Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan
Chapter 476: A Strange Unknown Emotion

Previously Orochimaru didn’t believe in Fujin’s rhetorical words; “Rescue Yuhi Kurenai? As if!” Orochimaru didn’t think that the sudden appearance of Fujin at this shrine was just to rescue Yuhi Kurenai, after all, the girl is just a Tokubetsu Jonin and in terms of political status she is of civilian background; unlike the Uchiha, Senju, Hyuga, or Uzumaki that are noble Shinobi Clans, and Yuhi Kurenai neither has any special Kekkei Genkai nor any secret Jutsu that would be useful to Amatsukami, at least not that Orochimaru can think of.

Although, she is a member of an elite Anbu Squad… that still doesn’t make her important enough for Amatsukami to care.

At the same time, the bounty on Yuhi Kurenai’s head is not big enough to enter Amatsukami’s field of vision. So then why would a member of the mysterious Amatsukami Organization bother about what happens to her?

Orochimaru initially suspected that Fujin is just trying to confuse him and that his real intentions are different. Maybe Fujin intends to capture Orochimaru, and this possibility is indeed reasonable, after all, Orochimaru has a big bounty on his head, along with many Kinjutsu that Orochimaru has in his hands, and he is also a former member of the Akatsuki Organization so knows quite a lot about it.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Fujin is here to capture or kill him, Yuhi Kurenai is being used as a decoy to distract Orochimaru.

The second possibility is that Amatsukami is also after the Sword of Totsuka and this guess is also reasonable considering the Sword of Totsuka’s abilities and the location of this shrine.

But after observing Fujin’s actions and him continuously protecting Yuhi Kurenai regardless of the consequences, Orochimaru was a little uncertain about his initial doubt, and started to analyze why would Fujin–a member of Amatsukami–rescue Yuhi Kurenai.

Suddenly, Orochimaru had a guess in his heart, ‘Fujin probably knows Yuhi Kurenai on a personal level and there is an uncertain relationship between these two, and it is also possible that Yuhi Kurenai is Amatsukami’s spy in Konoha.’

This guess of Orochimaru is also not unreasonable, because he can’t think of any other possible reasons that would make Amatsukami care about Yuhi Kurenai’s safety, so it is very likely that Yuhi Kurenai either has an uncertain relationship with Fujin or knows him on a personal level or she is a spy and probably knows some secret information about the Amatsukami Organization and Amatsukami doesn’t want that information to get in other’s hands, as it could be detrimental to their organization.

Thinking so, Orochimaru licked his lips, now he is also curious and eager to know what information Yuhi Kurenai hides, with these intentions of his, Orochimaru muttered, “Let’s take this up a notch.” and weaved hand seals.

On Fujin and Kurenai’s side.

Numerous trees crazily grew and continuously tried to entangle Fujin and Kurenai, although Fujin wasn’t struggling much and was able to continuously cut down these growing trees, the area he could move around was also getting limited as time passed.

As for why wasn’t he flying away and getting away instantly?

There are two reasons.

The first reason is obviously that he wants to lead Orochimaru as far away from the Shrine as possible. After all, Itachi and Shisui are probably also around, Fujin doesn’t want Orochimaru to meet either of those two here.

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The second is that because he wants to use this clone for some fierce fighting, flying away would make Orochimaru helpless and unable to catch up to him, therefore he is shuttling through the forest.

But Kurenai who is being carried around by the Iron Sand doesn’t know Fujin’s thoughts, all she could see is Fujin constantly struggling in order to protect her. Kurenai wants to help, but can’t because of the seals Orochimaru placed in her body that seals her Chakra, and the poison in her body makes it impossible for her to be able to do much so she is currently very weak, and a total burden.

‘He doesn’t have to protect me, so, why is he doing this?’ this doubt has been plaguing Kurenai for a while now, and she can’t think of a possible answer.

Suddenly, Fujin felt a wave of Chakra, and tree branches started to grow out of the ground near Kurenai, at the same time, the offensive he was facing also increased by three times.

Fujin was still able to keep up, but his attention on Kurenai’s side decreased a little bit, and in that little time Kurenai was entangled by Branches and was dragged away.

Seeing Kurenai being entangled and being dragged away by tree branches, Fujin sighed, ‘Damn it, I can’t let her die or be captured, else Orochimaru would doubt.’

Immediately, Fujin clenched his fist. More Iron Sand appeared out of the ground and combined with the Iron Sand that was initially protecting Kurenai and turned into a Big Hand made of Iron Sand, the Iron Sand Hand then went forward and immediately grabbed Kurenai who was being dragged away by the tree branches, at the same time, all the branches around her were shredded.

At this moment, Hashirama flickered in front of Fujin and started another round of Taijutsu battle while also using ‘Wood Release: Cutting Technique’, and while Fujin countered Hashirama’s offensive, Tobirama appeared on top of a tree not far away and started to weave hand signs.

Tiger – Rat – Horse – Snake – Dragon – Hands Clap

“That’s…” Although Fujin was busy fighting Hashirama, he did pay attention to Tobirama, and when he noticed the hand signs, he suddenly panicked, ‘Can’t let him use that Jutsu on Kurenai!’

When Fujin was developing his Suijin Clone, he studied and mastered many Water Style Jutsu, therefore, the moment he noticed the hand signs, he immediately recognized the Jutsu Tobirama was preparing to use. It’s the highly dangerous ‘Water Style: Water Severing Wave!’

After kneading enough Chakra in his stomach, Tobirama spat out an extremely high pressured jet of water from his mouth.


The jet of water was like a sharp knife, it severed everything that came in its path and rushed towards Kurenai who was held by the hand of Iron Sand.

