Primordial 'Dual Cultivator' Dragon With System
Chapter 967: Attack The Heretics

"Are we going to attack these heretics?" Ao Yangyu asked the others. "The majority of their forces are moving toward our realm, greatly reducing their clan's defenses, and this presents a good opportunity for us."

"Do you have any items that we can use to remotely destroy their clans?"

"Haha." Ling Tian laughed as he took out a fairly large black box. "This thing will produce a large explosion, and if we put ten of these there, we can destroy the Demon Sect. As for the others, we'll probably only need three to five to destroy them, and they'll delay their plan if we do that."

Zhou Yu immediately took the object from Ling Tian's hand and observed it. "If I remember correctly, there is this kind of thing in Ling Yun's home realm, which they call dynamite or whatever. Furthermore, they have more powerful explosive objects that can even destroy a country."

"Oh? Do people in the lower realm have the ability to create such things?"

"Yes." Zhou Yu replied with a nod. "Honestly, I've never witnessed them in person, and I know everything from Ling Yun's memories. That planet is indeed quite modern and advanced, but it's still not as advanced as your realm, the Tianshan Realm. Unlike us cultivators, ordinary humans on that planet are completely dependent on a lot of modern technology and equipment, and many of the countries there use it to wage war with each other."

"I see." Ling Tian nodded in understanding of that. "I will visit that planet in the future, and I want to know how advanced their technology and equipment are. If their quality is high enough to interest me, I might bring them to my realm, and the people there can further refine them."

"How much of this thing do you carry in your storage ring?" Ling Tian smiled faintly and took out quite a lot of black box items. "Why did you bring so much? Somehow I thought that you were ready for war."

"Hahaha." That made Ling Tian laugh. "We cultivators often encounter unexpected things, so we must always prepare ourselves to face them. That's why I brought quite a lot of them, especially since I myself was once trapped in an isolated place, and I had difficulty escaping from that place."

"You guys can wait for me here, and I will put these things in the Demon Sect and the other sects. Besides, I will also put them into their main clans, so the situation will turn in our favor." They agreed with Zhou Yu, especially since she was the only one who could infiltrate all those places without their enemies knowing.

After she disappeared, Tian Huang then asked Ling Tian. "Do you think Senior Lu Yi will be willing to help this demon woman, Senior?"

"Lu Yi is a druid, and she has lived for too long, so she has seen too many bad events in this universe, which makes her antipathetic towards other living creatures, especially demons. Even if your master or the others try to persuade her, I'm sure that she won't budge on her decision. The only way for them to help this woman is to go to the Netherworld Realm and force Vadin to restore her memories, and he might use her to do something extreme." Ling Tian then asked Tian Huang back. "Speaking of Ling Yun, what is his true identity? Why is Jiange Xiuxi willing to marry him and assist him to such an extent?"

"Ling Yun is both a human and a dragon, but he has not yet become a true dragon, and he is still in the process of becoming one." Ling Tian abruptly turned to Tian Huang with wide eyes, especially since he often met humans who had dragon bloodlines, but he had never met a human who could transform into a true dragon. "I don't know the real story behind it, but I heard that it happened because of Luxuria."

"Luxuria?" Once again, Ling Tian was shocked after hearing that name. "Around five hundred years ago, I had met her a few times, but she was so cold at the time, and she only used men for her gain."

Tian Huang could not comment on that, especially since he himself had only met Ling Xi once and did not know her at all. "In fact, Ling Yun almost died before he became a cultivator, and it was Luxuria who saved him by passing the dragon bloodline to him, but I don't know for sure what kind of dragon it was. She stayed by his side since then, and she also became one of his wives."

"I see." Ling Tian nodded in understanding, but he still found it hard to believe that two women from the spirit race were willing to become the wives of an ordinary human, and such a thing had never happened before. "What serious matter did Jiange Xiuxi mention earlier?"

"Luxuria sacrificed one of her race members for Ling Yun." Ling Tian suddenly turned to Ao Yangyu, and his eyes widened in shock. "Senior Ling, you should already know that there are seven immortal spirits in our universe, right?"

Ling Tian nodded to her. "Superbia the pride, Luxuria the lust, Invidia the envy, Avaritia the greed, Ira the wrath, Acedia the sloth, and Gula the gluttony."

"Luxuria sacrificed Invidia for Ling Yun because she wanted to make him immortal like her, and now the spirit emperor, Zhu Ling, is hunting the two of them. That's why they decided to go to the mysterious tower, especially since his strength is still too far below him. However, I heard that he and his advisor were also heading there, so the battle between them will definitely occur there."

"Luxuria has gone completely insane!" Ling Tian commented while taking a deep breath because he knew that it was taboo to kill a member of the spirit race, let alone that she herself was a member of that race, which would further increase the punishment. "Even if they escape and train in that tower for a thousand years, I'm sure that they will never be able to defeat Zhu Ling. Even so, Jiange Xiuxi may be able to save them from his wrath, but he won't stop hunting them before he succeeds in killing them."

They nodded in agreement with that, but Tian Huang then spoke to him again. "Honestly, I'm not too worried about them, and I'm sure they'll be able to save themselves from the spirit emperor. However, Ling Yun is the man in the prophecy, and my master told me that the trigger of the second prophecy was Zhu Ling."

"What?" Ling Tian shouted loudly as he turned to Tian Huang. "Doesn't that imply that Ling Yun is a possessor of the nine elements?"

"Yes." Tian Huang responded with a nod. "Ling Yun does have the nine elements, so I believe that he will be fine. However, the third prophecy worries me, and he might be our opponent if the three prophecies truly come true. If we don't stop him, then this universe will fall into darkness."

Ling Tian fell into deep contemplation after hearing that, but he then released a heavy sigh. "Do you think Ling Yun will really bring darkness to our universe? If that really happens, then we have to stop him, and we might have to kill him."

"There are five mythical beasts on Ling Yun's side, and the second prophecy says that one of them will die, so darkness will swallow our universe if that really happens." After hearing Tian Huang's words, Ling Tian's expression turned ugly. "Senior, there is one more problem that worries us, because Jing Shen seems to have sided with these heretics, and he even sent five other spirit immortals to capture his family without Zhu Ling's knowledge. However, Ao Yangyu and the others managed to stop them, and Meng Xianzi sent them to meet Jian Xian."

"Jing Shen, huh?" Ling Tian muttered to himself as he folded his forehead. "I've met him several times in the past, and I already suspected that he always harbored evil intentions in his heart. Unfortunately, Zhu Ling trusted him too much, and he kept protecting him, so no one could do anything to him."


Suddenly, Zhou Yu walked out of the void with a satisfied smile on his face. "I've planted those items in their important places, so you can activate them now, and we'll leave this realm straight after."

"All right." Ling Tian then took out a device for controlling those items, which he immediately injected his qi into. "Hahaha! Let's get started!"

*Boom... Boom... Boom...*

Instantly, five consecutive explosions occurred in several areas of the Demon Sect, which were followed by many explosions from several other areas, causing almost all corners of the Earth Cloud Realm to be shaken by a huge earthquake.

"Let's go back! Hundun will appear!" Zhou Yu immediately enveloped them with his void qi before bringing them into the void.

Shortly after their departure, Hundun, who had previously been in seclusion, appeared in that area. However, his physical condition is still grave, particularly given that his hands and feet have not yet regenerated. "Bastard! My injuries would have been worse if I hadn't escaped these explosions! Gu Tianchong is such an idiot! He didn't notice that there were some rats intruding into this realm."

Chapter 967: Attack The Heretics
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