Player who Returned 10,000 years Later
Player who Returned 10,000 years Later

Player who Returned 10,000 years Later

After Ten Millennia in Hell

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Player who Returned 10,000 years Later novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Butterfly Valley. 250 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


One day he suddenly found himself in hell.
All he had was the desire to live and a predation ability.
From the first to the ninth thousand circles of hell, he absorbed dozens, hundreds of thousands of demons.
Even the seven great dukes of hell bowed down before him.

– Why would you wish to go back? Doesn’t his highness have everything that’s in Hell?
– What do I have?

Nothing to eat, nothing to enjoy!
The only things in Hell are the barren lands and terrible demons!

“I’m going back.”

After ten thousand years he returns to Earth.

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  • Akachi86 1

    This was dropped by reaper and bought by wuxia. Wuxia has all 271 already translated chapters, they plan to release 2 per day, but it will still be a long time before they get to ch250 available here.

  • sianndd_ 5

    what? since when had this novel been uploaded here???! i remember reading the manhwa when it's still at 30+ chaps and ransacking every sites for the novel but mtl's are only available. d*mn

  • RahulPaul 3

    Season 2 will start from chapter 87

  • BunnyHop 5

    Manhwa chapter 62 = Novel chapter 83

    • MrKayden 3

      Thanks man. I was screaming inside earlier begging for next chapter (⁠。⁠ノ⁠ω⁠\⁠。⁠)

  • Yeonha115 1

    Still no update?

  • PrisonerOfFantasy 5

    I just realised this book hasn't been picked up by another translator...sad.

  • ReBack 6

    I already read it somewhere. There 520 chapter - Epilogue. Is this novel any different? Or why are there so few chapters? Or is it a restart of the novel, but why...

    • salazarmk2 2

      Where did you read it and how's the translation

      • ReBack 6

        Bro, I read it in Russian, I don't think it will suit you.

  • BeefBurrito 6

    Anyone knows why the wiki page labeled Seol-ah as crazy and scary? At what chapter though?

    • Nightfall1245 2

      Seol-ahia is the Yandere part in this novel, forgot what chapter her yandere part appeared

  • LowTierConstellation 2

    Ive seen the manga so im gonna READ💯💯💯💯💯

  • iamnoone 1

    Manhwa Chapter 57 = Novel Chapter 75

    • _Ismael_ 6

      Balanced... As all things should be.