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Chapter 1832: Bullshitting I

Sam and the other players are currently in a panicked state.

If the opponents are just Divine Plane Initiation cultivators, then it would be fine. But they are of Divine Plane Transcendence. It is almost impossible for them to escape.

Sam still had a chance.

He could use his spatial transference or his shadow transference to disappear from there. In fact, with shadow transference, he could even pinpoint the location and leave directly.

But the problem is with the rest of the players. They will die if things went sideways. Particularly as soon as Sam makes his move, they would be done for.

At that moment, he sneakily made a different move. A few wisps of souls with some information flew into their heads. They are barely noticeable. But the faction leaders seemed to have noticed this. One of them looked at him and asked.

"What the hell are you doing? You better answer our questions or I will kill you and extract your souls to do that."

Sam took a deep breath and finally spoke.

"That would be a bad idea, sir. Not only will you lose all the information, you will also lose all the favor you have accumulated over the years."

The faction leaders were stunned.

"Favor? Whose favor?"


Sam said calmly. If he is nervous in any way, it is definitely not showing on his face.

As soon as he said the word Zeus, the whole area turned silent. Nobody dared to even breathe loudly.

Looking at the silence, Sam continued.

"Me and my friends here are sent directly by Zeus himself. We are the soldiers of his Army. Your faction and Solar sect are loyally sending soldiers to the Olympian army over the generations, so since your sect itself is going to war with a rival sect, Zeus sent us personally to help you out."

The faction leaders frowned. They don't know if Sam is bullshitting or not. But their initial thought is that he is.

After all, they all worship Zeus, it wouldn't take a genius to try and use that name to sway them.

At this moment, Sam took out a spear and held it forward.

"I know you would be doubtful, but I am sure with your cultivations you can recognize this spear. You can also check the auras around me and my friends, you will be able to recognize the aura of gods."

Everyone's attention landed on the spear and they are stunned.

"Replica of Zeus' spear?"

One of the faction leaders immediately recognized.

Sam didn't show any change of expression, but inside he heaved a huge sigh of relief.

This is the spear he got a prize for clearing Zeus' Palace of Inheritance.

This is actually a very powerful Divine treasure that grows with time and the owner, but he didn't care too much about it since he had way too many weapons in his hands.

But now it can be put to good use.

These people are devout believers of Olympus.

So, first, he decided to make them believe that he had some connection with Zeus.

As for why he dared to do that, he noticed that there is some resistance from the faction leaders about killing them directly, then he thought hard and found a possibility.

The reason they didn't kill the players directly is that they are doubtful about the players' background since they not only invaded their traditional contest, they did very slickly. They didn't damage anything and they assimilated with the competition casually.

Their kill point system is hacked and the players are directly connected to it.

For them, the kill point system connected to the forest is way too big of a treasure. It is almost their sacred land that is used to train their students.

So, someone to hack into it so smoothly, they obviously believed them to be more powerful.

This made them hold their hand without killing Sam and the others and Sam wanted to play around this point.

And it worked.

The faction leaders confirmed that it is indeed replica of Zeus' spear and there are indeed traces of a very concentrated aura of celestial energy around Sam and the rest.

That is the energy that came from being in contact with Hel before.

The faction leaders are still a bit doubtful though.

Sam just looked at them seriously after putting the spear away.

"We are here on behalf of Zeus to help you guys in the upcoming war.

Your alliance and other alliances that are working under the Solar sect and even the solar sect itself have sent many quality soldiers to the army. Their contributions combined are worthy of Zeus' grace.

And since you all know, Zeus has many enemies and they are trying to cut down the sources of power for Zeus' army.

And these enemies are interfering with the sect war that you are going to participate in on behalf of the solar sect. Their target is to eliminate any and all of the loyal supporters and sources of soldiers for the Zeus army in this war.

Since there is an external force trying to deal with you, Zeus felt that it is necessary to help you defend against that external threat.

And we are here to prepare you to face those threats."

The players were dumbfounded as they heard Sam speak. They understood as soon as they heard the announcement in their heads that they are fucked and they are most likely dead.

But then they got the wisps of information from Sam. Even Dayus got it. Sam didn't have a chance to discriminate now and they got the script. They just have to follow along no matter what Sam says. Now they are stunned by his idea.

"If God Zeus values us so much, why didn't he send whatever method to resist this through statues? He rarely accepts our summoning and calls."

One of the faction leaders who is more doubtful than the others asked.

Sam just chuckled at this.

"With all due respect, even Zeus gave this method to you directly, you wouldn't be able to learn about it."

There is a deafening silence in the crowd and everyone turned angry. They are furious. Sam didn't give them a chance to react and picked out something from his Divine Dimension. It is a vine.

He placed that vine inside the ground. He used his earth element to bury it and then the wood element to grow it out.

The vine started growing at an incredible pace.

"The enemies are using something like this. A special vine created by their botanical studies.

Right now, I don't have a sample of theirs since it is hard to preserve after cutting a small part, but I am going to replicate the effects with my version of the vine.

Once this vine invades the vegetation of your surroundings, it will start spreading its consciousness to the rest of the vegetation.

And soon, it will start consuming it.

It grows stronger and stronger with time without you guys even knowing.

For the next step, I would need a volunteer."

The faction leaders exchanged a glance and sent a peak stage Astral Plane cultivator forward.

"Thank you.

After the vine grows strong and large enough, it will start attacking other creatures. Creatures other than the vegetation."

As he spoke the vegetation immediately spread toward the volunteer and the thorns started sucking the vitality out of him. Before he knew some vines started growing out of his body.

Sam cut it off immediately and healed the guy.

"What I showed is just a demonstration. Do you know what will happen if the real thing comes over? It can occupy a forest in three seconds, devour a forest in a minute and then spread to the surrounding establishments and kill all the beasts, humans, cultivators, or whatever living breathing thing you can think of.

The more life it takes the stronger it becomes.

By the time it reaches you guys, it will be strong enough to take down the sect leader, much less some people in a faction.

On top of that, there are more than twenty variants of this vine.

One of the vines can absorb the vitality and produce pods out of which some humanoid puppets will come out.

And there are pod producers that give elemental powers to these humanoids.

There are vines that could produce hallucinogens. Some could directly occupy a cultivator and turn them into their puppet.

There are many more and I am sure what I know is not all of them.

If I am not here, you guys would be dead and you wouldn't even know how it happened."

Everyone turned silent. They felt chills run down their spine.

And at this moment, Sam saw them wavering and he didn't waste to hit the iron while it's hot.

He took a step back and waved his hand. A virtual reality projector appeared out of nowhere and put on the helmet.

"This is the footage of one of the planets where one of the variants of this vine is tested."

He then showed the footage of the undead realm being devoured by the vine that Sam used there.

But there are some changes. All the cultivation levels in that footage and the faces of the players are morphed.

Chapter 1832: Bullshitting I
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