Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System
Chapter 1047: The Strange World Part 2

Ako stood expressionless as she looked around at the cactus like structures in front of her. She was unsure of what to make of this scene. Because there were little green men the size of her palm hopping up and down from the spikes as they traveled through the cactus like structures, it was like a mini city. There were lights lighting up the small windows cut out of the cactus like structures, as well as many bridges that lead here and there. Not a single one of these little green men paid attention to Ako. As such, instead of disturbing them she turned and began walking back the way she came. She might have walked a great distance to get here, but she had no intention of walking through such a thorny place, to begin with.

Currently, Rain was in a bit of a pickle. Not a dangerous pickle but one that really made one wonder just why there are people like this. She was currently sitting on a throne with a bunch of humanoid figures with purple skin bowing to her calling her their goddess. Not far from her was a statue of said goddess that closely resembled her in all areas besides the chest. Seeing the chest that was so big, she couldn't help but look down at herself and sigh. "Goddess, please give us a few words!"

"Goddess, please bless us with your holy light!"

These kinds of shouts kept coming from the crowd below. So Rain waved her hand and created a beam of golden light that rained down on the beings before her. Just this one action caused them all to cheer and had become crazy as they basked in the light. But Rain did not let this chance go! She quickly created a copy of herself that would disappear in a few moments before running away with everything she had! She wanted nothing to do with crazy people! Especially the religious types!

While Rain was running away, in one of the few civilized cities on the planet, in a large building that had funny letting on the front of it that was currently surrounded by many people with swords, Angelica sat in the library trying to decipher the strange language. "Hmmm…. This kind of resembles Trityton, but the angles are all wrong…. Maybe if you read it backwards….. Ah yes! Now I get it! Oh? This is indeed interesting for such a weird planet. They know of a different form of magic hmmmm…."

"You! How dare you intrude on our empire's imperial library! Come with us right now, or we will kill you here and now!" A voice yelled out. Angelica turned and looked at the man and waved her hand. Seconds later, the round man was flying through the air swerving in and out of the bookshelves and out the door. A twenty layer barrier suddenly appeared and blocked anyone from being able to enter.

The round man struggled to get up with the help of one of the soldiers and mumbled one word: "Goddess…." He looked around and yelled out. "We are leaving! The goddess is taking some time to relax and read! Everyone go back!" His words confused all of them but to hear the word goddess, no one dared to stick around any longer.

In another location, Yana had her sword drawn and was looking at a lady with big boobs who looked very similar to her sister, Rain. "Who are you?"

"I told you I am just a goddess of this world! Will you stop hitting me!?" The so called goddess had tears in her eyes as she knelt on the ground in front of Yana. The top of her head had quite a few bumps from being whacked by swords. The poor goddess did not understand what she did. She was only going for a stroll when this girl showed up out of nowhere and began beating her with her sword, saying something about trying to imitate her sister! She never tried to imitate anyone! She just wanted some fresh air. She wanted to cry a rain of tears, but she could only hold it in and sniffle. She was being wronged but had no way to prove her innocence!

"Ouch! Stop hitting my head!" The so called goddess cried out.

"Humph! Just tell me who you are and what you want!" Yana did not know why but she was very agitated. She had not been able to find Soli, and then she ran into his weird lady who was pretending to be her sister.

Camlia stared at the people in front of her. They were all bowing their heads and placing coins down on the ground. "Please take this. We would rather keep our lives."

Camlia's face turned sour. "Who the hell wants your coins? Keep them or beat each other for them! I do not need your coins! My little sister will take care of such things, so take your things and run along! Stop bowing before my feet, or I might shove you into the new hell I created!"

The hopefuls looked up at Camlia and, as if they had been given a new lease on life, grabbed their things and took off running in different directions. Camlia sighed and shook her head. She really wondered why they looked at her as if she was some scary beast. She had not even shown her strength at all.

Kana picked up another coin and looked it over. "That's number one thousand five hundred and fifty two. I guess I can hand out the excess before we leave this world. I wonder if those people will get mad if I hand them out. These tests are supposed to be hard, right? Well, if they survive, I guess it is fine. Anyway, time to go to the next location."

In a cave that went deep underground, a man sat on a throne made of fire. He had large red horns, and his body was covered in flames. He looked as if he was sleeping with his head resting on his hand and his eyes closed. But those same eyes slowly opened to reveal two blood red eyes. "Oh? Someone dares to break my restrictions?"

Chapter 1047: The Strange World Part 2
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