Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 733: Physically Ill

If this was before, then Shuiyun Nichang would’ve told him to wait. However, at this time, she couldn’t wait to meet Yi Zishang, so she got up quickly and gritted her teeth. “Just in time. I have something to ask him too.”

Da Man’er was surprised.

Lin Xuanzhi said leisurely, “Aunt, when a man can’t do that, he never wants others to know about it, especially those who are close to him. Be gentle when you talk to him.”

Da Man’er was stunned. She seemed to have found out something incredible by accident.

Shuiyun Nichang waved her hand, took a deep breath, and calmed down. A small flame burst into her eyes. “Don’t worry, I won’t abandon him.”

Da Man’er was even more surprised.

Shuiyun Nichang went away in a hurry.

Yan Zhonghua glanced at Lin Xuanzhi. “Do you really suspect that he can’t get hard?”

Lin Xuanzhi just smiled deeply and said, “Of course that’s impossible. At the very least, the Yi family is a family of alchemists, so there’s no shortage of pills to strengthen one’s Yang energy and heal the body.”

Yan Zhonghua couldn’t help laughing and shaking his head. “You really are… bad.”

Although Lin Xuanzhi framed Yi Zishang a little, he wasn’t ashamed but was instead proud. He said calmly, “It won’t do for Yi Zishang to continue treating the South Sovereign like this. After all, things between husband and wife should be resolved privately by themselves, behind closed doors.”

Yan Zhonghua said, “Resolve the problem of Yi Zishang being unable to get hard behind closed doors?”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…”

They looked at each other and smiled. Words didn’t need to be spoken.

Yi Zishang clearly didn’t want to see Yan Zhonghua and the others, but how many people in this world dare to blatantly give King Ye and Huarong Sword Venerable the cold shoulder?

Such a thing would probably never happen, not unless there was a reason.

The biggest conflict between Yi Zishang and their group was the old affection between Shuiyun Nichang and Yan Zhonghua.

Yi Zishang had long been the prospective successor of the Yi family.

Yet Yi Zishang decided to personally meet Shuiyun Nichang at her home and escort her to his home for the wedding.

What did Yi Zishang mean by this? Those personally involved in the situation might be blinded, but outsiders could see through it thoroughly.

Shuiyun Nichang rushed out of the palace gates and saw the man waiting for her quietly underneath a weeping willow that had lived for thousands of years.

Shuiyun Nichang was originally anxious and had a rich variety of expressions, but when she looked at Yi Zishang, her expression suddenly became thin, leaving only an expressionless look.

The South Sovereign must always maintain a dignified and restrained image in front of her sweetheart. She didn’t want to be looked down upon.

Yi Zishang looked at Shuiyun Nichang and said, “You sure have lots of things to discuss with old friends.”

Shuiyun Nichang said, “After all, he’s my childhood friend. I haven’t seen him for many years. Isn’t it normal to have a lot to say?”

Yi Zishang said with a cold face, “You sure are attentive to your old sweetheart, but don’t forget that you are my wife now.”

Originally, Shuiyun Nichang wanted to have a good talk with Yi Zishang about his illness, but when Yi Zishang mentioned this, she grew angry and said with a similarly cold face, “Your wife is not your slave, and I’ve never wronged you. You shouldn’t always talk to me like you’re trying to catch an illicit affair.”

Yi Zishang sneered. “You’ve never wronged me? Shuiyun Nichang, don’t tell me that you believe that thinking of another man in your heart is not an affair?”

Shuiyun Nichang suddenly froze. “What do you mean by thinking about another man?”

Yi Zishang stared at Shuiyun Nichang’s face, which was full of shock and confusion. He secretly thought, This woman really knows how to put on an act.

His face was expressionless as he said, “I don’t want to say something too thoroughly, so as to save each other some face. You know what you did.”

Yi Zishang finished, paused, then said, “I just want to remind you that I’m not a stingy man, but I’ve never been generous enough to allow my wife to spend the night with another man!”

Seeing Yi Zishang turn around and leave, Shuiyun Nichang became angry after staring blankly. She raised her hand and hit Yi Zishang with an illusion array, blocking his way.

“Yi Zishang, what do you mean by spending the night with another man? I’m just talking about important government affairs with them, discussing the Dao and the safety of the Nine Lands. It’s not as dirty as you think!” Shuiyun Nichang was so angry that her hands trembled. If it wasn’t for saving face, she even would have fought with Yi Zishang.

But Yi Zishang just replied coldly, “Oh.”

Shuiyun Nichang, “…”

What’s so good about a man like this?

She was really blind to have fallen in love with this boring and poisonous bastard! Looking at Yi Zishang, who easily broke her illusion array, Shuiyun Nichang suddenly blurted out, “Yi Zishang, I only will ask you one question; tell me the truth.”

Yi Zishang paused and turned to look at Shuiyun Nichang.

Shui Nichang strode towards Yi Zishang, standing in front of him. Her stance was originally aggressive, but then she became somewhat hesitant and said, “Yi Zishang, are you… physically ill?”

