Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System

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11 users have written reviews for the Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System novel and rated it with an average score of 3.9 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 162nd among all the novels in the Light Novel World platform.

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SmokingTree 1
Chapter 369.2 3 days ago

Overall this novel is a worth while read, the character development is good and the side characters aren't made up just to boost the mc, the start of the novel is quite r-18 but further in it becomes more tame which adds to the relationship between the mc and the 'harem'. The story line is good and is getting better, can't wait for new chapters to be released.

downsmar 8
Chapter 71 12 days ago

I'll be honest. I came here to read about super hardcore Van Hellsing like monster/slayer hunter, not a NR-18+ hentai like novel. It's disappointing because nowhere in the tags does it suggest that this was that type of novel. I wouldn't mind as much if were a scene here or 50 pages later there's a scene there, but come on. There is like a 8 year time skip and a he's powerful and all. But all the MC does is just lies around banging women thousands of years older than his 13 year old self. He's even tapping his birth mother!!! There are no real battles or villians besides the usual self entitled school bullies. There are no monster hunts battles as far as I've read or anything that really adds to the story. Just a lot of NR-18+ smut scenes which starts to get boring really quick, unless you're super hormonal teen with no life and this is what does it for you.

Kiiriya 1
Chapter 262.8 one month ago

It Was pretty Fun catching up to the story , it felt refreshing despite the plot being overused, and the academy arc was fun, tho there was a lot of sex but that kinda added to the charm lol

FrostLeo 2
Chapter 91 one month ago

The story is ok, The major problems are the grammar it is difficult in some areas but they don't really take away from the story. The world-building is kind of different from other stories. About the smut part, well this is what I came for so i guess I got what I wanted.

VersatileReader 1
Chapter 292.1 one month ago

Enjoyable enough for passing boredom Characters: MC - 4. 5/5 Heroins - 4. 5/5 Enemies - 4. 2/5 Plot: pretty basic at the start but it gets much better after 100th chapter - 4/5 Worldbuild - 4. 4/5

Chapter 316 one month ago

A novel that is a decent read. It is slightly slow paced with too many chapters for smut in the beginning stages that almost makes you think that this novel is made only for the smut purpose but it is not. The story parts which reveals itself later is intriguing. I would not say that it is a must read and over the moon plot etc, but it is definitely a good read if you are looking for a break from your favourite novels. Positives are the character description, relationship are given importance to and the MC is not the epitome of goodness and is practical (I hate those MCs that are overflowing with goodness and kindness). Negatives are that in the beginning stages smut is a bit too much that it kind of feels unnecessary and also the story is a bit slow paced in the beginning and bit difficult to keep reading until you get to the good part. Also there are a lot of grammatical errors and even the MCs name is sometimes mentioned as "Aster" instead of "Daimon" at random which is confusing sometimes. So overall from what i have read till now (i. e. ch 316 ) out of 10, I would give it a 6. 5.

Bikramaditya 5
Chapter 159.4 2 months ago

I really appreciate the novel for its milf harem member and lengthy anul sex sessions between the MC and his harem members. It's like the first time I saw a novel where, for the first time, second time, or multiple times, someone starts sex sessions with the anul type even though all harem members are still virgins. Why I didn't say anything about story or plot is because, as per the author's comment, the novel is still in preview or foundation stage. I am giving it 5 stars simply because I got what I came for.

Leolee69 3
Chapter n/a 2 months ago

Other than the incest it is an interesting take on the fantasy/cultivation genre the world building and power system are more on the unique side. So IMO other then the forced harem and incest it isn't that bad and at least the Mc isn't a simp.

otakusimp 5
Chapter n/a 2 months ago

Awesome story and . . . Im a simple person with simple expectations and I like this novel I don't think this novel deserves less than 3 stars

Chapter 1 2 months ago

naahhhh the guy wanna freaky eeky with his mom just naahhhhh the storry is rushed genaric and cringe that much fan service is just too cringe

  • otakusimp 5

    At the end of the day it's not really him pushing the *nc*st but the plot driving the story in that direction it all boils down to the authors k*nky preferences

    • BenDICE 2