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Brinis swung her staff with a complicated expression that contained many emotions. Then, a blue flame appeared near the [Hellfire] flame.


And Soo-hyuk was surprised by the circumstances that followed.

‘It’s consuming the other flame?’

Brinis’ blue flame flew to [Hellfire]. And consumed [Hellfire]. I could only explain with the word ‘consume’. As time passed, [Hellfire]’s flame got smaller while the blue flame grew.

‘Is there such a fire spell?’

It was the first time he saw such a fire spell. It was a spell that he had never seen even in “Introduction to Fire Magic”. The magic of consuming fire?

‘Was it developed by Brinis?’

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com It seemed to be a magic that Brinis developed herself.


Soon, the blue flame finished devouring the [Hellfire]. And at that moment, Brinis again swung her staff and the blue flame disappeared. Soo-hyuk could see the scene left behind by [Hellfire].

‘It looks like it’s about to break completely.’

Numerous fracutres were noticeable. It seemed to break at the slightest touch.


Brinis lowered her staff and exclaimed and told Soo-hyuk.

“It was a really incredible [Hellfire]!”

It was Brinis, who never thought that Soo-hyuk could create such a powerful [Hellfire].

‘There’s a reason you’re a top-notch talent!’

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com It was a talent that couldn’t be measured.

“Should I cast any more? spells”

Soo-hyuk asked Brinis.


Brinis shook her head at Soo-hyuk’s question.

“This will be enough.”

[Hellfire] was enough. There was no need to see any other magic.

“I prepared lunch. Let’s talk while having lunch together!”


“Yes! Do you have any work? I prepared a lot… … ”

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com When Soo-hyuk asked, Brinis glanced at Soo-hyuk, mumbling. Looking at Brinis’ eyes, it was not easy to refuse. #T/N: confirmed, Brinis has Puppy Eyes

But his agreement with Cordell came to mind.

‘You could think of this as a gift.’

It was just eating a meal, but for some, a meal was also a gift. It seemed unlikely that Cordell would see eating as a gift, but Soo-hyuk didn’t want to do something that could be misunderstood in the first place.

‘And it was 1 hour to drink tea, but eating… …”

The agreement with Cordell was also a factor, but there were more reasons; like the time. It took him an hour to drink tea.

It will take more time to eat. Soo-hyuk didn’t want to lose that time.

“Sorry. I have a place to go to soon.”

Soo-hyuk, who made the decision, bowed his head and said.

“Ah… …”

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com Brinis exclaimed with a very regretful expression at Soo-hyuk’s answer. Soo-hyuk felt a little sorry for his response, but did not change it.

“Then, is there anything you need?”

Asked Brinis, who had cleared her regret from her face, hiding her sadness.

“Something I need?”

When Soo-hyuk asked, Brinis said with a pressed smile.

“Yes, you perfectly mastered the magic. I want to give you a gift to commemorate that!”

Having finished speaking, Brinis gazed at Soo-hyuk with a flickering look. Soo-hyuk thought of Brinis’ eyes and words.

‘He didn’t say that for no reason.’

Cordell’s words didn’t make sense then, but now they do.

‘I should refuse.’

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com “I’m sorry. I don’t really need anything right now.”

Soo-hyuk politely refused. And at Soo-hyuk’s words Brinis thought.

‘You don’t need anything… …’

Brinis’ blush as she looked at Soo-hyuk became even more intense.


Soo-hyuk, who came out of the tower of fire, was sitting in a chair nearby and organizing his skills.


Soo-hyuk, who finally learned [Hellfire], moved all the fire spells to list 2, closed the skill window and stood up.

“To subspace.”

[Warping into the subspace of the great mage.]

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com Arriving in the subspace, Soo-hyuk walked to the Warp Magic Circle to teleport to Hard Rock and opened the friend window.

-Soo-hyuk: Yeon-jeung.

Soo-hyuk sent a whisper after confirming that Yeon-jeung was online. Was he still hunting? Or was he still flooded from the whispers of other acquaintances?

The answer didn’t come right away.

-Soo-hyuk: It’s at 12 o’clock tomorrow?

However, as he will see it anyway, Soo-hyuk followed up with a whisper to Yeon-jeung.

-Yeon-jeung: Uh, you just have to come by 12 o’clock! I made a reservation.

When he arrived at the Warp Magic Circle, a answer came from Yeon-jeung.

-Soo-hyuk: All right.

-Yeon-jeung: See you tomorrow!

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com -Soo-hyuk: Yes.

Soo-hyuk, who finished whispering with Yeon-jeung, warped to Hard Rock. Then he left the Warp Gate and headed straight to the library.

Arriving at the library, Soo-hyuk headed to the bookshelf in the back.


However, Soo-hyuk, walking to the bookshelf in the back, was forced to stop.

It was because of the book that came into sight.

It was a bookshelf that had already been conquered. But there was a shiny book.


It was a book that shined in indigo color, which he had never seen before.

‘I didn’t really do anything… … .,

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com Soo-hyuk smiled.

Yesterday it clearly didn’t shine. If so, it means that the condition has been met because of what he had done today, but all he did today was learning the spells.

But why have the conditions suddenly been met? With a puzzled look, Soo-hyuk confirmed the title of the blue book.

‘This is [The Demon Gate].’

The title of the book was [The Demon Gate].