Seeing that Water Severing Wave was about to reach Kurenai, Fujin instantly disappeared from his position and without any hesitation appeared in front of Kurenai.

Fujin knows that if this Water Style Jutsu, which is capable of severing the roots of Shinju, were to even touch Kurenai, it would either kill her or take away some organ depending on where it hits. And with Kurenai’s current condition it is impossible to dodge or defend against it, so Fujin can only choose to use his own body to block it by hardening his bones to an extreme degree.

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But Kurenai doesn’t know this, so when she saw Fujin’s action, her heart was touched deeply. She stared at his back with a blank expression, and for a moment a strange and unknown emotion that she has never felt before was felt by her for the first time.

Fujin didn’t notice Kurenai’s change, he was busy controlling the Iron Sand to form a shield in front of him in order to reduce the momentum and pressure of the water jet.


As the water came into contact with the Iron Sand Shield, it instantly cut through the Iron Sand Shield guarding Fujin’s body and made an ear-piercing sound that shook the eardrums of all the three alive people, and at the same moment, the Water Jet that slashed past the Iron Sand Shield rushed towards Fujin without any decrease in pressure or momentum.

‘The Iron Sand Shield was completely useless?’ thought Fujin in amazement as he was also surprised by this.

Although, the Iron Sand Shield was hurriedly created and was in an incomplete state so Fujin knew that it wouldn’t be much effective, and didn’t have many expectations of it to be able to stop the ‘Water Severing Wave’, however, the fact that it didn’t pose even a little bit of resistance still surprised Fujin, albeit slightly.


With the sound of ‘swish’, the high-pressure water jet ran across Fujin’s body from right leg to chest and all the way to the head.

Crack Crack

The Wind mask on Fujin’s face cracked because of the Water Jet, the cracks soon spread all over the mask; it shattered into multiple small fragments and fell to the ground.

Not only the mask but even the Black Gold-hemmed Cloak that Fujin was wearing was also cut open and fell to the ground.

The metal mesh armor under his Kimono was not safe either, it was cut into two pieces and the same was the case with his skin and outer muscles that were cut and started to bleed.

The blood gushed out and stained his clothes.

Drip Drip

At the same time blood dripped on the ground from the corners of his mouth…

“Haah haah…” Fujin squatted on the ground and panted heavily, his long white hair was in a mess and covered his face.

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Even the Iron Sand Hand that was protecting Kurenai collapsed causing her to fall on the Iron Sand powder, so she wasn’t injured

Kurenai was at a loss at what was happening, she got up with some difficulty and walked closer to Fujin with the intention of helping him stand up.

Upon walking closer, she noticed the blood on the ground and also on his clothes, and unknowingly to her slight trickle of tears started to stream down her face.

Kurenai tried to help Fujin get up but was rejected by her.

Worried about his condition, Kurenai eagerly said to Fujin, “Please… just go… you don’t… have to worry about me… you don’t have to… put yourself at risk for my sake… I am only an orphan so whether I live or die would make no difference to anyone… Nobody would mour-…”

“Shut up!” Fujin said in a low tone.

“But you are seriously injured and he is after me… you don’t ha-…” Kurenai tried to retort.

“I said shut up!” shouted Fujin in anger, and after taking a breath he continued in a deep tone “I won’t let you die here. So, just shut up and stay behind me!”

Kurenai was silent as she stared at Fujin… she didn’t know what to say, she doesn’t know what to do, all she could feel was her heart that was beating faster as she looked at the man in front of her. The fear and loneliness in her heart were also being cleared up.

Truthfully speaking, Kurenai was scared, very scared… from the moment Orochimaru kidnapped her she knew that Orochimaru would kill her after he uses her, after all, what reason does he have to keep her alive after he achieves his purpose? And even if he doesn’t achieve his purpose he would kill her regardless, after all, he wouldn’t want to leak intelligence about his purpose, right?

So, once she is dead, it would be all over for her.

Her mother died in the Third Great Shinobi War, and her father died on the night of Kyuubi’s attack, she is an orphan, therefore no one would know or deeply care about how she died and who killed her.

In a way, it’s not that bad, after all, Kurenai has been suffering from fear and loneliness for years ever since she lost her father. So death could be a fitting end to it all, because even if she doesn’t want to die, who would save her from Orochimaru?

True she has friends she can generally count on, but none of them is capable enough to rescue her from the hands of Orochimaru, heck they wouldn’t even know who is the perpetrator. And even if they do know, they wouldn’t be able to find her here in the middle of nowhere. Kurenai understands this full well because Orochimaru made sure to not leave any tracks behind.

As for the Village? Would Village really care if an Anbu went missing? After all, this isn’t too strange, the death toll in Anbu is very high. And as a member of the elite, Team-Ro Kurenai has also personally experienced the village’s darkness and knows full well that if she went missing for a long time, she would either be considered dead or a missing-nin, and rescue is unlikely… and both cases would ultimately mean death.

And nobody would really mourn her death. Her friends may feel sad for a few days but they would soon forget her and move on… although that’s cold, this is how shinobi are, this is Shinobi’s true nature, ruthless in their bones, and everyone has witnessed too many deaths to care about one more.

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This is why, when she sees this man fighting against Orochimaru to rescue her; giving his all just to protect her from him, and going as far as to shield her with his own body without any care about his own life, Kurenai is deeply touched. She doesn’t know if she knows who this man truly is, but she doesn’t want him to die for her.

Yet… yet… when he says, ‘I won’t let you die here! So, just shut up and stay behind me!’ all the fear in her heart vanished instantly, and strong emotions burst out of her heart… All the words she wanted to use to persuade Fujin were choked back and she could only nod obediently.

Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan Chapter 476: A Strange Unknown Emotion
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