Reincarnated as an Energy with a System
Chapter 846: Class Quest

"Class Quest?" Ning spoke out loud in surprise.

"What? Did you already receive your class quest, brother Energy? Ah, you must've hit level 50," TRIPLE SHOT said.

"Yeah, I just received it. What's a Class Quest exactly? I already have a class though," Ning said.

"Ah, you must not know," TRIPLE SHOT said. "Every level 50, 150, and 300, there are 3 different Class Quests you have to complete to improve your class. More specifically, your main skill is improved by a level, and for the rest of the skills, you will have a chance on your own to level them up as you wish."

"Yeah, you get to level up your skill of choice every 25th Level after completing your quest," ASTERNUM said. It seemed she was familiar with how the game worked as well.

"I see. Thanks for explaining," Ning said.

"Anyway, what sort of class quest did you get?" TRIPLE SHOT asked.

"Ah, wait, let me check," Ning said and looked at the active quests in his list.

[Class Quest: Get Lucky

Pull out a Legendary card from the Deck of Infinite Fates and activate it.

You lose the ability to gain Exp until you complete the quest, and can't level up.

Reward: Deck of Infinite Fates will level up.]

"Dammit!" Ning cried out.

"What… what's wrong?" the party asked.

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"Sigh, remembering how I said my class is luck based?" Ning asked. "Well, they want me to get super lucky. Impossibly so."

"Do you have no chance?" they asked.

"Well…" Ning thought for a moment. "I may have one chance."

Ning came up with an idea when he really thought about it. "Do anyone of you have a Rabbit's foot?" he asked.

"I do," ASTERNUM said. "Do you want to improve your luck?"

"Yes," Ning said.

"Here you go." The girl transferred over the foot and it appeared on Ning's inventory. He quickly pressed 'Consume', but instead he received a notification.

[You cannot consume more than 1 Rabbit's Foot every month.]

[Time Remaining: 28 Days 14 Hours 44 Minutes]

'Dammit!' Ning thought. "I can't eat it. It has a timer."

"Oh, did you eat one already? Then you will have to wait," ASTERNUM said.

"Can I keep it, please? Just in case I can't pass my quest by then," Ning said.

"Sure, I don't mind. It doesn't help me much anyway, since I already have an A+ LUK stat," she said.

"Thank you," Ning said.

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They walked out of the dungeon, and Ning was forced to leave the party now that he was level 50. He could help them as Level 50 was still allowed, but he had no incentive.

As such, he said his goodbyes and left the area.

As he was walking back to the city, he saw a notification pop up saying that he had acquired the necklace 'Thunder Lizard's Blessing'.

It was a necklace made up of white string and silver metal with a deep blue gem in it that seemed to crackle with lightning.

He quickly switched it with the Amulet he was wearing. He could no longer use the Wind Arrows, but the Chain Lightning and Zap skills more than made up for it.

He went to the demoness tailor who more than happily gave him the leather belt, that per her words had come out amazing.

The belt was thin with fur on its inside and looked quite comfortable. Ning opened the stats of the belt and checked.

[Wolf's Arcanic Brown Belt (Rare)

INT: 30

AGI: 10

Spell Damage Amplification: 8%

Mana Regeneration: 4

Double Cast: Your next spell has a 20% chance of casting twice. If triggered, the spell goes on a cooldown 1.5 times as long. ]

"The hell? It's almost like the belt was made for me," Ning thought. He couldn't think it was not with how the belt had come out to be.

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If not for him, it was at least something made for classes that fell into his group.

Ning looked for what he could switch it with, and quickly switched it for a pant he was wearing, a common item he got from the wolf. It was an okay item at best, so he saw no qualm in changing it.

Then, Ning went around to various shops selling what he could. He needed to leave the city to start being able to use his skills, so he quickly found the perfect place to leave with.

"Join us in War!"

"Bring glory to the Demon race!"

"The ones blessed by the Demon lords are most welcomed."

Ning went up to one of them, who put him on a carriage that went north where the war was happening.

When the carriage was filled with 10 different demons, they left.

Ning sat there, with 9 different demons who started socializing. He joined in on the socializing a bit, but most of his focus was on picking out his cards.

As the carriage went along, he pulled out many cards. He even managed to pull out a rare card too, but not a single unique one came out.

Especially because as he went along, his Fate stack depleted and he was no longer capable of pulling out any Unique or Legendary cards even if he wanted to.

He needed to be on the field, fighting for a while before he was ever capable of summoning any Unique or Legendary cards at all.

After all, by default, his chances were 0%.

He soon stopped as his chances truly became 0 after his Fate Stacks ended, and he just sat there, talking with the others.

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As he talked, he came to learn a few things from the demons that weren't actually players, but just NPCs.

Apparently, lord Besailach was planning to attack Winterheart in a few weeks' time. The city he was going to attack in a week was actually a smaller city around WinterHeart.

It seemed that they were planning to defeat the bunch of small cities and then attack Winterheart, the biggest fortress in the north from all sides at once.

Reincarnated as an Energy with a System Chapter 846: Class Quest
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