Pet King

Chapter 1202 Malice

[Gluttonous Blue Fish], on facing the questioning and scolding of the audience, had sweaty palms, and she gritted her teeth, not letting her expression become ugly.

Her eyes flickered and she racked her brains to think. What went wrong? Who sold me out? Why do these people know?

Recently, her popularity in the live broadcasting room had declined dramatically, making her more and more anxious. She was a full-time anchor and had no other work or income. She just relied on audience gifts to support herself and maintain a decent lifestyle. A decline in popularity meant that her income was declining.

She did not reflect on whether she was too old-fashioned in dress, not funny enough when she spoke, or needed to improve her skills. She unilaterally blamed other anchors for stealing her popularity.

As for her face and body, there were beauty cameras anyway. If she became fat, she just needed to adjust it higher. Did it matter?

On the day of Sihwa’s live broadcasting, she was also broadcasting live, but she watched the popularity of her room drop rapidly until the freezing point. The fans who often came to support her left her broadcasting room to watch Sihwa’s broadcasting room. Some of them never come back, including several room managers who had rewarded her with many gifts.

Even the signed anchors’ group on the platform was stirred up. Everyone was talking about this girl named Sihwa.

She had never heard of Sihwa before. She thought it was the live broadcasting platform that started a new round of a movement to build a next popular broadcaster. While she was envious, she also lamented that she did not have such good luck.

Anyway, there were only two or three kittens left in her broadcasting room. She simply shut down the live broadcasting out of curiosity and went to Sihwa’s broadcasting room to explore.

Seeing Sihwa at first glance, she was not concerned about Sihwa’s rescue action, but about Sihwa’s face and figure. She knew immediately that she was not on the same level as her.

Women tended to look at women more poisonously and harshly than men—whether there was makeup, whether there was a beauty camera, whether there was cosmetic surgery. In fact, there were traces to follow, unlike men, who were only concerned with what they saw, seeing a popular broadcaster who had gone through a lot of plastic surgery and could still shout out that she was the goddess of the guys who stayed at home.

No matter how close she got to the screen, she couldn’t find any flaws in Sihwa’s face, nor any traces of makeup, beauty, or cosmetology. It was like a lotus coming out of clear water, carved by nature.

She lowered her head, squeezed the three layers of fat on her stomach, and felt the thick foundation on her face. The jealous flames burned her heart.

She thought maliciously, This coquettish girl has a certain beauty. Maybe she had already done the casting couch with the high-level executives of the platform early on!

What saving people? She’s probably just faking it! The funny thing is that so many people are supporting her!

She could not stand looking at it anymore, and she angrily left the live broadcast room, still angry and unable to calm down.

What right did she have to be able to be chased by people because she was beautiful?

She couldn’t stand the torment of jealousy. She wanted to divert her attention. She opened her QQ and WeChat and saw that the small group she had set up was also talking about it.

As a customary rule of live broadcasting platform, only those who had given a large number of gifts to the anchor could be the live broadcast room manager and further to the host’s personal QQ number or WeChat account. As to what relationship would develop in the future, it was their own free wish, and the live broadcasting platform did not care.

There was no lack of rumors that some seemingly poor female anchors who were pure and lovely in the live broadcast room had been secretly kept by some big rich man or provided customized private videos to some small local rich men. These were not rumors that came out of nothing.

[Gluttonous Blue Fish] had also added the QQ and WeChat of a few rich fans—saying that they were rich was an exaggeration. According to her observation, they were at most ordinary people with a solid family background. Perhaps they could send her a few hairy crabs every month, which was incomparable with the real rich person, who could smash a dozen or even dozens of hairy crabs in a live broadcast studio.

Nevertheless, she still called them “boss so-and-so” or “rich so-and-so,” because the real rich people often had a fixed anchor they followed and could not be asked for. For example, she heard that there was a famous, generous, mysterious rich man in the platform called [Binhai Native] who only supported a certain outdoor female anchor and would not go to other live broadcast rooms.

No matter how jealous she was, she did not dare to provoke those anchors who had real rich backers. A real rich backer was either rich or had power, or had both money and power. How could she dare to go and seek misfortune for herself as a civilian?

In contrast, Sihwa did not seem to have a real rich backer, but if the momentum continued, there might be a real rich backer one day. That would drive her mad with jealousy.

When she saw that her rich backers group was talking about Sihwa’s beauty, she immediately typed some words sourly and sent several voice recordings, saying that the anchor named Sihwa must have had cosmetic surgery. The incident was probably a show. Then she lamented why she was depressed.

The rich backers in the small group immediately changed their words and praised her, echoed her words, used all kinds of ugly and malicious words to insult Sihwa, and said something like “there are people on her” and these sorts of things.

Some of these rich backers really believed the words of [Gluttonous Blue Fish]. Others just appeased her on the surface. But the truth was that their hearts were like bright mirrors. They still chose to flatter them against their will because they knew that for [Gluttonous Blue Fish], it was likely that if they spent money they could manage to have s*x with her, while Sihwa was too high in rank for them to spend money to have s*x with, with their financial resources. That was the difference. They had this self-awareness.

If they did not agree to what she said now, then wouldn’t their investment before this have been wasted?

Their flattering caused [Gluttonous Blue Fish] to feel somewhat floaty, as if she was as good as they were making her out to be, but that alone was not enough. She consciously or unconsciously implied that if someone could help her out, they might become her best friend in the future.

These few little rich men continued to flatter her in the group,and they even privately messaged her to express that they knew people who specially did this sort of work, and they wanted to buy over some accounts to help her express her anger.

She alternately responded to each of their private chats, exclaiming in her heart that if she had such a level of multi-operational strength in the game, she might be able to play professional games.

And so, these few rich backers, who did not know what the others were doing, went to find people to insult Sihwa to prove that they were doing their best, and they even took screenshots of the conversation of the price for the paid posters and sent them to her to get the praise of the person they liked.

[Gluttonous Blue Fish] thought that her scheme had worked and made use of these men who only had s*x on their mind to secretly attack her competition for free.

She knew what they thought, but she wouldn’t let them get her easily. If they met her face and figure offline, their loyalty would instantly die.

But what she didn’t know was that she wasn’t the only one who did that. Without knowing what the others were doing, other anchors did the same thing.

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