Rebirth of the Strongest Empress
Chapter 2309: Come Up For A Beating (1)

Chapter 2309: Come Up For A Beating (1)

Luo Sheng was standing beside Di Nuo. He was also dumbstruck.

At present, no one expected Lei Yan and Mu Ziying to have suddenly become Divine Lord level practitioners.

How on earth did Ye Qing do it?

Countless questions surged in Luo Sheng’s mind. With a sudden shudder, as if he realized something, he flew off the high stage.

Wen Qi was not yet at the arena. Perhaps he already predicted Ye Qing’s defeat and couldn’t bear to come and watch the depressing scene.

But now, Luo Sheng only had one thought on his mind.

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He had to tell Wen Qi everything that had just happened. No matter what kind of performance the rest of his students put up, just the fact that he managed to improve the cultivation levels of two mediocre students to the Divine Lord stage was a miracle.

No, it was more than a miracle.

They could never let a person like her leave the Netherworld Academy. Otherwise, it would be a great loss to the school.

Luo Sheng couldn’t deny that he was both happy and worried for Ye Qing.

Although Lei Yan and Mu Ziying’s performances astonished everyone. There was still that bet between Ye Qing and Di Nuo. As long as one of his students failed to get selected for the Inter-Academy Competition, he would have to leave the Netherworld Academy.

Luo Sheng would never stand by and let this happen. He had to get Wen Qi to come over as soon as possible.

Everyone at present had been dazed by the first two matches. No one noticed Luo Sheng’s departure.

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The students undergoing their own matches on the other platforms had also stopped. Their attention was already drawn over to the amazed cries. At this point, everyone was focused on Ye Qing and his students.

“What’s happening? Those two are Divine Lord level… how come I have no impression of them at all?” The teenagers looked doubtfully at Lei Yan and Mu Ziying, who were standing behind Ye Qing.

The aura exuded by the two of them had been suffocating.

It was the power of a Divine Lord stage practitioner.

Mu Ziying kept a very low profile in the academy and few people even knew of her existence. As for Lei Yan, he was a big bully but he mostly provoked those lower-level students. He kept a safe distance from anyone with a certain level of skill.

Those who could stand on the battle platform today were all the elite of the Netherworld Academy. They were focused on their cultivation and with tens of thousands of students in the school, they wouldn’t pay any attention to those two nobodies.

Even after that earlier bullying incident instigated by Meng Yao, there were still some students who had no idea what had happened.

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Two Divine Lord level students had appeared out of nowhere. This was not something that anyone could overlook.

It should be pointed out that there were only a handful of powerful freaks in the Netherworld Academy who were at the Divine Lord level. Everyone was well aware of that.

Upon the high stage, Di Nuo looked very grim. Taking a deep breath, he suppressed the panic in his heart.

“It’s only two students. Ye Qing, who’s next?” Di Nuo did not believe that Ye Qing could continue his lucky streak.

Two Divine Lord level students were already the limit. Di Nuo had no idea how Ye Qing did it but he would never believe that the rest of the latter’s students would be as powerful.

As long as just one of them failed, Ye Qing would have to carry out the terms of the bet.

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And he would definitely be the one to lose!

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Rebirth of the Strongest Empress Chapter 2309: Come Up For A Beating (1)
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