Reborn: Space Intelligent Woman
Chapter 1720: Another Plot Twist

Chapter 1720 1720: Another Plot Twist

Then someone else joined the battle. "Hello, I am a receptionist from Qinyue Group. Even though I am working here, I am telling you guys that I did not sell my soul to Qinyue Group. About what I am going to tell you, I don't care if you don't believe me or not. It is up to you to believe whatever you want. I will start by telling you about the man in the picture together with our chairman. The cafe worker was telling the truth. Our chairman was indeed offering him, Mr Ning, a job. He came to our headquarters. I assumed he came to sign the contract. I am not sure about that. However, another man, Mr Guo, came and disturbed Mr Ning. He was very rude to Mr Ning. I heard Mr Guo ask Mr Ning what was he doing there. After that, he began to say something like, your wife left you for me or something like that. Mr. Ning was silent. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Mr Guo came to our headquarters to discuss about business. The funny thing happened when our chairman came over to the headquarters. Probably because of Mr Ning's matter. However, Mr Guo misunderstood our chairman for Mr Ning's mistress. He even offered our chairman to be his mistress and left Mr Ning. I mean does he even look at the mirror? Mr Ning's look is much better than Mr Guo's. How dare he covets our gorgeous chairman? Then, when Mr Guo realized who our Chairman really was, he begged for forgiveness. Our chairman did not care about his business at all. So, she directly canceled the meeting between Mr Guo and our company's representative. Oh, the meeting was just a discussion about the new project. So, there was nothing involved in the contract or anything like that. Our Chairman really did not want to cooperate with someone like Mr Guo. Mr Guo rushed to leave with anger. Mr Guo's full name is Guo Zhengsheng."

Another explosive turnaround. The server was down after this other information.

"Wow.... We got another information."

"Guo Zhengsheng, I think I know this man. He is the CEO of a small company. Well, the receptionist did tell the truth about his look."

"A small CEO wants a Chairman of a big corporation to be his mistress."

"It is good to have a big dream but you need to dream realistically."

"Let me take a guess. This Guo Zhengsheng is the one that having an affair with Mr Ning's ex-wife. However, they wanted to make themselves the victims. So, they twisted the truth by having someone write the article about the affair between Mr Ning and Chairman Tang."

"I think we can write a complete novel using this story."

"Yeah. That is what I think too."

Guo Zhengsheng was having a meeting with his potential client when he was addressed about this matter.

"Mr Guo, you became quite famous." The man said.

"What?" Guo Zhengsheng did not understand what the man meant by that.

"You became a sensation on the internet. You should read it." The man said. The man just found out from his secretary about Guo Zhengsheng's matter. After reading about this, he already made up his mind. He would not cooperate with this man. "Mr Guo, I will leave first." The man stood up and left without waiting for Guo Zhengsheng's answer.

"What? Wait!" Guo Zhengsheng called the man but the man did not even stop and turned around.

Guo Zhengsheng was still in the dark about what was going on. He took out his phone and typed his name. His name became the number one search. He was surprised. He did not know why his name began top one in internet searches right now. He clicked on the link. He began to read it. Then, he was shocked. His affair with Fang Xiaolian had been exposed. However, people only knew about his name, not Fang Xiaolian.

No wonder his potential client left without making the decision about this contract that they were about to sign. The potential client did not have a plan to work together with him after learning about the affair. He was fuming. He left the the place. He could feel that people were staring at him as he walked. He increased the speed of his walking. He finally entered his face. He was safe from the stares. He immediately called Fang Xiaolian about that. Fang Xiaolian was just returning home after a visit to the nail salon. She answered the call.

"Fang Xiaolian, what kind of mess that you put me into?" Guo Zhengsheng shouted right after he heard Fang Xiaolian pick up the call.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Fang Xiaolian did not have time to pay attention since she was busy doing her nails earlier. "What now?" Fang Xiaolian was unhappy as she received an angry call from Guo Zhengsheng.

"Did you ask your friend to write the story about your ex-husband having an affair?" Guo Zhengsheng asked.

"Of course, she wrote it and published it on the internet. A lot of people condemned my ex-husband." Fang Xiaolian told Guo Zhengsheng.

She was quite proud of herself for coming up with this plan. She did not know that her plan had a lot of loop holes. "What are you saying? It is not him that is being condemned. It is me. You idiot!!!" Guo Zhengsheng shouted loudly.

Chapter 1720: Another Plot Twist
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