Reborn as a Demonic Tree
Reborn as a Demonic Tree

Reborn as a Demonic Tree

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Reborn as a Demonic Tree is a popular web novel covering Fantasy, Mature, Seinen and Slice of Life genres. Written by XKARNATION and originally published in English.

Author XKARNATION is publishing the novel on the RoyalRoad platform and chapters are available for free. The author also offers advanced chapter access to supporters. You can subscribe on Patreon to support the author and get access to advanced chapters.

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Ashlock awoke in the courtyard of a demonic sect… as a tree.

A tree that eats people.

And one that grows stronger over time due to a daily sign-in system and cultivation.

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  • Bella24 1

    Good .. perfect .. 10/10 tree is cool

  • Bizc8 1

    The novel got off to an interesting start. But it got to a point where it became... exhausting to read. I think it got repetitive.

  • ARS404 16

    I enjoy it but i was at date starting frım chapter 35 so im not surie hoq it will go by normal reading

  • Mega_ 3

    Frankly the plot went in far too weird of a direction after he for no reason decided to want to make a sect

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  • Hisoka1 1

    I wonder why the authors aren’t using a normal words, he keeps using complicated words.🤦🏿‍♂️. Andddd I’m wondering, is it AI??

    Edited: 1mo
    • Croakr 2

      Because he has an education?

      • Hisoka1 1

        Ohh well, English is not my first language.

      • OverDosedSaiyan 5

        Skill issue, even yamcha would do a better job at it.

        Edited: 20d
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  • AreYouStupid 2

    Is this plague by the disease called horniness caused by women? If yes I'll better save my time by not reading this

    • Weloys 17

      Idk where u got that idea from but there literally not a more wholesome bond than the one between Stella and tree. Also there really is no h*rny trap or suggestive descriptions in this story. This one of the reasons I like it so much

  • Stolt 6

    bruh, people post idiotic comments on great novels and proceed to give stupid ratings to bad novels ヽ(`Д´)ノ

    • OppaiKami 2

      Filtering the dumdums, it is called. Away, I must go

  • MeowZeHong 15

    Shi, some good old man eating tree POV? I’m down for a read

  • Qoye 20

    No way I read this on kindle :0

  • ElderYharon 2

    Basically Wuxia Tree of Aeons lol but crappier so still pretty good quite honestly would recommend 👍👍