Reincarnation Paradise
Chapter 650: Killer

After the meal, Su Xiao leaned on the table on the street and looked at the bustling crowd in front of him. On the side was Bobowang, whose mouth was still stained with cream.

It turned out that it was not feasible to talk reason with this idiot, or the slippers were more effective.

Just as Su Xiao was considering where to hang out, the phone in Black Mary's arms sounded.

"Hello, hello, no, let me ask."

Black Mary was rejected several times.

"Mr. Byakuya, it's the ten old man, Brent. He wants to invite us over."

Black Mary covered the phone with her hand and possessed her body. From Su Xiao's angle, he could see large patches of white skin on her collar.

"What's the matter?"

"The ten old men hired a group of killers at a high price. They want you to meet these killers. I feel that they want you to shock the scene and refuse?"

"Promise them."


Black Mary said a few words and hung up the phone.

"A little earlier than expected..."


Black Mary looked at Su Xiao doubtfully.


The two drove to the new venue of the auction, which was just a short distance from the original auction house, three blocks away.

The new auction house was full of flowers of various colors, and some flowers were tied up in a circle and placed at the door, and several gangsters with panic on the side.

When the two drove to the time, Su Xiao was stunned when he saw those 'lines of lines', and the first thought in his mind was, who died?

"Who died?"


Black Mary was a little confused. She turned around and said, "Is it the smell of blood? As expected of Mr. Byakuya. I will let them patrol the surroundings immediately."

Black Mary pretended to get off the car.


Su Xiao called out to Black Mary and coughed a little awkwardly. Those 'wreaths' should be a celebration in the Hunter World, similar to the opening ceremony of the shop.

The shop opened and sent wreaths. Su Xiao felt awkward no matter what he thought about it.

"Your etiquette is exceptional."

Su Xiao got out of the car, leaving Black Mary with a surprised face.

From these wreaths, it could be seen that the new auction was not going smoothly. The auction even needed to celebrate to attract guests. In the past auctions, there was no need to do this at all. The guests would come to the door themselves.

Black Mary saw Su Xiao's doubts and began to narrate what happened this morning.

After the auction was leveled once, most of the guests were resistant to the Youke Xin auction, and no one was willing to risk their lives to participate in it.

When the auction started in the morning, this place was utterly deserted. Not to mention the guests watching the show, the merchants and residents who opened shops within a few hundred meters all ran away, looking as if the auction house was a god of plague.

This angered the ten old men, but even if they were gangsters, they could not force the guests to come to the auction with their guns against their heads.

For the sake of their face, the ten old men could only devise this plan. They would set up an initially unnecessary opening ceremony and gather the guild members to support them. This order frightened the ten old men's directly subordinate guilds. These people wanted to avoid coming to the auction.

At eight o'clock in the morning, the ten old men found that there was still no one attending the auction. Even the members of their sects were pushing it. The ten old men were angry and ordered that whoever dared not come would be expelled from the guild.

It was ten o'clock in the morning, which was now.

There was the last thing so there was the current situation. The front door of the auction house was full of wreaths. Next to the wreath were some nervous gangsters with bulging pockets on their waists.

After listening to the description of the Black Mary, Su Xiao roughly understood the situation.

"That is to say, and there are no other forces in the auction house except Mr. Cheng of the gang?"

"Well, no one dares to come. After all, before..."

Black Mary had some lingering fears. She was also present at the last auction.

"It's best if no one participates, but the ten old men have been in the underworld for many years. Someone will come to the auction at night."

Su Xiao did not care whether someone participated in the auction, as long as the scene could be smoothly opened.

Entering the auction house, the building occupied a large area, which was more significant than the venue of the last auction.

The auction house was full of gangsters, and there was no outsider. Su Xiao was on the first floor of the elevator, and the elevator stopped on the sixth floor.

"The killers hired have arrived, only waiting for you to arrive."

Black Mary led the way in front.


At this time, in a guest room on the sixth floor, a short bald fat man wearing tiny round sunglasses was smoking a cigar. He was looking at the killers in look at's room with a scrutinizing gaze.

The bald fat man was called Jianji. This was not his original name. It was a nickname given to him by others after being in the gang. Over time, he was called this way.

Jiannan was the direct leader of the ten old men's forces. It was usual for him to receive these killers, and he was also willing to do these things with no risk but could show his face.

Although his character was not very good, he was an intelligent person. All ten old men died in the original work, but he was still living freely. Of course, this had something to do with his poor strength. No one would deliberately kill him.

""1.2. 3.4... Everyone is here. "

Jianji played with his fingers, recalling the number of killers hired. A subordinate behind him bowed and answered, "Not all of them are here for the time being."

"Aren't there eight people on the assassination team?"

"It seems that the Nosra family will bring someone over."

When he heard about the Nosra family, Jianji was a little unhappy. A feeling of jealousy spread in his heart.

"Tsk, that guy who only uses divination to scare people."

Although he said so, Jianji was very envious. He also hoped to have a daughter like that.

As soon as he finished speaking, the door was pushed open.

Nora and Pica walked into the room. Nora was the patriarch of the family and was also the father of the divination girl.

The two of them did not speak after entering the room. They just stood aside.

"This time, everyone is here. The mission is to get rid of the Phantom Troupe. Today, the auction will start again. They might also appear. Once they find them, kill them."

Jianji looked at the few killers present. These killers were dressed differently. For the gangsters, these were experts.

This time, the committee member was not an assassin but a protection. The adventurous group took the initiative in the auction house to come to the door. However, all the people present were killers after all. They directly asked them to protect the auction smoothly. It was inevitable that they would not give these killers face.

"As a team, everyone has the same goal. In this case, how about determining the code name of each contact?"

A killer said. This killer looked ordinary and belonged to the type that would not be noticed by him, who was mixed in the crowd.

"Why don't you call me by color? I am blue."

A killer in a vest said.

"I am red."


When the killers all said their colors, the two who had been standing there all the time spoke.

"It's like child's play."

An old man with white hair and a white mustache spoke. The old man had his hands behind his back, and a long strip of cloth hung on his chest. On it was written the word 'live in service'.

Chapter 650: Killer
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