Yi Zishang, “…”

Shuiyun Nichang frowned and said thoughtfully, “I’ve heard before that men who can’t do that always have irritable tempers and often beat and scold their wives. Although you never hit me, that’s probably because you can’t defeat me. If you’re sick, you can’t hide from the doctor. You might as well speak out openly and let everyone find a solution together. Hiding like this will only make your heart more abnormal.”

Yi Zishang, “…”

Yi Zishang didn’t understand where the phrase “physically ill” came from, but when Shuiyun Nichang said “can’t do that“, he had already understood some things. At this moment, he fully understood.

It would be a great insult and stimulation for any man to be suspected of failing in that aspect. However, the wife whom Yi Zishang legitimately married and whom he suspected of having another man in her heart was actually the one asking him this. It was truly a great humiliation.

Yi Zishang’s face, which had been emotionless all along, slowly smiled. The air around him became extremely stifling, and he said slowly, “Did you just say that you don’t think I can do it?”

His response made Shuiyun Nichang think that Lin Xuanzhi’s guess was on the mark. At first, she was surprised for a moment. Then, her sympathy was mixed with deep helplessness. She looked at Yi Zishang with loving eyes and softened her voice in a rare moment, “About that, you don’t have to feel sad or stressed. I can understand your mood.”

Yi Zishang’s smile grew.

“You are my husband, and we have already held the wedding ceremony. I will definitely not abandon you, but… if possible… it would be better for you to cure it.”

Shuiyun Nichang was immersed in her own world, and she never even noticed the abnormality of Yi Zishang. She also poured out her thoughts, “My nephew, Yan Tianhen, is a genius in alchemy, and he has always been known as the Little Pill Emperor. Even Grandpa praised him before. If he can help, then… there might still be hope.”

“Wife.” Yi Zishang hugged Shuiyun Nichang’s shoulder, and his voice was gentle as he spoke in her ear, “Since my wife cares so much about her husband’s health, you and I might as well go to the room, and let her have a good physical examination of her husband.”

Shuiyun Nichang didn’t know the danger that was approaching, so she nodded foolishly and said sincerely, “You should’ve done this earlier. I’m serious. If you suppress it for a long time, your temperament really will be irritable. In fact, you’ve been very grumpy recently.”

Yi Zishang was so angry that he actually smiled and nodded like he’d heard good advice. “Yeah, then my wife should check me carefully and thoroughly. Don’t. Miss. A. Single. Clue!”

Thus, Shuiyun Nichang was half-swindled and half-coaxed away by Yi Zishang.

Yan Tianhen looked at the picture appearing in the mirror and couldn’t help touching his chin. He said, “Yi Zishang doesn’t look like a person who has an illness like that. Moreover, the higher someone’s cultivation, the better their body? Aiya, I think Aunt Nichang is about to suffer.”

Yan Tianhen then scratched his head and said, “Yi Zishang seems to hate us very much. If this continues, when exactly will we know where the Illuminating Sky Cauldron is?”

Yi Zishang had time to waste with them, but they didn’t have the time or effort to waste. However, Yi Zishang’s mouth was tighter than that of a clam, which made Yan Tianhen feel the urge to tie him up and beat him in order to get him to spill the cauldron’s whereabouts.

Lin Xuanzhi stood beside Yan Tianhen and said mysteriously, “Don’t worry. Before long, Yi Zishang will come and tell me where the Illuminating Sky Cauldron is.”

Yan Tianhen raised his eyes. “Why ah? He doesn’t seem to be such a kind person. Instead, it seems like he wants to see us become a laughingstock.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. “We’ve done him a great favor. He’ll want to pay us back.”

Although Yan Tianhen didn’t understand the meaning of Lin Xuanzhi’s words at this time, he soon understood it thoroughly.

After that day, Shuiyun Nichang was said to be ill and in bed rest. It was Yi Zishang who came forward to entertain Yan Zhonghua and his party, and his attitude changed 180 degrees.

The coldness from Yi Zishang’s face melted a lot. He even gave a simple bow. “There were many slights the other day, but I still hope Brother Yan will forgive me.”

Yan Zhonghua still had the same attitude as before, and did not change because of Yi Zishang’s new attitude. Yan Zhonghua asked, “Where is the South Sovereign?”

Yi Zishang wore an imperceptible smile on his face, and looked rather smug. He said, “Nichang is not feeling well and is still resting. I’m afraid she won’t be able to entertain His Royal Highness King Ye these days. However, the husband and wife are one, so I’ll serve as the host in her place.”

Yan Zhonghua didn’t ask much, but said directly, “You should know the purpose of our visit.”

Yi Zishang said, “The Illuminating Sky Cauldron is really not with me. I gave the Illuminating Sky Cauldron to another before I received the news from the East Sovereign. I swear I never lied about this.”

Yan Zhonghua looked at Yi Zishang. “Who has the Illuminating Sky Cauldron now?”

Yi Zishang said, “An elder from Nichang’s family asked me to hand the Illuminating Sky Cauldron over to someone. Originally, I shouldn’t tell you that person’s identity, but I owe you a big favor, so I naturally have to pay it back.”

Then, Yi Zishang mentioned an unexpected name.

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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 733: Physically Ill
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