Realms In The Firmament

Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1743: I am Cleaning the Battlefield

After a while, the dust was still in the air. There was a hillock on the ground which was moving. Suddenly, a man came out of the hillock, dragging a man in his hand.

It was exactly Ye Xiao carrying the Poison King.

The Poison King was severely injured. He was in a coma.

Ye Xiao was moving like a bolt of lighting, carrying the Poison King to the deep pit that he had dug to hide the ladies.

“You stay here and take care of the Poison King. Don’t run. I must clean up what is left behind the fight.”

After that, Ye Xiao became a rainbow blasting over the battle where the explosion burst.

The three ladies looked at each other and didn’t know why Ye Xiao was in a hurry.

Yue Shuang said, “Did the explosion of the toad break the veins of the earth in this place, so he went to fix them? Is he trying to keep this place from the possible disaster?”

Yue Han nodded and said, “That must be the truth. Brother is such a heroic man with a kind heart. He won’t let such misery happen to the world!”

Xuan Bing thought for a while and said, “I like to hear your compliments about your brother, but that is not something your brother would do… I think he is going to do something that the One Meter Higher Sky will do…”

The two sisters stopped talking for a while, and then Yue Shuang said, “Sister Xuan Bing, we are family. We know each other well. We just tried to say something to cheer ourselves up… Why do you have to expose the ugly truth?”

Xuan Bing nodded and gently said, “You are right. We should be more lenient with our family… I shouldn’t have said that. Let’s focus on the Poison King now!”

As Ye Xiao just dashed out, a white flashed appeared, which was even faster than Ye Xiao.


A stream of golden light flashed.


A colorful light shined over.


One man, one cat, two birds… They were rushing crazily forward.

Why were they in a hurry?

Were they going to save the veins of the earth or something like that?

Absolutely not! Ye Xiao was the famous One Meter Higher Sky! He was surely going after the fortune!

It was such a heaven-sent opportunity which Ye Xiao would never let go of!

The four streams of glaring lights were moving fast like whirlwind, approaching the sinking pit on the top of the mountain.

Their broad spiritual minds spread out at once.

“A space ring here!”

“A space item here too! It is actually a bracelet! Rare and good.”

“Is this an iron mace? It doesn’t look good, but I am sending it to the Gold Space anyway.”

“Where is the inner core of the toad? Where are the poison beads? Erhuo, didn’t you say the toad had ninety-eight poison beads?”

Ye Xiao was moving fast among the ruins, but he didn’t get what he wanted.

Erhuo was searching much faster than Ye Xiao, and it had sharper eyes. It kept throwing whatever it found into the Boundless Space, and the Boundless Space was nearly filled after a while.

Hawky piled things up on an empty field so that Ye Xiao and Erhuo could collect them. After all, only Ye Xiao and Erhuo had the power to put things into the Boundless Space…

Bab should do almost the same thing as Hawky did. However, it was the most relaxed one…

It flew over and sat on the floor. After that, it released the original body as the Cane of Void. The branches of the cane started shaking and then the spiritual qi in this area was all collected.

Bab was flying here and there as a little bird, chirping around happily.

After all, it wasn’t easy to collect energy from a mountain like this. Only the powerful mountain that was old enough to collect qi had this spiritual energy. Powerful mountains always lived a long life!

Bab was getting the most valuable thing this time.

“That is it? Are these all we have?” Ye Xiao waved a hand and collected the weapons, armors, and other things Hawky had found. He was looking around, and he wasn’t happy about it. After all, the inner core and the poison beads were the most important things!

The poison beads!

The inner core of the Destined Toad could extend people’s lives, so it was incredible. However, Ye Xiao didn’t really like it. It wasn’t difficult for him to extend his life with Erhuo’s supreme dan beads. The poison beads were definitely something important to him.

Erhuo told him that there were ninety-eight poison beads.

‘Were they all exploded?’

‘Is there nothing left?’

Ye Xiao felt pain in the heart as he thought of the explosion. ‘Those were ninety-eight poison beads! If the Poison King absorbs every bit of the energy in those poison beads, he will become a super-powerful poisoning artist who shocks the Human Realm Upon Heavens, who is loyal to me!’

‘Erhuo said that the toad was the king of all poisonous creatures! That was quite a compliment! The Poison King may never become a king like that, but with his Worldly Poison Art, he may be able to become one of the most influential men in the world! He can be more powerful than anybody except the five Sky Kings. That is invincible to me!’

‘But… they exploded!’


“Were they all exploded?” Ye Xiao murmured, “What a pity!”

Erhuo was still searching. Its eyes were brightening… Ye Xiao had an idea. ‘The cat has a much stronger sense than me. It always finds minor things. It must have found something, or else it should have returned to the Boundless Space instead of working hard in this place!’

Ye Xiao stared at Erhuo.

Erhuo started to dig somewhere crazily.

Ye Xiao’s eyes lit up and he flew over. He waved the sleeve and everything on the floor was turned over.

As he could see, it was a flat field at the bottom of the huge pit.

In the middle of the flat field, there was a strange spot of light, shining in a dim glow.

It was a bead that was as big as a human fist.

In the bead, there were some lights rolling around. It felt so mysterious.

“The inner core!” Ye Xiao’s eyes glittered.

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