Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer
Chapter 1822: Vs The Clan Leader III

The Clan leader felt the poison seeping into his body from the wound and from the skin.

He couldn't help but feel stunned as he saw a poison at Astral Plane level doing this much damage to him. He could feel the faint paralyzing effect on his muscles, the blood thinning, the corrosion on the skin as well as the faint attack on his internal organs.

He used his Divine energy without any convictions to suppress the poison and clear it out of his system and in the process, he clapped his hands together.


The massive shockwave scattered the gaseous poisons away from his immediate surroundings and he used his Divine energy to create a thin barrier that kept the poison away.

He looked at Sam in frustration.

This is officially the worst fight he has been in.

And he is not the only one feeling it. Sam is feeling it as well.

This is the worst fight he has been in. The gap in strength is too much and he felt like a ram goat hitting its horns against the mountain.

The result of that scenario no matter how many times it is simulated is that the goats will die with their skull split open.

But this time, the goat should break the mountain.

He has been trying to find the openings since the start, but it has been hard, the punches are way too strong for him and his Divine energy capacity is not much. He has to use it extremely conservatively.

It could be said that the three hits he landed on that one spot on his back might have already drawn a lot of his luck out. The weak point on the left side back of the clan leader is now created and he needs to find a way to maximize its advantage.

Luckily, the bloodline art of the golden sun crow also landed on his left hand, so the whole of left side is Sam's target right now.

He shot the light beams crazily and tried to make every shot an amplified shot.

The clan leader looked at Sam coldly and got ready with his spiritual rope technique. This time, he is not hurried as Sam himself is coming directly towards him.

When Sam reached the desired distance, he himself turned into a large golden light beam before he launched himself toward the clan leader.

It almost looked like a spatial transfer from that place.

Only he got caught. The clan leader caught Sam and was about to land that full forced hit, but at this moment, he sensed something and turned around.

The harbinger is moving at full speed and is throwing a lot of formation discs towards the clan leader.

He sneered and used Sam's body as a meat shield. The formation plates stuck to Sam's back and he couldn't help but smile at this.

"Thank you."

Sam's body glowed brighter as the golden light burst through the grip of the clan leader.

He turned himself into a ball and the second bloodline art of the Golden Sun crow is activated.

The solar light emitted from Sam went through the amplification of the formations discs and covered the surroundings.

The clan leader activated his divine energy shield, but he is a tad bit too late. He felt like his flesh is burning as he took the heat of the attack and the worst part of the pain is in the wound on his back.

The light cleared within a couple of minutes and Sam stood there panting.

The clan leader stood straight with some burn wounds and looked at Sam hatefully.

"Slippery Loach. I am going to kill you today no matter what."

"I don't have time to wait all day. Let's speed up the process a bit."

As he spoke, Sam activated space elemental fusion. Not a partial fusion. Rather a complete space elemental fusion.

Sam had never really used this much in battle. Except for escaping the trap set up by Sivan, Sam didn't use this because of its massive consumption of energy.

But the battle right now is a very disappointing one so far. He felt clumsy and unable to put on the best performance. The regular methods are not meeting his expectations.

He has to use the final draw if he has any chance to winning.

Sam disappeared from the spot and reappeared right next to the clan leader. His arm is covered with a trace of Divine energy as he aimed to punch at the wound on the clan leader's back.

The clan leader dodged and punched out.

The punch almost grazed past Sam as he blinked once again, he reappeared mid-air in a weird angle and his fist is still being aimed at the wound and this time it landed.

The clan leader felt a burning pain, but that's just beginning.


An explosion occurred as the void style was activated up on impact. The muscle fibers were torn apart and the clan leader jerked forward, his knees almost buckled. The spatial energy that exploded on the wound is creating chaos as the spatial corrosion spread.

Sam didn't waste any more time, he disappeared from spot and reappeared to the front of the clan leader who just leaned forward, he punched out again, aiming at the chin.

The clan leader used his arm to block the fist and even broke it.


Sam winced in pain a bit and before the clan leader could proceed further, he disappeared once again, but this time he didn't reappear far away, just a few inches above vertically.

The spatial fusion turned to lightning fusion. The silver lightning energy condensed into his left leg as Sam channeled the bloodline energy once again along with a sliver of divine energy.

By now half of his reserves were gone, as for the clan leader, he is not even one-fifth done.

Sam's kick landed on the chin of the clan leader pushing back a bit and the lightning went into the sky.

This is the bloodline art of the Raiju. The Lightning howl.

As the lightning hit the sky, the clouds appeared and in an instant, a much larger lightning with more purity and density than the one Sam launched has landed on his still standing feet and he dropped an ax kick right on the face of the clan leader.


The sound of the explosion as well as the bones being cracked was heard.

The clan leader was hit hard and he felt his whole body go numb with the lighting. He could even feel his heart stopping for a moment and his breathing turned hard.

The circulation of his energy was disturbed and his nose broke open.

But he didn't just take the attack. He caught hold of Sam's foot and used his own divine energy as he twisted it.



Sam groaned in pain as his leg was broken. He immediately used the spatial blink once again, escaping from the hands of the clan leader and keeping some distance.

He stood there with one of his legs limp and his right forearm is also broken a bit.

Two of the four limbs are gone. Maybe the right arm might land another hit.

Sam gritted his teeth and became relentless. He lunged forward and disappeared once again. He came back at the rear of the clan leader, spatial fusion disappeared and his body is turned wood elemental fusion. He used a root that grew rapidly out of the ground as leverage and landed a spinning kick.

The clan leader blocked it and took a step back.

Sam took advantage of it and used his bloodline attack on Forest bear.

The clan leader also took this chance and threw a full-strength punch.

Sam's body turned into a vine tree as vines grew out of it and took the shape of a large bear. Not just him, but the surroundings are also filled with roots and vines as they all turned into a bunch of bears.

The clan leader landed the punch squarely on the chest of the bear that was turned from Sam.


Sam took the full brunt of the force. But the bloodline attack continued.

The bears all took a bite of the clan leader and from their teeth, very small vines started spreading into the flesh as they tried to root themselves there.


The clan leader roared crazily as he tore everything apart.

"Fucking bastard"

He landed a front kick on Sam's bear form.

The bear flew into the air as it crashed into the ground, the vines disappeared and from the middle, Sam rose while panting heavily.

He is bleeding from his mouth, his right hand completely went limp, and so is his leg. The chest bones are cracked even more.

He looked at the clan leader and smirked.

The clan leader is not in a good state either. The back wound opened up even more. One of the bears bit there and there are a lot of very small vines that looked like blades of grass occupying the wound.

The vines are all over his body also. He felt a weird feeling gushing over his body.

But that is not all, the lightning energy still wrecked havoc in his insides while the back wound is bleeding and corroding more and more.

For an Astral Plane cultivator, Sam really did quite a number of this guy. The only problem, Sam's injuries are way too worse.

He is unable to breathe properly and he has to spit blood every five seconds as the bleeding is too intense. He held his right hand over the chest as he checked it the rib cage is completely broken.

The Clan leader looked at Sam and calmly started walking forward, this time he no longer gave Sam any initiative and made his first move.

Chapter 1822: Vs The Clan Leader III
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