Peace returned to World’s Edge. But as time passed, Upton was gradually taken over by the curse. His temper became more explosive, and he drove Tallod out of the city. After several decades, he fell from grace and became a fallen angel, the lord of a world shrouded in darkness.

This was the origin of World’s Edge. The task now fell on the players to bring peace back to this place by defeating Upton, a Level 200 Demonified Lord who stood on par with true gods.

Every mini boss in World’s Edge dropped special quest items. All of them had to be killed in order to meet the final boss Fallen Angel Upton.

At this stage of the game, Fallen Angel Upton was an invincible super boss no player had a chance of prevailing against.

Nie Yan planned to have the 1,000-man expedition team raise their levels and gear quality first. As he walked out of the Starry Night Potion Shop, he received a message from Xie Yao.

「Nie Yan, I hatched that egg we found back in the World of Darkness.」[1]

「What hatched out of the egg?」Nie Yan asked, as the memory of this egg resurfaced.

「It’s a White Leopard Cat…」Xie Yao replied, sounding somewhat troubled. Of all the things that could’ve hatched from the egg, she didn’t expect something like this. It wasn’t much bigger than a regular cat, and she could carry it in her arms. Such a small pet was usually only good for its appearance and didn’t have any combat ability.

「A White Leopard Cat?」Nie Yan blurted out in surprise. He instantly recalled something and asked,「What sort of innate talents does it have?」

「It has one that buffs speed.」

「Anything related to poison?」

「Yeah, its attacks deal additional poison damage.」

「What’s its Growth Rate?」

「Only 15…」

「It’s a good pet! Feed it that Evolution Crystal,」Nie Yan said. Since the White Leopard Cat had just hatched, this was the best time to feed it an Evolution Crystal.

「Really? The Evolution Crystal? To this White Leopard Cat…?」Xie Yao asked in doubt. Wouldn’t that be a massive waste? After all, the Evolution Crystal was exceedingly rare and precious, whereas the Leopard Cat’s stats were pretty much garbage tier.

「Trust me. It’s fine. It’ll give you a pleasant surprise,」Nie Yan said with a mysterious smile. He recalled a White Leopard Cat in the previous timeline. It had the same innate talents as Xie Yao’s. After it had entered the pet ranking leaderboards, it never left the top three again.

The White Leopard Cat back then only had a Growth Rate of 12. Xie Yao’s had a Growth Rate of 15. This was already a big improvement.

Nie Yan couldn’t explain why the White Leopard Cat was so powerful for the time being. In the beginning, it was indeed pretty weak. In the previous timeline, the owner of the White Leopard Cat had tried to get rid of it several times. No one wanted it. Without the money to buy another pet, he was stuck with it. So, he persevered. After training it to Level 90, then Level 100, it obtained two skills which made it incredibly overpowered. He could only slowly explain the complicated mechanics and synergies of these skills to Xie Yao later.

「If you say so,」Xie Yao said. Even though she was puzzled, she had absolute trust in Nie Yan.

Xie Yao and Nie Yan met up. Nie Yan handed over the Evolution Cyrstal to her.

Nie Yan gazed at the Holy Fairy floating above her shoulder. “What’s it rank now?”

“It’s already Rank 2, 72%,” Xie Yao said with a happy smile.

Fairies were fairly easy to train at the early ranks. Especially since Xie Yao was already so high level. The first few ranks where she only had to kill monsters to increase its rank, she could simply go into the wilderness and let her AoE holy magic take care of the rest. Starting from Rank 3, it would slowly get more difficult.

Nie Yan and Xie Yao walked together to the guild headquarters in Okoron.

Nearly 1,000 players were assembled in the square outside the guild headquarters. They were in small groups chatting with each other. Seeing Nie Yan and Xie Yao arriving, they immediately started stirring.


“Big Sis!”

The crowd greeted Nie Yan and Xie Yao excitedly.

Nie Yan nodded back with a faint smile. He recognized the vast majority of players here and could even call out the names of over 70% of them. After all, they were Asskickers United’s strongest elites.

Most of these players were from the Viridian Empire, but there were also quite a few who came from the Satreen Empire. Many of them had already officially immigrated over from their respective cities in the Satreen Empire to Okoron. So, they could join Asskickers United. Since the city sat on the border zone between both empires, Asskickers United could attract a lot of experts from the Satreen Empire, especially the Shamans whose versatility allowed them to be quite useful in many situations.

“Boss, are we setting off for World’s Edge now?”

“Yeah! Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group are exploring there already! We definitely can’t fall behind!”

“Not yet. We’ll be getting you guys some better equipment first,” Nie Yan said with a smile. He wanted to raise the equipment quality of these players first before entering World’s Edge.

Around the same time Nie Yan and Xie Yao arrived at the guild headquarters, Guo Huai sent over 100 people carrying a large amount of high rank potions, bombs, gems, and so on. All these items were distributed among the players.

The crowd was elated. These items had a production cost of around 8,000,000 gold. However, if they were put up in the marketplace, they could easily sell for over 20,000,000 gold. In other words, each person received about 20,000 gold worth of supplies.

Apart from these supplies, Nie Yan had also prepared a large number of Group Teleport Scrolls, Unknown Transfer Scrolls, and other similar items to everyone in the expedition team.

“Let’s set out. Our first target is the Lava Titan!” Nie Yan said. They had delayed this for long enough. After being slowed down by several incidents, they were finally going to challenge the Lava Titan!

As soon as the words Lava Titan left Nie Yan’s mouth, the players became excited. Kiln Fire Woods, this was an unforgettable place for Asskickers United. It was there where legend had started.

The 1,000-man expedition team set out at once and headed to the central transfer area in Okoron.

News of Asskickers United’s elite expedition team setting out immediately spread out, causing many guild leaders and players to raise their eyebrows.

1. Xie Yao discovered the egg in Chapter 782.

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