Pursuit of the Truth

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Chapter 1 2 months ago

I read this after Renegade Immortal and was truly blown up. RI is very good but this is better for, even after reading all the other works from the author, I can confidently say that this is his best work.

Chapter 1 7 months ago

A great book, managed to stir my emotions here and there. I have read RI and now just finished this one, and I do truly recommend reading it. I got 500 chapters in untill I gave up, but I re-read it a year later and boy am I happy I did. I'm off to the next novel in the series as soon as I have recovered a bit from the sadness of finishing a book.

Chapter 1 11 months ago

It reads more like a failed experiment of an A.I. writing a xianxia novel. The characters, cultivation, universe, power scaling, fights... everything is below average. By far the worst Er Gen novel.

Chapter 1 1 years ago

The greatest Er Gen novel that makes you cry. The ending was perfect, embodying the spirit of the other translation, Beseech the Devil. The ending wrapped up what loose ends there were left off from the start. Overall, amazing read, and 11/10.

Chapter 1 1 years ago

Best of the Er gen novels in my opinion. it embodies the word sorrow in a way and has a more somber tone compared to his other novels. It is quite underrated.