“Companion? Do you mean him?”

Chen Fan grabbed the Crimson shadow in one hand as he turned around and looked at the black-robed elder.

The elder was the emissary of the Blood Fiend Sect. He had hung a vile expression on his face, accentuated by the pair of triangular eyes. His name was Lie Shan, an infamous Overlord in the land of the North with unthinkable abilities. He had been defeated only because of Lord Beihan’s Sky-Swallowing Python and his carelessness.

Since Lie Shan had attained the Fiend Art of Crimson Shadow, he was practically impossible to kill. Even Zhao Juexian had given up on killing him and only sought to contain him. Once his companion reached the Lord Blood God, Zhao Juexian would have to pay the ultimate price for what he did. However, he had never thought that his companion would be captured by an unaccounted character: Chen Fan.

“Is… Is it an Illusion Dharma Array? Do you take me for a fool?” Fire burst out from Lie Shan’s eyes as he shot Chen Fan an angry glare.


Chen Fan didn’t reply, instead, he turned to Lord Red Dragon.

“You must know who I am.”

By then, Lord Red Dragon was as good as dead. He collapsed on the ground lifelessly, quivering from time to time. He was already terrified when he saw Zhao Juexian, and when he saw Chen Fan, he dropped to his knees and begged for mercy.

“Please spare me, Perfected Cultivator Chen. I had no choice. The Blood Fiend Sect told me they would slaughter my entire race if I didn’t do as they said. The Red Dragons is a small race, too weak to fight against them,” Lord Red Dragon said as tears welled in his eyes.

Many onlookers watched in shock as the new Lord of the Beihan Region begged in front of an ordinary young man.

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“Who is that? Is he the Lord Blood God from the Blood God Sect?”

“Impossible. The other two who got captured were also from the Blood God Sect. The white-haired elder looks like the previous Lord Beihan Zhao Juexian. I thought he died in the Two World Peak.”

“Hold on a second. I remembered now. That young man is Chen Beixuan!”

Citizens in the royal city of the Beihan Region were shocked by the revelation.

When Zhao Juexian stormed into the palace, the commotion had stirred many cultivators. Countless Connate Cultivators or Golden Core Cultivators flocked to see the action.

The area where Chen Fan was standing was suddenly shrouded by countless tendrils of Divine Will.

Many people recognized Chen Fan since they had seen him before.

“Chen Beixuan is back.”

The residents of the royal city were elated by the news.

Although most people didn’t welcome Chen Fan initially since he had humiliated the Royal Court, their opinion of him quickly improved after seeing him standing up against the foreign invaders of their realm.

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“Welcome Perfected Cultivator Chen, I am the Pure Essence’s Sect Master, Xia Jinlong.”

“Welcome. I am the Family Lord of the Huang family, Huang Zhenting”

“I am Jin Bosheng, Sect Master of the Golden Crow.”

Golden Core Cultivators and Sect masters flocked toward Chen Fan as if he were their savior. The Beihan Region had been in a rut for too long, and it was high time for a powerful individual to turn the situation around and rise to power.

Most people didn’t recognize Lord Beihan Zhao Juexian until they got close to him.

Those who did were shocked.


Their shock and disbelief multiplied when they saw Zhao Juexian standing obediently behind Chen Fan. If Chen Fan could bring Zhao Juexian to heel, he could do that to anyone.

“Perfected Cultivator, you’re finally back! We missed you day and night, praying for your return.” Chu Yuanding flew closer to Chen Fan and dropped his knee before him, crying uncontrollably.

“Gather yourself. Tell me what’s going on,” Chen Fan said as he blew Chu Yuanding a few hundred meters away from him using the force of Four Righteousness.

Chu Yuanding crawled to his feet; his face paled slightly but it was still wearing a smile.

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“You are with us now, we will never be afraid of the Blood Fiend Sect again. This alien sect invaded the Beihan Region and drove our elder away. I cry every day for our loss. I wish I could have saved our elders!”

“Uh? Lord Chu, I remember that you were among the first to capitulate when the Blood Fiend Sect arrived at the city gates, weren’t you?” the Pure Essence Sect Master put in with a smirk.

“That was my tactic to preserve my power to better serve our beloved Perfected Cultivator,” Chu Yuanding refuted.


Chen Fan waved his hand.

Those family lords were all turn cloaks. The Chu Family Lord had kneeled before him when he slaughtered the Zhao family just as he did at the moment. He had never expected their total loyalty during the Blood Fiend Sect’s invasion.

“Tell me what happened when the Blood Fiend Sect invaded. What happened to the Grand Array that protected the city? I also gave the Grand Elder a Quasi-Heavenly Treasure, didn’t he use it?” Chen Fan asked.

The Grand Array that safe-guarded the city had a dozen layers and could withstand the combined might of a hundred Golden Core Cultivators. Even Chen Fan would have to activate the Sky-severing Sword in order to hack it open.

