Primordial 'Dual Cultivator' Dragon With System
Chapter 645: Ling Yun - Lucifer

As soon as Diablo appeared in front of the demon troops and rebels, they immediately stopped their fight with the cultivators, and all of them felt a painful headache after all their memories of her resurfaced in their minds.

Seeing them like that, the cultivators were about to attack the demons, but the three leaders of the ancient clans immediately stopped them, especially after they received a voice transmission from Ling Xi, which confused them.

Unlike Feng Ruxue, Xuanyuan Xue'er and Long Wei also felt confused after they heard Ling Xi's words, and they finally realized that she could have prevented the war from happening in the first place, so there was no need for so many casualties.

However, Feng Ruxue immediately spoke to them. "If Sister Xi had nipped this war in the bud, then our people would never change, and they would always feel safe. Although I regret that many casualties have fallen in this war, I think this is the best lesson for them; only then will they not look down on any race other than humans. Besides, you two already know that there are many other realms out there, and a cultivator from there once controlled the Mo Clan to cause chaos in our realm. If not for her and Yun'er, we will never be able to destroy them and stop their evil actions, and we might have fallen into their hands by now."

Xuanyuan Xue'er sighed softly. "You're right about that, Ruxue. Even I'm not sure if I can face that cultivator from the higher realm, and our home would have been overrun by him if it weren't for them."

"In that case, let's help our ancestors face the other demon lords, and we can stop this war once and for all." Long Wei said as he flew quickly to his father's location to fight Satan.

Feng Ruxue and Feng Ling'er went to the side of Ling Xiaofei, who was fighting Belphegor. Xuanyuan Wan'er went to the side of the Feng ancestors, who were facing Beelzebub.




Meanwhile, the four demon lords could only swallow their anger after they saw Diablo, especially Lucifer. "Damn it! I didn't expect her to be awake now, and my efforts to take over this place became futile with her appearance. However, I'm sure her strength hasn't fully recovered by now, so I have to quickly break away from these damn invisible walls and kill her; only then can I reverse our situation."

Lucifer immediately released all his strength to hit the invisible walls, but his attack hit empty wind instead, and he looked elated because of that. Even so, before he could fly away to attack Diablo, Ling Yun had already appeared before him, causing him to frown.

However, Lucifer smiled faintly after he realized that Ling Yun was weaker than Xiao Feng and the others, and he immediately took out his black flaming sword. "Do you think you can stop me with your weak strength?"

"Are you sure about that?" Ling Yun asked back as he transformed his weapon into the Chaos Dragon Cannon. "Back then, Mammon also underestimated me like you, but he died, right?"

"Impossible!" Lucifer shouted at him after hearing that, and he certainly couldn't believe that Ling Yun had already killed Mammon. "I don't believe an ant like you can kill him!"

"Is that so?" Ling Yun asked with a faint smirk and channeled his light qi into his cannon. "If you believe that I am very weak, you can try to receive this attack of mine."


"Hmm?" Lucifer frowned after hearing that, but he was immediately shocked as a ball of light qi shot towards him quickly, and he immediately flew away to avoid Ling Yun's attack as he cursed in shock. "Shit! How can he have the power of light?"

"Haha!" Ling Yun laughed at his expression, and he immediately mocked Lucifer. "Didn't you think that I was an ant? Then why did you dodge my attack?"

"Tch!" Lucifer gritted his teeth and used one of his abilities, but he did not dare to approach Ling Yun rashly, especially since he could feel that his light qi was stronger than the angel's power of light. "In that case, I will kill you first, and I will kill Diablo afterward."

Ling Yun raised his eyebrows as he felt the temperature around him drop, and his body started to freeze from the cold air, but he immediately shook his head and used his Fire Qi and Ice Qi at the same time. "Phew! You may be able to use your tricks on others, but your tricks are useless in my eyes!"

Lucifer was really shocked when Ling Yun flew towards him, and his cannon had become a scyte again, but he smiled slightly and avoided his slash with ease. "Heh! If you think you can attack me with your abilities like that, then you are underestimating me too much!"

