.

Now, if someone came to interfere, they most likely belonged to enemy forces. If they were on the same side as them, they definitely wouldn’t have come all the way here, there was no need to change anything.


Right at this time, the female of the three individuals released a light shout, reaching out a snow-white sparkling hand, striking towards this battlefield.

The power of this palm was extremely horrifying, carrying heaven overflowing great dao symbols. They covered everything, shaking the past, present and future.

“Dao friends, do you all know what you are doing? Will you be able to bear this type of karma?” World Eradication Elder shouted.

His expression now truly changed. If they defied the great river of time like this to change the battle situation, the backlash of heaven and earth might be something even they would get caught up in.

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The most important thing was that if Huang really was saved by them, would this result in a terrifying and incomprehensible brand new future?

This was unimaginable!

Feather Emperor and the others had never tried such a thing before, nor did they dare do this type of thing. Once they made this type of decision, truly taking action, even half immortal emperors had no choice but to perish.


Heaven and earth exploded, great waves surged in Realm Sea.

That woman’s palm smashed over, the destructive force astonishing. It brushed past Shi Hao’s shoulder, striking into the sea. All things were corroded, the dao laws of the heavens were broken down.

After Shi Hao avoided this attack, he looked at her coldly.

Feather Emperor, Grand Emperor and Gray Emperor were all stunned. They didn’t expect to see this result! That woman was attacking Huang?

“You all have misunderstood.” One of the three experts said.

This was a man clad in Immortal Gold armor, in his hand a great halberd. He had a head of silver hair, his body giving off an intimidating presence. His pupils were piercing like blades.

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When World Eradication Elder heard this, he was stunned as well. Then, he revealed a strange expression.

Gray Emperor, Grand Emperor and Feather Emperor were also like this. They truly never expected to see this type of result.

“We indeed came for Huang, but not to save him, but rather to kill him!” That woman said.

Resplendent great dao symbols receded. She revealed her true appearance. This was a rather pretty woman, her appearance around thirty something years of age. She was dressed in long golden robes that also looked like armor, full of a noble aura. At the same time, the radiance in her eyes was fierce.

Her bearing was elegant. As a half immortal emperor, she already had a unique aura to her. Together with her exceptional appearance, she naturally seemed even more aloof and transcendent.

The third individual was an elder with a head of crimson hair. His figure was strong and robust, in his hands a snow-white Heaven Measuring Ruler that possessed unmatched power, as if it could size up the heavens itself, eradicate all enemies.

“How can I trust all of you?” Feather Emperor said.

“Simple. We will join hands and suppress and kill him together!” That silver-haired man with the great halberd in hand said. His aura was terrifying, pressing forward with the weapon in hand.


Immediately afterwards, these three experts took action decisively.

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They actually really joined up together, suppressing and attacking Huang!

“Boasting shamelessly, where did you brats come from? Who dares make me their enemy?!” Shi Hao roared out domineeringly. He was being attacked right now, but he definitely wouldn’t feel fear.

Even if it was someone from the future who understood history, understood him, he still didn’t feel much fear. He was confident that he was unmatched, he had to destroy all enemies in his path.

Not long ago, he completed a transformation, his entire body surging with blood energy. He returned to his peak, now about to make another breakthrough.


“Dao friends, why aren’t you hurrying and taking action? We cannot leave this person alive!” That golden-robed woman said, her expression a bit anxious, clearly even more worried than Feather Emperor.

“Why do you all need to do this? Are you not scared of perishing yourselves?” Feather Emperor carried many doubts, asking like this.

“It is because this person’s influence is just too great!” The elder who held the Heaven Measuring Ruler said.

“He previously…” However, when he spoke up to here, thunder crashed down from above, lightning flashed, striking down on his body with incomparable ferocity.

However, this lightning didn’t injure him.

Even so, another wave of mysterious power appeared, blasting his body, completely blocking his words. This was the force of karma.

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He wanted to expose heaven’s mysteries, so the effects might be tremendous. As a result, he suffered a backlash on the spot!


The elder coughed out blood.

“Hurry, take action together! We don’t have much time left! We came with the resolution to lose our lives, the current situation isn’t good!” The silver-haired man who held a great halberd in hand roared out.

He invited World Eradication Elder, Feather Emperor, Grand Emperor and Gray Emperor to suppress Shi Hao together.

It was because the three of them came from the future, any random strike bringing about tremendous karma. Now, the four of them were already starting to experience the consequences of the backlash.

This was still the case when they didn’t do much to Shi Hao, all of their attacks were neutralized by him.

If they really changed anything, even slightly, then they had to pay a tremendous price in blood.


“Why are you all not taking action yet? What are you waiting for?” That woman screamed out.

“Doing things like this, changing the situation of a great age, don’t you think it will overturn endless time? What will happen to your bodies, what will happen to us?” World Eradication Elder’s face was serious as he asked.

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“How could we bother with so much? We only know that if this person doesn’t die, the effects are too great, he…” The silver-haired man roared out in anger. The great halberd in his hands became increasingly resplendent.

When World Eradication Elder heard this, his expression became ugly. He took action.

Gray Emperor, Grand Emperor and Feather Emperor were all like this as well. They were first shocked, and then their expressions sunk.


Things were already like this. Seven great experts surrounded and attacked Shi Hao, wishing to subdue him forever, and then slowly whittle down at him until he was destroyed, turn him into a flame, make both his body and spirit perish.

Ever since the creation of heaven and earth, this type of thing had never happened before.

It was because in this world, so many half immortal emperors had never appeared before.

In addition, the seven great creatures were surrounding a single person. This was just too crazy! What kind of powerful individual needed seven great half immortal emperors to surround and kill him together?!

However, reality was right before their eyes!

Shi Hao fell into a desperate situation.

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This was something that had never happened before. A great scene of chaos was about to begin, one that exceeded everyone’s imaginations.

This was the most bitter world ending battle. Shi Hao experienced the darkest day of his life. When facing the joint attack of seven great half immortal emperors, who could succeed?


This scene of darkness great chaos affected too much, terrifying to a horrifying degree. There were actually experts from the future who were now involved. This was the greatest and most shocking event from the past until now!

Shi Hao held on bitterly, suffering the most terrifying attacks from all sides.

The only fortunate thing was that the three great experts’ hands and legs were restricted, because there was still some rebound force that existed!

“You all go too far!”

Right at this time, there was someone who roared out from the lower reaches of the great river of time, their voice carrying endless rage and murderous intent, quickly rushing over.


A great bell rang out. A person who had a great bell floating above his head, as if impervious to all methods slaughtered his way over.

He was clearly not the only one. There were other creatures who descended!

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