The force in that attack was nearly on par with that of a Heavenly Lord.


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Everyone looked at each other in hesitation.

Xia Jinlong stepped forward and said with respect, “My lord, the Blood Fiend Sect had planned the attack for years. They were not alone; they came with the six major Fiend Sects. The Lord Blood God was the leader, and there were three elders and ten emissaries working under him. The Red Dragons were also among them. They sacrificed thirty billion Zhong Zhou residents’ lives to form the Six Reincarnation Blood Array, and eventually penetrated the city’s protection.

“The city was surrounded by a sea of blood with powerful Fiend Qi flying everywhere. Not even the Grand Elder could do anything to save the city.”

Xia Jinlong’s eyes became teary as he went on.

Zhong Zhou had a hundred billion inhabitants and a third of them had died during the siege. It had been a devastating blow to the Pure Essence Sect.

The retelling made everyone’s heart feel heavy. They would bicker with each other, but they were in it together when the Fiend blood Sect invaded. The death of so many innocent lives had become the glue that bound the major factions together while facing the invaders.

“Such savagery! No wonder they were driven away from the inhabitable lands to end in the wild no man’s land,” Huang Zhenting said with a clenched jaw.

“What about the Chinese people and the Xuanming Grotto-heaven?” Chen Fan asked.

The struggle between mankind and the fiends was a common occurrence in his past life. He had seen the rise of a galactic Fiend Sect that swept across the universe, turning lively planets into furnaces of souls. Meanwhile, the human race had shown equal brutality while confronting the Fiend World.

“The Blood Fiend Sect defeated all six major Grotto-heavens. Perfected Cultivator Taixu surrendered to the Blood Fiend Sect. As for the Chinese, I have no idea what happened to them. The Blood Fiend Sect blocked out all communications with them. You can ask Lord Red Dragon or the Blood Fiend Sect Emissary if you wish,” Xia Jinlong said in a deep voice.

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The mention of his name made Lord Red Dragon tremble.

However, the two Blood Fiend Sect Emissaries were unfazed. Lie Shan even cracked a smirk and said, “Sure, I can tell you. It’s not like you can do anything about it anyways. The legions of the Blood God Sect surrounded the Old China Town, they might have already razed the city by now. The Sect Master ordered us to return to the central Heavenly Region, but our efforts were spoiled by the Heavenly Lord Qi. We must avenge our defeat by turning the Old China Town into a bloodbath.”

“How dare you!”

Lie Shan’s words shocked everyone.

Zhao Juexian landed a claw attack on Lie Shan, shattering his Divine Body. However, a second later, Lie Shan’s body returned to its former shape.

“You can’t kill me. I have the Fiend Art of Crimson Shadow. It’s a Heavenly Art passed down from the Primordial Fiend. Only a Heavenly Lord Essence Neonate can harm me.”

Lie Shan let out a peal of laughter.

Unable to hold back his anger, Zhao Juexian showered Lie Shan with deadly strikes. However, regardless of how bad his injuries were, he could recover in almost an instant.

Many perfected cultivators from the Beihan Region were slightly embarrassed by the development.

The Fiend Arts were truly powerful. They couldn’t even kill an emissary, much less the three elders and the Lord Blood God.

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However, Chen Fan had seen it coming. Arts of the Blood Fiend Sect originated from the Blood Race. The Blood Race was considered the most difficult to kill among all other major fiend races, even more so than the Ancient Demons.

Ancient Demons could regenerate their bodies from one drop of blood.

Meanwhile, the Blood Race could simply regenerate their bodies from the Crimson Shadow. As long as the Crimson shadow was there, they could be reborn indefinitely.

“Perfected Cultivator, let’s use the Earth Fire Cauldron. It has been harnessing the underground poison fire for eons. I doubt they could survive that.”

Zhao Juexian fumed.

“No need.”


Chen Fan shook his head.

Lie Shan thought Chen Fan had given up, so he laughed and said, “Stop wasting your time dealing with me, instead, think about how you’re going to survive the attack of our mighty sect. We are just a taste of what’s going to come next.”

As soon as he finished talking, a giant blood dragon rose to the sky from the distant mountain. It was over ten thousand meters long and it stretched across the sky. Snarling, it flew toward the city.

When it was close, people finally realized that it wasn’t a dragon. Instead, it was a huge column of moving crimson shadows, each belonging to a powerful Blood Fiend Sect cultivator. They were all at the Connate Level and were over ten thousand in number. The hundred or so leaders of the deadly retinue were all at the Golden Core realm.

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It was a battle formation consisting of ten thousand Connate Cultivators and hundreds of Golden Core Cultivators.

Such a deadly force could kill a peak level Golden Core Cultivator with ease.

Belligerent Frigid Qi swept across the sky when the dreadful army showed up. The ground trembled as the faces of many perfected cultivators lost color and life. Even Zhao Juexian had been seized by fear.

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