"Precognition, right?" After saying that, Ling Yun immediately activated the Four Symbols Secret Technique at once, which immediately boosted his defense, speed, body strength, and attack power.

Even so, Ling Yun had no intention of using his half-dragon form, especially since he was sure that Lucifer was still hiding his other abilities.

'How could his strength increase severalfold so suddenly?' Lucifer muttered in shock, but he immediately activated his other abilities, which had a similar effect to Ling Yun's technique.

However, Ling Yun was not surprised by his action, especially since Diablo had already told him about Lucifer's various abilities. 'Let's try it first, if I can't beat him in my human form, then I will use my half-dragon form to face him, or I will use my full dragon form if necessary.'

After that, he immediately attacked Lucifer, but he continuously managed to dodge all of Ling Yun's attacks with his precognition, and he even managed to counterattack him multiple times.

However, Lucifer was truly shocked once he realized that his devil qi and black flames had no effect on Ling Yun, even more so when he saw all his injuries recover so quickly. 'What the hell with this human? How can he have such fast regeneration like me and Mammon? Moreover, my reality wrapping also has no effect on him, and he can continue to follow my movements.'

Ling Yun scowled when he saw Lucifer extend his hand, and he immediately used Space Shuttle Steps to avoid his subsequent attack because he was aware that it would seriously hurt him.

'Shit! Where is he now?' Lucifer wondered in his heart as soon as Ling Yun disappeared from before him, but he flew around in circles after he had a vision of his plan.




Ling Yun, who was hiding in space, gritted his teeth at seeing that. "Damn it! His precognition is really annoying!"

Suddenly, Zhou Yu appeared beside him. "Do you need my help to deal with that demon?"

"No need." Ling Yun immediately rejected Zhou Yu. "If I can't face a demon like him, how can I face cultivators and demons who are stronger than him in the higher realms?"

"Well, this demon is not that strong, but his abilities are unique; not many demons in the higher realm have abilities like him." Zhou Yu replied as she looked at the confused Lucifer, looking for Ling Yun. "Do you have a solution to deal with that? If you can't thwart his ability, you will never be able to defeat him, even if you use your half-dragon form."

"Hmm?" Ling Yun thought for a while. "I think I have a solution to thwart his precognition, and I'm sure it will work."

"Oh?" Zhou Yu suddenly saw Ling Yun's two clones appear in front of Lucifer, which caused his expression to become shocked. "Haha! I didn't expect you to use your clones, but you must be careful, or you will be seriously injured if one of your clones dies."

"I know." Ling Yun immediately came out of space afterwards.




'Shit!' Lucifer cursed in his heart as he looked at the three Ling Yuns, especially since he couldn't tell which one was the real one among them. "I have to admit that I underestimated you. Although you are much weaker than my three previous opponents, you have more extraordinary abilities than them."

"Unfortunately, you haven't seen all of my abilities, and I still have many other abilities that I can use against you." Ling Yun then cast a quick glance at the other three demon lords that the senior cultivators had defeated. "It appears that your efforts have been in vain; they have defeated your three friends, and your troops have also switched sides with Diablo."

Hearing that, Lucifer turned to the demon lords, and his expression was really bad, even more so as the senior cultivators started to surround him and Ling Yun. He then looked at them one by one seriously before he asked him. "Do you want to rely on them to fight me?"

"Of course not!" Ling Yun replied by shaking his head as he sent a voice transmission to them not to interfere in his fight with Lucifer. "If only you weren't overconfident with your new power and called Travis to help you, we probably wouldn't have won this war this easily. However, it's too late now, and you're the only one left, so let's finish our fight now."

Lucifer frowned after Ling Yun and his clones transformed into their half-dragon forms, which boosted their strength even more. 'Fuck! His strength has become higher than mine!'

- To Be Continued -

Chapter 645: Ling Yun - Lucifer
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