Chapter 937 Enemy Attack

Qin Haodong suppressed the ecstasy in his heart and said to Shangguan Qiong, “General Shangguan, where is the Evil Spirit Gathering Furnace? May I have the honor to take a look at it?”

Shangguan Qiong waved her hand and said, “That is definitely impossible! The Evil Spirit Gathering Furnace is the most important treasure of the Tortoise Kingdom. It is in the Divine Secret Battalion which is always heavily guarded. Outsiders will not be able to see it.”

Qin Haodong understood this. This treasure was the foundation of the Tortoise Kingdom. It should definitely not be so easily accessible to outsiders.

It looked like he could only think of another method to see it after reaching Tortoise City.

After dinner, Shangguan Qiong arranged for her men to be on guard throughout the night. Qin Haodong, Zhao Xingyue, and the others went into the tents to rest.

Late at night, although this valley was located on the edge of the Doomsday Forest, the roars of magic beasts could still be heard.

When it was close to midnight, everyone slowly fell asleep. At this moment, countless black shadows appeared around the valley. and completely surrounded the valley.

These people wore ghost masks on their faces and held all kinds of weapons in their hands. In the night, they looked like ghosts coming out of hell.

A guard on night duty noticed them. When he was about to shout, his neck was hacked off by the leader in black.

Qin Haodong had just fallen asleep when a great sense of crisis rose in his heart. He jumped up and shouted, “Oh, no! The enemy is here!”

They only had a limited number of tents. Zhao Xingyue and the other girls had to sleep in one tent. Shangguan Qiong and Qin Haodong slept in another.

Shangguan Qiong had just fallen asleep when she heard Qin Haodong’s shouts. She said discontentedly, “What are you shouting for? How could there be enemies? If there were enemies outside, my men would have alerted me long ago.”

“If the enemies are super masters, your people will be simply useless,” Qin Haodong said as he jumped out of the tent and rushed to Zhao Xingyue and the others. As soon as he went out, he saw countless men in black surrounding their tents.

“Everyone, quickly come out! The enemies are attacking us!” He yelled. Then he summoned the Three-legged Gold Toad and started to attack the people in black.

Originally, Shangguan Qiong didn’t take Qin Haodong’s words seriously. She still laid sleepily on the bed. When she heard the sounds of fighting outside, she was shocked and rushed out with a big knife in her hand.

Seeing the people in black outside, she shouted, “Protect the Princess. They are from the Ghost King Sect.”

When they heard her shouts, the guards from another big tent rushed out.

They originally had a total of 20 guards. Two of them had just been killed, so there were 18 guards left. These guards herded Zhao Xingyue and the others together under Shangguan Qiong’s command.

Qin Haodong and Three-legged Golden Toad had successively killed more than a dozen men in black and he stood next to Zhao Xingyue and the others.

Hearing Shangguan Qiong’s shout, he could not help but shake his head slightly. These people in black were not people from the Ghost King Sect at all.

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Although the people in black in front of him wore ghost masks and looked similar to the ghost slaves of the Ghost King Sect, there were no ghostly auras on them at all. On the contrary, they were full of murderous intent. Thus, they obviously were soldiers of Golden Horse City.

He was sure that these people were assassins sent by Xiahou Hongxiang.

Shangguan Qiong waved the big knife in her hand. Her cultivation that was the late stage of the Combination Realm broke out completely. Coupled with the fact that the guards were putting their lives on the line to fight back, the situation soon stabilized.

At this moment, she could not help but feel a lingering fear in her heart. Fortunately, Qin Haodong responded in time. Otherwise, they would have been caught by surprise and attacked by these people in black, and at least more than half of her guards would be killed or injured. Zhao Xingyue and the others would also be doomed.

The battle was completely on. The Little Witch’s face was full of excitement. She wanted to summon powerful demonic beasts to assist her companions.

However, she was disappointed this time. After the Gate of Life slowly opened, a little turtle slowly crawled out from inside.

