Primordial 'Dual Cultivator' Dragon With System
Chapter 872: Prepare To Return

After they agreed, the other three women left the cave, but Dongfang Jingjing remained and asked Yun Gongzhu. "You know about the problems between Mo Chen and the spirit race, right? After all, you have been by his side for some time, and you have also become his dual cultivation partner, so I think that way."

"Yes." Yun Gongzhu nodded to Dongfang Jingjing. "The problem between Mo Chen and the spirit race is quite complicated, and it happened because of one of his wives, who was a member of that race."

"Hmm?" Dongfang Jingjing raised her eyebrows with an expression of incomprehension, as she didn't know much about the spirit race. "What's really going on? I don't believe that they're hunting Mo Chen just because he has a relationship with that woman, and I'm sure that there's something else behind it."

Before she told Dongfang Jingjing, Yun Gongzhu first checked the area around her cave to make sure no one else was eavesdropping on their conversation, and she then told her some things about Ling Yun that she heard from his wives' conversations when they were dual-cultivating together at the ancient garden.

Instantly, Dongfang Jingjing's expression changed to shock and fear at the same time, and she thought that Ling Xi was a madwoman for sacrificing a member of her race for the sake of being with Ling Yun.

Even though his yang qi was very strong and could help her break through, Dongfang Jingjing felt that Ling Yun was too weak to make Ling Xi willing to do such a crazy thing for him.

Yun Gongzhu then spoke to her again. "You might feel strange about Ling Xi's crazy actions, but I can probably understand her feelings. After all, she has lived for billions of years, but she has never been able to find happiness, and Mo Chen can give her happiness, so she decided to do such a crazy thing. That's why the spirit emperor ordered his subordinates to hunt them down, and he had already discovered their whereabouts in this realm, so he decided to advance his departure to the mysterious realm, or else this realm would become a mess because of them."

"Even an old existence like Ling Xi is not immune to the snares of love, and she has been blinded by her feelings for Mo Chen to the point where she dares to take such great risks." Dongfang Jingjing then stood up from her seat and walked out. "I will return to prepare, and we will wait for all of you at the sect gate early tomorrow morning."

After she left, Yun Gongzhu also left her cave and looked for Ling Yun, but she only found Xiao Xiao and the others, and they told her that he was dual-cultivating with Liu Chuqing, so she decided to wait with them.




Early in the morning, Ling Yun left Liu Chuqing, who was still sleeping soundly, and returned to his residence directly, but several women were already waiting for him there, including Zhong Chenyu and Yue Tu. "Where are they?"

"They are waiting for us at the sect gate, but I don't know about Li Qian'er and the other two."

"Let's go; we'll meet them outside, and I'll ask Zhou Yu to pick up the three women later." Ling Yun said as he led them away, but he then turned to Zhong Chenyu, who seemed to be avoiding his gaze. "Do you really want to come with us?"

"Yes, I've informed Sect Master Ya and Kang Ming about my departure, so we can leave now." Zhong Chenyu answered without looking at Ling Yun.

Suddenly, Yue Tu jumped onto Ling Yun's head. 'Hey, Mo Chen! What have you done to my master? Why do I feel that her attitude towards you is a little strange?'

'Two days ago, I took her into my dream space, and she probably feels embarrassed towards me now, especially since she was naked there.'

Yue Tu's expression looked elated after hearing that. 'Have you done anything to her there?'

'No.' Ling Yun answered by shaking his head. 'Your master is fierce and hot-tempered, and there is only Kang Ming in her mind, so I have to approach her slowly to convince her, or she will kill me.'

'That's true.' Yue Tu agreed with that, as she knew Zhong Chenyu well. 'My master is a loyal woman, and she continues to be loyal to Kang Ming, even though she is never satisfied with him. Does that mean you took her there again last night? I was accompanying her to cultivate last night, but she suddenly fell asleep, and I couldn't wake her up.'

'Yes, I did bring her there after I finished dual cultivating with Chuqing, but I only accompanied her to talk, and she still didn't realize that the dream was real.'

