Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

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It is just amazing only one problem with it is its to short and there is not enough at the start tho the mc does act like a child even tho she is 16 but from what i can tell as i read on there was a similar event with her daughter yana and now i know why she acted the way she did then whrn she was supposedly 16 but other than that minor issue which i believe was elaborated on with yana no problems at all with it it is simply amazing


I have to say I do like an evolution type story with a system but this is probably in my top 5 reads
The FL and the ML relationship is a good part of the plot that adds to the story very well


It is good no grate no it should be number one.any way this is definitely one of if not easy my favorite wn I have read in a long time. So I highly recommend this if you like fantastic romance and reincarnation


A very idiotic protagonist acts like an 8-year-old when she's apparently 16 and acts incompetent when any problem comes up. She also apparently "knows how bad humans are" from when she was a street rat yet the first humans she meets who try to lead a bear to her and follows her she doesn't react much besides throwing rocks. Boring and uninspired story.


I really loved reading this entire thing. Got nothing to complain about. The relationship deepens between FL and her husband. The updates seem good so far and the whole story isn’t all smooth sailing but sometimes would be a little more interresting if everything didn’t go as smooth. Although writing has some errors, it isn’t bad at all compared to many other stories.


If you want a short review scroll all the way down there is the short version of my review

---- beware of spoilers tho ---

Spoiler Alert Pretty good story. Not perfect but it has something that might get you hooked on it. It has a lot of humor in it wich is great if you want to read a story with a lot of silly acts that make you laugh. The one thing I dont like is how a lot of "enemies" if you want to call them that, are all kinda dumb, also the author seems to have some kind of hate for his own people, like I understand we are not perfect no one is and in the perspective of the female lead it makes sense that she has that much hatred but like people who hate humans seem to keep on popping up and it there seems to be no end in sight in this story. That part and that a lot of people that are just dumb/doing dumb decisions without thinking are the only things that bother me.

In short:
•Story good, plot also good (but might turn out wierd, not sure waiting for more chapters)

•Has funny aspects, good for taking a brake from other stories

•Has a refreshing feeling to it (might just be me)

•Kinda wierd how often the author tells you that the Female MC and her husband have 18+ Time (No details, but it seems unnecessary to me that we as a reader would need to know every time when they would do the deed)

•Translation is pretty good (reading it in English)
I do recommend this story, even if you think that it is just your usual "overpowered system" story, the author actually takes a different approach than the other story's and gives a completely new reason as to why such a thing exists. Author also does a good job at keeping the story interesting. If you think you might like it you should definitely give it a try.


Really good but damnit to short to fucking short I want at least a few thousand chapters ,come on , get a move on and write like your life depends on it, satisfy my thirst for this book


Very good introduction. Relatable humor. Although I don't understand why the author would call her 'pure dragon' even though she's clearly humanoid. Would definitely read again. :)))


Is your first reaction to reincarnating as a dragon is to shake your ass? Wtf author, no seriously, wtf. Also, lizards do not sweat, sweating is unique to humans. No can do with this one, we have a retarded Mc and a slightly stupid author. Actually, a very stupid author.


It is an interesting story that is fast to read. I recommend you read this while you are on short breaks or on a trip.

The story is about a homeless girl reincarnated that quickly becomes op falling in love with a demon and gaining two friends almost like sisters to her. She also gains more friends on her change into godesshood. Secretly they are close to war with humans and "Devils" that are just normal beings except .ore chaotic and have the death element. The Devils are stronger than most beings except dragons are their weakness(Kana).