Not only was it slow, but it immediately withdrew its head and limbs into its shell when it came out and saw the situation. The Little Witch was so angry that she kicked it back into the Gate of Life.

However, she had to wait for 10 minutes before she could use her summoning skill again.

The leader of the people in black stood in the air and constantly ordered his men to launch a crazy attack on Qin Haodong and the others.

Although he had brought many people with him and most of them were masters at the stage of the Voiding Realm, less than a hundred of them were able to directly participate in the battle. The rest could only stand there and watch from behind.

On Qin Haodong’s side, Shangguan Qiong was in front and the Three-legged Golden Toad was at the back. Occasionally, a few people in black broke through the circle of battle and were quickly killed by Murong Jinghong and others who were ready for battle.

These people in black fought for a long time but failed to gain any advantage. The situation fell into a stalemate.

Qin Haodong came to Shangguan Qiong and whispered, “General Shangguan, there are too many of them. If this continues, we will be defeated sooner or later. We must find a way to break out of the encirclement as soon as possible.”

Shangguan Qiong waved her big knife and said, “No, we can only protect the Princess if we gather together now. Once we break out of the encirclement, we will be separated. At that time, it will be troublesome.”

Qin Haodong was not good at marching and fighting. When he was on earth, he had never experienced such a large-scale battle. He thought what Shangguan Qiong said made sense. However, if they didn’t break through the encirclement and just stood there and fought passively, they would fail sooner or later.

Just as the two of them were talking, the leader in black seemed to have lost patience. He let out a sharp whistle. Then his men, who had been attacking crazily, immediately retreated.

However, these people in black did not leave completely. Instead, they retreated to the surroundings and formed a circle within a radius of 100 meters.

Shangguan Qiong took a deep breath and cursed with hatred, “These bastards of Ghost King Sect, I will report this thing to His Majesty when I go back. We must eliminate them completely.”

Qin Haodong said, “You are wrong. They are not people of the Ghost King Sect but soldiers from Golden Horse City.

“The reason why they were dressed up like this is that they wanted to shift the blame onto the shoulders of Ghost King Sect after the Princess is killed.”

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!” Shangguan Qiong shook her head repeatedly. “Xiahou Hongxiang is just a Lord. How dare he kill Her Highness?”

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Qin Haodong sighed. The person in front of him was loyal and brave enough. However, she was not smart enough to see the reality at this point.

Just as he was about to say something, a change had taken place on the side of the people in black. A large group of archers came to the front of the team and aimed at everyone in their ring of encirclement. They were about to shoot.

A great sense of crisis rose from his heart. Qin Haodong shouted, “Oh, no! God-killing Arrows!”

Shangguan Qiong’s face turned pale with fright as well. Even if they were masters at the late stage of the Combination Realm, it would be useless when they fell into the encirclement of the God-killing Arrows. They would soon become sitting ducks.

She said in a panic, “What’s going on? When did the people of the Ghost King Sect have God-killing Arrows?”

“I told you that they are soldiers of Golden Horse City, not people from the Ghost King Sect at all,” Qin Haodong shouted, “everyone, hide quickly.”

After that, he pulled Zhao Xingyue and the Little Witch behind the Three-legged Golden Toad. It had the dragon bloodline. Its defensive ability was amazing. Now it was just as good as a shield.

As for the Seven Storeys Pagoda, he didn’t want to expose all his trump cards in front of Shangguan Qiong.

As for Shangguan Qiong and her guards, they panicked somewhat. They had never imagined that they would face being shot at by God-killing Arrows one day. At any rate, it was something that only they possessed.

Before they could figure out how to deal with it, the leader of the people in black gave the order to kill. “Shoot the arrows!”

Surprisingly, it was Xiahou Hongxiang’s voice. It seemed that this old guy had regarded everyone in front of him as dead people, so he no longer hid his identity.

