Regressor Instruction Manual
Regressor Instruction Manual

Regressor Instruction Manual

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Regressor Instruction Manual novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Heulgsujeo. 877 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Winner of Joara 2019 Novel Of The Year:

One day, I was summoned to this world.

Beasts poured out, and an incredible crisis came.

My talent couldn’t have been worse.

[The player’s talent level is at rock bottom.] [Almost all the numbers are hopeless.] Whether chosen warriors or talented wizards.

Whether you’ve gone back in time.

You have to take advantage of everything in order to survive.

“What about tr*sh? What can you do to survive?”

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  • SittThway
    Reader KP:2

    on chapter 150 : pretty sure mc is gae

    5 days ago Reply
  • CallMeLee
    Reader KP:14

    Is this over? it hasnt been updated in 6 months

    7 days ago Reply
    • fleshg0lem
      Reader KP:52

      between that and the title of the last bunch of chapters it seems like it right?

      2 days ago Reply
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  • Manux5
    Reader KP:50

    How can someone's soul be so disgusting when he did destroy the whole for his meat sh*t. I mean he certainly has feelings for his companion. Bet it's because the first timeline when he made a contract with an demon there is simply no way his soul would be more rotten than Jiho or other villains in this series

    11 days ago Reply
  • Manux5
    Reader KP:50

    Guys I have an theory based on the fact that the Mc has a pure disgusting soul, meaby because in the 1 time line when he was a warlock his soul got so much stained from the demon contracts that it became like that. I mean there is no way that a soul is reborn because of didn't do so terrible thing in the current timeline

    11 days ago Reply
    • chatwyn
      Reader KP:25

      Hayan sicced a demon on the continent and Kiyoung had to cover it up, and yet Elena said her soul was full of love. Hyunsung fought in a war and has killed heaps of people but his protagonist soul was pure. My theory: I think it's more, the more selfish you are, the more disgusting your soul is, but selfishness is not evil by itself.

      10 days ago Reply
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  • J3vs16
    Reader KP:228

    Watch chapter should I read after the latest chapter of the manhwa?

    15 days ago Reply
    • Rayyans
      Reader KP:8

      i suggest you read a little bit before since there are differences

      11 days ago Reply
    • fleshg0lem
      Reader KP:52

      To tag on, this is muuuuch more in depth than the manwha since they can do a better internal monologue (that being said the manwha does a pretty amazing job too). A good difference is the whole dark priestess arc cut out a good deal in the manwha

      9 days ago Reply
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  • mustafakiran
    Reader KP:5


    16 days ago Reply
  • PandemonioDC
    Reader KP:57

    would it be possible to also have the chapters of the secondary stories?

    17 days ago Reply
  • bahualaile
    Reader KP:0

    I have been looking for this novel for a long time, thank you very much for the translation

    18 days ago Reply
  • Kevin42069
    Reader KP:4

    I'm on chapter 602 and I truly hate Hyunsung bros a b*tch and a eunuch

    Edited: 04 Sep, 04:07
    21 days ago Reply
  • Ginge
    Reader KP:115

    I'm at chapter 46 and I want to know if the grammar gets better, I can't tell what's being said half the time or by who

    23 days ago Reply
    • fleshg0lem
      Reader KP:52

      You're gonna have to guess, but after a while you can tell by verbal ticks and personalities who's saying what fairly well

      9 days ago Reply
    • Ilikecoldplaces
      Reader KP:318

      For the perspective part, Just guess who's talking

      16 days ago Reply
    • Ginge
      Reader KP:115

      D*mn*t 😭 alright, its not that bad to deal with, just hope it makes up for it with a consistent story

      14 days ago Reply
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