Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Chapter 1426: Staying Alive Is Difficult, but Dying Is Easy

“What happened? Why are our feet bounded? What is with this red glow?”

Hundreds of Demonic Beasts stood stunned on the ground.

They thought that as long as the averted their eyes from the frightening painting, they would be fine, but just as they were trying to move, they realized that all four of their legs were lashed to the ground by a red flame. No matter how hard they pulled, they could seem to even move half a step.

The Demonic Beasts began to panic. Every single one of them were shackled to the ground!

“This is Blood God’s Deity-Killing painting!” Chen Xiaobei stood before the Beast Horde and said, “Even though you are all of different strengths, this formation could kill any elites whose strength are lesser than that of a demigod! Now that you are trapped by the formation, you have all lost the licence to ask questions! You’ll either answer my question or die!”

The horde of beasts looked up at Chen Xiaobei with horror.

“You know how to speak Zoolingualism!” The Crystal-Armor Rhinoceros said, “Don’t waste your time! We are all Tyrant Dragon King’s most loyal servants. We will never give up his highness’ grand masterplan even at the cost of our own lives!”

“Tyrant Dragon King? Shocking plan?” Chen Xiaobei felt a deep premonition in his bones.

“If you want to kill us, then just go ahead and do it already! There’s no need for so much talk!” The Crystal-Armor Rhinoceros roared. “Right now, if you don’t kill me, I will kill you once the formation is broken!”

“Oh, you are quite the ballsy one!” Chen Xiaobei narrowed his eyes at the beast. “Do you really think I can’t kill you?”

The rhinoceros laughed. “Hmph! Don’t think I don’t know that your Blood God’s Deity-Killing painting is a Spiritual Instrument! The fact that it could control so many of us Demonic Beasts would mean that it’s a Nine-star Spiritual Instrument. Its Special Ability has already been maxed out! How are you going to kill me?”

The other Demonic Beasts breathed a sigh of relief at this statement.

“He’s right! Spiritual Instruments’ Special Abilities have a limit! This is just a confinement type Spiritual Instrument. It can only hold us here, but it cannot kill us!”

“I’ve seen a similar Nine-star Spiritual Instrument before! With such a large scale, and such a strong Special Ability, it’s definitely at its maximum capacity! There’s no way it has any juice left to kill us!”

“Stupid rugrat! Come up and get up close to us now if you dare. See if I’ll swallow you in one gulp!”

“You snot-nosed bugger! Come over here! If you don’t have the balls, we’ll just hang out here then! When the Spiritual Instrument’s energy has been completely drained, then you should get ready for your funeral!”

The Demonic Beasts scoffed, thinking that they had put a damper on Chen Xiaobei’s plans.

“Hey kid, why aren’t you talking?” The Crystal-Armor Rhinoceros chuckled. “We already know what your trump card is! Don’t even dream of killing us with a Nine-star Spiritual Instrument!”

“If that’s not possible with a Nine-star Spiritual Instrument, what about a Divine Instrument?” Chen Xiaobei grinned.

“Divine Instrument? What a joke! There are only three Divine Instruments in the entire Northern Wilderness Starfield, and they are all with the Northern Wilderness Temple!” The rhinoceros scoffed and continued, “And here you are claiming that you have a Divine Instrument?! I’m going to tell you that I have God Instrument and Sacred Instrument!”

“Heh.” Chen Xiaobei smiled, a murderous look in his eyes. “There are four Divine Instruments in the entire Northern Wilderness Starfield. You guys are lucky enough to see one of them!”

Not only were the Demonic Beasts not threatened at all, they even amplified the mockery.

“Oh, look at you still trying to pass off your lie! Do you think you are Overlord of the Northern Wilderness?”

“Maybe you do have a Divine Instrument! But not even a retard will believe this stupid lie!”

“If this really is a Divine Instrument, go ahead and just kill us! We will never reveal our Tyrant Dragon King’s plans to you!”

“That’s right! Go ahead and kill us! If you can’t of that, then shut the fuck up!”

Divine Instruments were forged with Divine Items. Their existence were beyond one’s imagination.

It was no surprise that the Demonic Beasts did not believe that Chen Xiaobei had a Divine Instrument. No one in the entire Northern Wilderness would believe him etiher!

“Survival is a struggle! Death, on the other hand, is easy and a relief! I’ll be letting you off the hook lightly!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged.




At once, 48 blood red shadows shot out of the painting like arrows.

“Wh… What… is that? How is it that the painting still has extra energy? That’s more than what a Nine-star Spiritual Instrument is capable of! What is happening?”

All of the Demonic Beasts began to scream in panic.

“H…How…” The Crystal-Armor Rhinoceros stared ahead, its body shaking violently. “That’s more than the limit of a Nine-star Spiritual Instrument! It means that the painting really is a Divine Instrument!”

48 identical-looking evil spirits was charging towards the Beast Horde!

The evil spirits were all fierce-looking, their two-meter tall bodies were wrapped in a blood red floating robe, emitting a strong murderous intent. It was as if they were going to eliminate all beings, and turn the entire universe into an endless sea of blood.
Behold, the 48 Blood God Illusions!


The first Blood God had already reached the beasts, swinging its sharp claws at the Crystal Armor Rhinoceros like lightning. The Blood God drew out a blood red arc, that resembled a grim reaper’s sickle which harvested lives!


The claws ripped opened the belly of the rhinoceros whose health was 300,000 strong! Its insides spilled over to the floor, and blood came gushing out like a rushing river!


The rhinoceros who was so smug a second ago, fell stiffly to the ground, the whites of its eyes showing! He was clueless even at its death!

It was not a peaceful death!

“My god! Rhino General is dead! The evil spirits killed him! How could such frightening evil spirits exist in this world?”

“Divine Instrument! This is the strength of a Divine Instrument! It’s too scary! There’s no way we can fight back!”

“Look! The evil spirits are sucking blood! It’s absorbed all of the general’s blood essence!”

“My god! That’s too scary! Have mercy! Have mercy!”

The rest of the Demonic Beasts were thunderstruck!

The Divine Instrument had ripped their battle morale to shreds, so much so they began to beg for mercy!

Unfortunately, once the Blood God’s started killing, they would not stop until they had annihilated every single enemy.

No matter how they begged and cried out, the only ending for them was death!

Zing! Zing! Zing!

The 48 Blood Gods began killing the Demonic Beasts like wolves among a flock of sheep!

The Demonic Beasts were not weak, and there were many of them. Unfortunately, under the shackle of the Blood God’s Deity-Killing painting, they were like sacrificial lambs!

Their only destiny was death!

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