Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System
Chapter 1046: The Strange World Part 1

Kana looked around her and saw that she was in a mushroom forest and frowned. "Why are there so many vegetables? Why are they so big!?" Kana pouted as she took out some meat and ate it while snorting at the mushroom that towered over her.

She could feel a strange pressure weighing down on her as if trying to block her powers. She lifted her hand and snapped her fingers, and the pressure disappeared. Kana sat on the ground with her legs sprawled out in front of her as she ate a chunk of meat and looked up at the purple sky above. She remembered when she was younger how she liked to dream about casting cool spells, and now she could cast whatever she wanted.

"Now then.... I need to find coins...." Kana licked her fingers as she stood up. She looked around and did not see any signs of coins anywhere, so she sent out her spiritual sense to look around. She homed in on anything shiny and quickly found fifty coins. She disappeared from where she stood and went to gather the coins.

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In another part of the world, Creige stood where he was and looked around. He saw a bunch of strange looking blue men with white hats on their heads. He did not know what race they were, but they were staring at him with eyes filled with curiosity. Not really wanting to give them the time of day, he disappeared from where he stood, stunning the men in blue who wore white hats.

When Creige reappeared, he arrived in a large field of spikes. Well, they looked like metal spikes, but on closer inspection, Creige noticed they were just blades of grass. Although pointy and sharp, they could not penetrate his skin. But if they were someone normal, for example, not related to his family, then there would be no issue walking through such a field, but for others, it would not be easy. Deciding to check out what is around here, Creige began walking through the spiky grass.

A volcano spewed out red hot flames, and inside those flames, a girl with many tails sat on the lava's surface as she took in her surroundings. "I wonder what would happen if I was not immune to fire?" She wondered how many unlucky souls actually ended up dying here due to being teleported here after entering the realm. Kiliffia sighed as she continued to look around. She sniffed the air and smelt something sweet. When she searched for it, she found that the sweet smell was coming from the depths of the lava. With a grin on her face, Kiliffia dived into the lava and swam towards the bottom.

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Frozen tundra, a cold chill floated through the air. Tilia yawned as she looked down from the mountain peak she had landed on. She had fallen from the air and had to slow herself down when she realized she could not fly here with magic or any kind of power. With no choice, she condensed ice into wings and floated down to the mountain peak. But now she was bored. She saw nothing of interest here. She could only sigh and look for a new destination. She did not wish to be alone so she hoped she could run into someone soon.

Right now, Mei Ling was sitting on top of a very large teddy bear and was feeling a little hollow. As if a part of her was missing. She only ever felt like this when she was by herself with nothing to do. That is because Bi Ling was not here. "Teddy, what should I do? Sister Bi is not here...."

What made things worse for Mei Ling was that she seemed to be on a small island in the middle of some massive ocean. "Hmmm.... Teddy Grow!" The teddy bear Mei Ling was on grew up into the sky and stood taller than any mountain. Mei Ling looked around and saw in the distance, which was probably a few tens of thousands of miles away was a landmass. "Teddy, go forward. We'll just have to walk through the water."

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The teddy bear took a single stem and reached the edge of the island Mei Ling was on, but it seemed to refuse to go into the water. "Hmmm? What do you mean you will drown? You don't even breathe! Alright fine! How about this? I will put a water repelling magic on you as well as water breathing magic." With a snap of her fingers, the teddy bear began to glow once more. "See, now you can breathe underwater."

Only when the two spells and Mei Ling's reassurance did the teddy bear step into the water. With each step, it traveled miles as it made its way to the landmass that Mei Ling saw.

On the opposite side of the world, Bi Ling was feeling cranky. "Mei! Mei! Where are you, Mei!?" She had been separated from her sister, who she had decided to dedicate her life to protecting. Now she was standing in the middle of some valley where weird worm-like creatures roamed around, sucking up everything they passed. She had almost been sucked up as soon as she arrived! If she did not move fast, she would have become worm food! "I guess Mei is not near me, so I can only try to look for her. If I was Mei, where would I go?"

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Bi Ling sat there thinking for a few minutes before something came to mind. "A house! Mei is always such a homebody she would not go anywhere unless she had to. Her puppets are her passion, after all. So I just need to find a house and wait for Mei there. But I feel like I am forgetting something. Like I was supposed to do something here.... Well, Mei is more important than anything else, so I will go find a place to wait for her. Maybe I will get lucky and run into her on the way!"

Bi Ling did not hang around any longer as she got up and ran off in a random direction.

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