Yue Tu nodded repeatedly and said to him. 'In that case, you should often bring my master to your dream space, and you should approach her more aggressively; only then will she be able to accept your presence.'

'Forget it; we don't need to rush about your master, and I will approach those female disciples first.'

"Are you sure you want to leave Zhang Bing and the others unsupervised?" Ling Yun immediately turned to Xiao Xiao. "I know you want them to be independent, but many of those heretics are hiding in this realm. Although Du Yanyao and Tao Ruirui are strong, they still won't be able to fight them, so I'm afraid they will fall into their hands like before."

Ling Yun was also aware of that, but they did not have the qualifications to train in the mysterious tower, and their time would be wasted if he brought them there. "They-"

"You don't need to worry about them, Mo Chen." Tian Yueling suddenly interrupted Ling Yun. "I will ask my grandfather to send some people to protect them, and they will be safe here, so you can focus on your training."

Hearing that, Ling Yun immediately agreed with Tian Yueling's idea. "All right, you can help me tell my master about them, and I hope they can protect my cousin and the others."

"Okay." Tian Yueling contacted her grandfather and informed him about the matter, and Tian Huang ordered several people from the Tian Clan to go to the Eternal Spring Sect to protect them. "They're on their way here, and they'll meet Uncle Ya later."

"That's good." Ling Yun then turned to Ling Yu'er. "Are you sure you can break through to the Emperor Realm soon?"

"Everything depends on you, Yun'er. I can break through faster if you focus on helping me, but I know that's impossible, especially since you still have to help others, so I can only try harder." Ling Yun only nodded after hearing that, and Ling Yu'er told him something else. "Anyway, Feng Xing contacted me last night and told me that he was outside the sect with Feng Qiong and Dan Qing right now, so he hasn't returned to our residence because his seniors keep sticking to him."

"Who is her senior?"

"Her name is Dan Qing." Ling Yu'er then turned to Tian Yueling. "That woman is crazy about Zhong Cunhai."

"Why are you saying that while looking at me?" Tian Yueling asked Ling Yu'er with a frown. "Zhong Cunhai is my ex-fiancé, and we don't have any relationships now, so I don't care if other women are crazy about him."

"Haha." Ling Yu'er let out a soft laugh and teased her. "Hey, Yueling! As a fellow woman, I always feel that you still think about him."

"No, you're wrong about that." Tian Yueling denied it outright. "My relationship with Cunhai is in the past, and I no longer think about him. Moreover, my grandfather decided to marry me to Mo Chen, and I followed him here to get to know him better."

Zhong Chenyu, who had been silent all this time, suddenly spoke. "Actually, I regret that your relationship with Cunhai failed, but I know that it was his own fault, so I have to accept the fact that the two of you are not meant to be together."

"En." Tian Yueling only nodded after hearing that.

After that, Ling Yun immediately contacted Feng Xing to confirm her situation, and he asked her to leave her clone with her senior so she could return to their residence to enter seclusion. However, her clone was not suitable for fighting, and she would be seriously injured if her clone was injured, so she contacted Zhou Yu to pick up the three female disciples before going to her place.

Before long, they had arrived at the sect gate, and Ling Yun smiled faintly when he saw Ye Yixuan and the others.

"Mo Chen, what-" Bo Xiaoying had not finished asking, but the six beast women suddenly appeared in front of them, shocking them.

On the other hand, Ye Yixuan immediately hid behind Dongfang Jingjing when he saw Jin Zhongli. 'Crap! I didn't expect there to be a metal dragon by his side! She will definitely find out my identity.'

Sure enough, Jin Zhongli turned to Ye Yixuan with a frown, but she just smiled faintly and didn't say anything. 'A water dragon, huh? You can trick other people, but you can't trick a pureblood dragon like me.' "Shall we go now, Master?"

'Master? Why does she address him as her master?' Dongfang Jingjing, Bo Xiaoying, and Tian Qinglian were shocked to hear that, especially since Jin Zhongli's cultivation was higher than theirs.

- To Be Continued -

Chapter 872: Prepare To Return
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