It was a book he had already read. Soo-hyuk recalled the contents of [The Demon Gate]. He didn’t remember every single letter or letter, but he remembered it roughly.

‘Is it because of [Hellfire]?’

[Hellfire] was mentioned in the book [The Demon Gate]. He wondered if the reason it turned indigo was because he learned [Hellfire].

Soo-hyuk returned to his desk with [The Demon Gate] and began reading.

///When you cast [Hellfire] there, they appear. And those creatures ate [Hellfire] and returned.

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com Where do they appear? Where is the gate of the demon world? I want to chase them and find out, but it’s crazy to chase after them. I will die.

Eventually I decided to seal it. If they come here, madness with infect this world.///

Soo-hyuk closed the book.

[A special quest ‘Sealed Space’ has been created.]

[You will get a map to the nest.]

After seeing the message, Soo-hyuk first opened the quest window and checked the special quest ‘Sealed Space’.

<Special Quest – Sealed Place>

Go to the Location of the Sealed Space on the map!

Quest Reward: Special Quest-???

After confirming the quest, Soo-hyuk narrowed his brows.

‘It’s a chain quest.’

It was because he knew that it was a chain quest. Soo-hyuk closed the quest window and then opened the inventory. Then he pulled out the map and checked it.

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com “… … ”

And the moment he checked the map, Soo-hyuk’s eyes were bound to widen. Sealed locations on the map. It was because the name of the place was so familiar.

‘The Demon’s Nest?’

It was the demon’s Nest. Soo-hyuk, who looked at the map, put the map down and went through the inventory.

Then, the special quest “Karu’s Treasure Chest” that he received in the past resurfaced, and the “Karu’s Treasure Map 2” was obtained and unfolded.

‘How do I get there.’

“Karu’s Treasure Map 2” was a map showing the topography of the demon’s Nest. It was not a known place, so he did not know how to get there.

‘Is it possible to solve both at the same time?

The opportunity to complete two quests at the same time came.

‘by the way… … .,

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com Of course there was a problem.

‘Where is Hayden?’

Find out where the entrance to the demon’s Nest is. It was a place called Hayden. The problem was that he didn’t know where Hayden was.

‘Well, I’ll know this way at some point.’

Soo-hyuk got up from the seat. Like the demon’s Nest, Hayden would be known someday. Soo-hyuk, who got up from the seat, returned [The Demon Gate] that had lost its indigo color and headed to the bookshelf.


“When are you going to hunt tomorrow?” Heading to the resting place, Lilith asked Yeon-jeung.

“I have an appointment for lunch, so I plan to come around 2pm!”

“Oh right. Did you say you have an appointment for lunch?”


Yeon-jeung replied with a smile. Then, with a sudden thought, he asked Lilith.

“Do you remember the dungeon run on Saturday?”

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com “Oh, of course I remember it.”

Lilith nodded at Yeon-jeung’s question.

“Is your friend ready to go with you?”

“Yes, he’s great.”

“If he’s a healer, he may not be able to keep up. Can you trust him?”

“Yes, I can trust him unconditionally.”

Yeon-jeung thought, answering Lilith with a confident expression.

‘Even if he was a healer, it would be better to be healed by a priest.’

Healing Mages have lower heals than priests. But Soo-hyuk is an exception. Soo-hyuk’s wisdom was no joke, and there was Yarion’s Wrath. Yeon-jeung expected that the amount of Heal would be enormous.

“It would be nice if only one more person could go.”

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com Lilith muttered.

The maximum number of members in a dungeon exploration party this time was three.

Three members was really ambiguous. If only one more person could enter, it would be easier, but that one person usually didn’t have to do much.

“You really don’t have to worry. Nothing is going to happen this time.”

Yeon-jeung once again said to Lilith’ murmur.

“Did you know that this is already the third time?”

“Haha, this time it’s real! Really!”

“Then I’ll trust it one more time!” Lilith smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see!”

Soon after arriving at the resting place, Lilith said goodbye to Yeon-jeung and logged out.

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com And Lilith and Kim Tae-hwan exited from the capsule muttered with a weird smile.

“His friend…”

Yeon-jeung’s friend who will be with them this time.

“If you go to the dungeon, the level will be quite high.”

It is not a difficulty that can be completed with two people, but just being Yeon-jeung wouldn’t let anyone accompany them just for being friends.

Obviously, Yeon-jeung’s friend would be skilled.

“Is the friend the acquaintance who owns the legendary weapon?”

Kim Tae-hwan was also curious. Who is currently possessing the hottest legendary weapon in Pangea, “Yarion’s Wrath”.

However, Yeon-jeung did not even tell Kim Tae-hwan, the deputy guild leader.

“The probability is quite high.”

For more, visit lightnovelworld.com This is Yeon-jeung, who is usually weak to friends. Nevertheless, Yeon-jeung did not speak. Kim Tae-hwan opened the desk drawer and took out a black cell phone.

Kim Tae-hwan, who took out his mobile phone, pressed 1 firmly and dialed the number.

-Trulluuu luuuluuu luuu ….

He heard the waiting tone.


And when 10 seconds had passed, the waiting was over and a heavy baritone voice was heard.

“Hello. This is Tae-hwan Kim.”

-Oh, yes. Taehwan.

“I have some information that might interest you.”

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