Pocket Hunting Dimension (WN)
Pocket Hunting Dimension (WN)

Pocket Hunting Dimension (WN)

Bring a Hunting Space With You

1331 Chapters 7.52M Views 4.36K Bookmarked Completed Status

Pocket Hunting Dimension (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Blue Sky Washing Rain. 1331 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Lu Ze transmigrated to the interstellar era two thousand years later.
The previous owner of this body had lovey-dovey parents and a cute little sister. Although his cultivation talent was ordinary, his life was fulfilling. It could be said to be a dream start. Lu Ze was very happy.
However, as soon as he slept, he came to a strange dimension.
He almost got taken out trying to fight an one meter tall huge white rabbit. After making the arduous kill, Lu Ze found that things didn’t seem to be so simple.
After killing prey in this dimension, he could get little orbs that could be used for cultivation.
This was going to make him an eternal jungler.
But he seemed to be able to hope for domination of the cosmos and invincibility?

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  • Draxler

    if you want to cry because of the bad ending, then cry, i will lend you my shoulder

    • HellboyMC

      Is the ending bad cause I am thinking of reading this but hearing about the ending makes me rethink about reading this

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  • BossK

    I don't like the MC personality, who always has trouble with women

  • LostRegressor

    How’s long does the mouth spasm last for ?? Does the writing get normal and less cringe?

    Edited: 1mo
  • JesterTheClown5

    Rushed ending but still good

    Edited: 1mo
  • VileTian

    I sense harem just by looking at the tags, what a huge turn off

  • Adamce2000

    The book is really good! Except the end.. completely rushed and ruined it, litteraly randomly ended it and tied up tens of loose ends in 2 chapters. The whole novel except the end was enjoyable though. I'd recommend reading it all until around 100 from the end and then make up your own ending of where you think it will go and not read the stupid stuff I had too.

  • _ASURaAA_

    Who is this lu ze2

    • HaremDetector

      iirc correctly it was a fox with shapeshifting powers.

  • Holzkatze

    Read ist three Times now, and I'm still totaly satisfyed with the Story. While it gets a little rushed after chap.1100 it still takes everything in consideration without talking 10hours of the same things over and over again. The end was a Bit rushed and maybe one could make more Out of IT but ist IS still one of the Most satisfying ends one can find

  • Mizeni

    Another novel with harems. It feels like some one is compensating for a lack getting laid in real life that's why they add it to their works.

  • Mezarax

    It was good, the ending was alright, bearable at least. Time to read hail the king now, I like those novels where the Mc powers up in different worlds. Does anyone know other novels like those?

    • joaovitorribeiro

      fantasy simulator

    • IntriguedReader

      Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse kinda fit your description


      Dimensional mercenary, Hero returns, I'm an evil god,...

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