Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System
Chapter 1048: When Kana Is Bored

The flaming man slowly got up from his throne and looked around. "My brothers, it is time to rise! We will once again go to war! Someone dares to enter our domain and try to rule over our world. We will never let this happen!"

Upon the flaming man's words, millions of fire elementals rose up from the lava flowing around the throne. They all grouped up into formation and began marching out of the cave. The flaming man smiled sinisterly as he floated through the air making his wave out of the cave as well. He wondered just what kind of person had actually been able to break his restrictions.

At the same time, the world shook as if a bad omen was upon them. Kana, who was sitting on a tree branch swaying her feet, frowned when she felt the tremor. She sent her senses out in all directions and encompassed the entire planet. She could see her family doing their thing. It was only when she saw something really interesting did she disappear from where she was sitting.

Seconds later, she appeared over a cave where many fire elementals were slowly coming out of. She sat down and watched as they seemed to be marching with a purpose. Millions of them, all in formation, marched forward, burning everything they touched. When the last of them came out, Kana saw something even more interesting. A flaming man with horns floated out of the cave, making his way behind the fire elementals. "What is it? A matured fire elemental?"

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"Who's there?" The flaming man immediately noticed someone watching him. Of course, this was only because Kana was not hiding her presence and was only a few feet above the flaming man's head.

"Hey, what are you?" Kana asked, causing the flaming man to finally look up at the sky.

"You…. were you the one who broke my restriction?" The flaming man asked. He suddenly went on guard. Because he did not sense this person until now, and he had a feeling it was only because they wanted him to know that they were there.

"Restriction? Oh! I know that thing that tried to keep me from using my magic… That wouldn't hold me or my family members back. That is only made for weak people. Anyway, if you want restrictions, it would be something like this." Kana snapped her fingers, and then instantly, a naked man appeared in front of her causing Kana's brow to rise before a burst of laughter escaped her lips. "Are you a male or female!? It's hard to tell!" Her gaze locked between the once flaming man's legs.

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"You!" The once flaming man's anger rose up. His eternity flames are sealed just like that! He was nothing but a mere mortal now! "What did you do to me!?"

"Hmmm? I restricted you from using fire. I did say I would show you what a restriction spell was." Kana replied while trying not to laugh anymore. She snapped her fingers again, and the flaming man's body once more became covered in flames.

The flaming man's face turned ugly. Not only was he humiliated, but he knew there was nothing he could do about it since such a powerful person showed up but what he could not understand was how this person was so powerful. There should have been an age restriction to the entrance of this world. This was what was decided on long ago after the great dominion war! This means anyone above a certain age could not come to this world, but somehow this girl whose powers were unfathomable had suddenly appeared and undid his restrictions on this world and even sealed his eternity flames like it was nothing!

"Who are you!? Why are you on my planet!? How did you even get here!?" The flaming man had so many questions, but he could only ask simple ones since he was too scared to ask more!

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"Hmm? I am just here for my test to enter an academy. They said we have to do these tests to pass, so here I am floating around this planet. Oh, don't get me wrong, I already finished what I was supposed to do, but well, you know… When you finish things early, and there is nothing interesting to do, you look for the most interesting thing. Then I saw you and the fire elementals marching as if you were going to war. So tell me, who are you attacking?" Kana asked, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. She was truly bored!

The flaming man couldn't tell this powerful being that he was going to war against her! He would definitely die! His eternity flame would be extinguished for all eternity! He suddenly wished he had just stayed in his chair and complained about being bored. But since things had come down to this, he was stuck trying to entertain this person who could decide if he lived or died, right? If he decided not to attack someone, she would definitely destroy him, right? "I umm… was going to attack the city not far from here!"

"I see! Carry on. I might watch the show…." Kana had nothing better to do, and it was not her place to step in on another world's problem, but one thing she did have to remind this man of was. "Don't kill any babies or their mothers, or I will kill you."

"Huh? Right…. Right… no babies or mothers got it" The flaming man wanted to cry. How was he supposed to fight a war if he can't burn everything down!? He was fire! He burned things and they died. This was how he dominated the world but now…. He had no choice but to do his best to entertain this demon who came out of nowhere. And without killing any women or babies….

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Kana smiled and floated in the air and ushered the flaming man along. While the flaming man slumped his shoulders and slowly began to walk forward. He had no choice but to do this until the demon left him alone….

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