Chapter 903 – Doom Cyclone

A vast swirling mass of water elemental energy surged toward Fallen Angel Brufut.

Brufut had just forced Bladelight and the other fronlinters back, when he sensed it. Turning his head in a daze, he was greeted by the sight of a vortex of water slamming into him.

FFSSHHTTT! The water transformed into steam as it made contact with the black flames on Fallen Angel Brufut’s body, gradually extinguishing them.

Brufut was stuck within the center of the spell, struggling to move an inch. It was almost as if he were plunged into the middle of a maelstrom.

The casters seized this opportunity to unload as many spells as they could on Fallen Angel Brufut.

Brufut wanted to slash down on Bladelight, but even moving his sword was difficult within the surging water. It looked like he was moving in slow motion as he strained to move his greatsword.

Bladelight easily dodged Brufut’s attack and retaliated by slashing down on his leg.

Wrath of the Water God took three Elemental Magisters to cast. They could freely control the water elemental energy in the vortex, using it to inhibit the enemy while aiding their allies.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Bladelight remarked with a smirk as he watched Brufut struggle.

“You insolent mortals!” Brufut roared. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t escape the bindings of Wrath of the Water God, so he could only scream to let out his fury. A whole three minutes later, the vortex finally showed signs of waning. Brufut had lost 10% of his health in these few minutes.

“Wrath of the Water God is about to end!” Undying Scoundrel anxiously cried out.

Once Brufut broke free, he would become an invincible existence once more.

“Holy Mages, cast Sword of Judgement with me!” Xie Yao shouted.

There were two other Holy Magisters in this group. They grouped up together with Xie Yao. With her as the core of the formation, the trio started chanting. A solemn, holy aura permeated the surroundings.

The chant didn’t take long.

10 seconds, 9 seconds, 8 seconds…

Wrath of the Water God gradually dissipated. Just as Fallen Angel Brufut was about to break free, a gargantuan sword of light took shape in front of Xie Yao. One of the most powerful Forbidden Spells of a Holy Magister—Sword of Judgement. It was super effective against creatures of darkness!

The sword of light was several times larger than Nie Yan’s Annihilation Slash. BOOOM! The blade cleaved down on Fallen Angel Brufut and sent him crashing into a nearby pillar.


A combination single-target Forbidden Magic cast by three Holy Magisters wasn’t to be looked down on.

When they were facing the Thunder Dragon, they didn’t dare to use these spells. After all, they refused to waste their most powerful trump cards on the side boss. Right now, however, they weren’t facing some insignificant creature, they were fighting the final boss of a special dungeon! They were free to use whatever skill or ability they had to deal with it.

Brufut had just escaped Wrath of the Water God, only to be hit by another powerful combination spell. Climbing out of the rubble, he staggered back to his feet. His health had dropped to only 12%. He looked a bit dazed. Sword of Judgement had an additional stun effect.

The seconds ticked away. Brufut was about to recover from the stun.

“Any more crowd control skills, guys?”

“I’m out.”

“Mine are all on cooldown.”

Spells like Wrath of the War God and Sword of Judgement didn’t just grow on trees. Undying Scoundrel, Xie Yao, and the other Magisters learned them from the Mage Tower in the Crips Stronghold. The requirements for learning them were extremely stringent. They’d only managed to learn two such spells.

The team looked at Brufut, more specifically at his health bar. Still 12% to go. They couldn’t help but wonder how they were going to shave it away.

Fallen Angel Brufut finally recovered from the stun. The beating he took this whole time left him thoroughly enraged. His deep, bartone laugh shook the entire shrine as he flapped his wings and floated up toward the ceiling. A berserk energy overflowed into the surroundings.

Brufut resembled an enraged demon god.

Suddenly, the ceiling of the shrine turned into a black void.

Everyone felt like they’d been transported to a different dimension. The vast void was like an enormous basin of darkness. Rather than feeling like an empty space, it exerted an immense pressure on them.

Fallen Angel Brufut floated ominously within this endless darkness.

Eventually, there was nothing left of the shrine as they found themselves in a pitch-black forest. An enormous blood moon hung over the dark sky.

“W-what’s going on?”

“I don’t know…”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. This was their first time experiencing such an event. It was as if they had arrived in an entirely different world. Even though they were a bit alarmed, the Mages managed to maintain their maximum damage output.

