Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor

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Plague Doctor novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Horror, and Mystery genres. Written by the Author Wallee The Robot. 284 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The once-bustling and noisy streets were now filled with an eerie blanket of silence.

Hoarse and frenzied whispers lingered high above the heavens, and an indescribable ancient giant lurked in the shadows of the bottomless ocean.

A mysterious plague had outbroken, and natural disasters wrought the Earth. Global pandemic and catastrophes had the panicked masses seeking illusory shelters from the devastation, day and night.

A bloody shower poured over the land as the streaks of lightning tore across the sky, illuminating the ill-intentioned gathering of ravens above. Nevermore, nevermore, quoth the ravens.

“We can see that this malformed creature has twelve pairs of ribs like humans, but also has a “transverse bone” that humans do not possess…”

In the medical school, Gu Jun continued bringing down his scalpel, illustrating the abnormal thoracic structure of the malformed cadaver on the dissection table to the surrounding students.

Ominous and treacherous times had descended! Truth and logic had crumbled, order warped into a frenzy. Humanity can only forge ahead through the power of intelligence and wisdom.

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  • Hirsi Jan 08, 2021

    This novel picks up pace after we are presented with the first plague , if you are a fan of supernatural thrillers like lord of mysteries you'll love this.

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I like what I am seeing here. It has an interesting concept with a good pace up till chapter 63, a very good combination of horror and mystery but I feel that the side characters are a little shallow. Read at least 10 chapters because I feel like after that it shows its potential.

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A good combination of My house of horror and Lord of mysteries
With a very good medical theme!
Enjoy it very much, though i only read for like 10 chap up till now!

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