“You trifling insects! Welcome to my world of darkness! In here, life and death are all under my control! Before I send you off to the after life, I’ll have you experience the true strength of a demon god!” Brufut cackled maniacally. As he started chanting an incantation, a cyclone of dark energy came slamming down towards Nie Yan’s group.

The powerful darkness threatened to swallow all life.

Alarm turned into outright fear, their faces paling. What kind of magic was this!?

The darkness came surging forward.

Great Purify!

Great Purify!

Young Seven, Painted Muslin, Black Heaven, and the others quickly reacted and used their magic to purify the darkness. As the two opposing elements clashed, much of the darkness was dispersed. However, even more darkness energy flooded in from the surroundings like an endless tide.

Everyone despaired. This was it. It looked like a wipe was unavoidable now.

Heaven Bastion!

Dark Requiem chanted an incantation. A white membrane of light rapidly expanded outward and enveloped everyone inside.

Dark Requiem was a Guardian. Most of his spells were of the defensive kind, like this holy barrier.

The darkness slammed into the barrier like a massive tsunami.

The barrier blocked the darkness from coming inside. However, under the relentless assault, it was flickering sporadically, like a dying flame.

Dark Requiem felt his mana draining away. Half of his 20,000 mana pool was gone already.

“I’m running low on mana!” Dark Requiem anxiously cried out. He hurriedly downed a Specialist Mana Potion. Heaven Bastion was a fairly unique defensive magic. If the caster had boundless mana, it would last forever. No matter how much damage the barrier took, the caster’s mana would repair it in an instant. However, when the caster ran out of mana, the barrier would automatically disappear.

“This is Heaven Bastion?” Young Seven asked in surprise. Seeing the barrier teetering on the verge of collapse under the assault of the darkness, he said in a low tone, “I’ll lend you a hand!”

Young Seven raised his staff and started transferring his mana into the barrier.

Holy Magisters, Archbishops, and Guardians could transfer their mana into the barrier.

“I’ll help you too!”

“Count me in as well!”

Painted Muslin, Black Heaven, Blue Yarn Thread, and the others started supporting the barrier with their mana.

The darkness was like a surging tide, ramming into the barrier and causing it to tremble violently. Thankfully, with eight teammates supplying it with mana, it was holding just barely.

However, even though everything was good for now, the cost of mana was extreme. This wasn’t something a Specialist Mana Potion could fix. They would run out of mana sooner rather than later.

“Crap! We don’t have enough mana! One more minute, that’s the most we can do. Boss, what do we do!? We need to act fast!” Dark Requiem anxiously cried out.

Everyone’s nerves were stretched taut.

Nie Yan glanced at Kalenna floating over his shoulder. She seemed to understand what he wanted. Raising her small staff to the sky, boundless holy energy flooded out. The barrier which was originally on the verge of collapsing lit up with a dazzling radiance and became manyfold stronger. The maelstrom of darkness couldn’t do anything to it anymore.

Everyone breathed in relief. With Kalenna’s help, the barrier wouldn’t break any time soon. Even though they had no idea how large her mana pool exactly was, given her previous feats, it was far larger than any of theirs.

The darkness surged forward from all directions like a raging tide. Maintaining a magic of this scale required an astonishing amount of mana. Fallen Angel Brufut believed he could kill Nie Yan’s group in a matter of seconds within this world of darkness. However, several minutes passed yet the barrier was still standing. His mana started running low!

After realizing Kalenna was supporting the barrier, Fallen Angel Brufut finally gave up. With a deep breath, he sucked up all the darkness in the surroundings back into his stomach.

The cyclone of darkness finally dissipated.

“Requiem, cancel the barrier!” Nie Yan said. Heaven Bastion also stopped their attacks from going out. With Fallen Angel Brufut interrupting his magic mid-cast, he likely wouldn’t cast it again anytime soon. Doom Cyclone likely also had a cooldown. Otherwise, they would have no hope of winning.

They had to kill Fallen Angel Brufut fast. There were only 10 minutes left before Kalenna was swallowed up by the curse!

“Got it!” Dark Requiem nodded, dispelling his Heaven Bastion.

Everyone looked up toward the sky and saw Fallen Angel Brufut gasping for breath. Likely, casting this magic had taken a toll on him.

“Let’s do this! We can’t fail now! Kill Brufut!” Nie Yan shouted. Eyes locked on Fallen Angel Brufut, he leaped into the air and slashed out with his dagger.

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