After receiving the order, all the archers shot their arrows at the same time. In the night sky, the God-killing Arrows flew toward Shangguan Qiong and the others like a rainstorm.

Shangguan Qiong and her guards waved their weapons with all their might and blocked the God-killing Arrows.

Unfortunately, the God-killing Arrows were extremely powerful. Each arrow contained an extremely dense evil spirit. The evil spirit could not only break through the body-protecting Genuine Qi but could also invade the opponent’s meridians and slow down his movements.

In just one breath, miserable screams came from the crowd. The guards were killed by the God-killing Arrows one by one and were brought down successively in the blink of an eye.

“Old bastard Xiahou, His Majesty will never let you go!”

Shangguan Qiong’s eyes turned red. She looked at Xiahou Hongxiang with an angry stare. However, her anger was useless at this moment. A God-killing Arrow broke through her defense instantly.

The God-killing Arrow pierced through her right chest. Immediately after, her arm holding the knife was pierced through by another God-killing Arrow. Then both her legs were pierced too.

Shangguan Qiong spat out a mouthful of blood and fell onto the ground with a plop.

On Qin Haodong’s side, although the Three-legged Golden Toad had the dragon bloodline with amazing defensive power, these God-killing Arrows were really powerful. Each arrow could break through its defense and cut its skin, causing it to bleed.

These wounds of the Three-legged Golden Toad were only superficial and not fatal, but they couldn’t hide behind the Three-legged Golden Toad like this forever.

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Seeing that Shangguan Qiong was seriously injured and had fallen to the ground, Qin Haodong no longer hesitated. A golden light shot out from his forehead and covered Zhao Xingyue, the Little Witch, Shangguan Qiong, and the others. Then they disappeared from the scene in an instant.

As soon as they left, countless God-killing Arrows were shot at the place where they had last gathered.

“Where are they? Why did they suddenly disappear?”

Xiahou Hongxiang no longer tried to conceal his identity. He directly removed his ghost mask from his face.

Jiang Bin stood next to him and said, “Yes! Where did Qin Haodong go? Why did so many people suddenly disappear?”

Just when they were feeling bemused, they suddenly heard a buzzing sound. Then innumerable small black spots, which blotted out the sky and covered up the earth, appeared in the night sky.


Each soldier standing at the front suddenly let out a heart-wrenching scream. Then they were swallowed by the little black dots and were instantly reduced into a pile of white bones.

“Illusory Spirit Flying Ants!”

After seeing the true appearance of these little black dots, Xiahou Hongxiang turned pale with fright.

The Illusory Spirit Flying Ants were only fourth-level demonic beasts, so one Illusory Spirit Flying Ant wouldn’t cause too much damage to the soldiers who could easily kill it.

However, there were tens of thousands of Illusory Spirit Flying Ants in front of him. They were like a dark cloud. This was not something that ordinary soldiers could withstand.

Although the God-killing Arrows were powerful when they were aimed at cultivation artists, they had little effect on these little ants. The situation was like using a cannon to hit a mosquito and had no effect at all.

Furthermore, the number of God-killing Arrows was limited. The previous wave of attacks had used up many God-killing Arrows, so the remaining arrows were not enough for them to shoot recklessly.

Originally, Xiahou Hongxiang wanted to send his men to search for them. However, when he saw the scene before him, he could only give the order to retreat.

“Retreat! Retreat quickly!”

As soon as the order was given, the soldiers present immediately retreated like a tide. Even so, there were still dozens of piles of bones left.

Xiahou Hongxiang and his men retreated for dozens of miles. Seeing that the Illusory Spirit Flying Ants didn’t follow them, he stopped.

Jiang Bin said, “General, what happened today was really strange. Where did Qin Haodong go? Where did these Illusory Spirit Flying Ants come from?”

Xiahou Hongxiang thought for a moment and said, “I guess that this boy probably has a magic treasure that can help him to teleport. He escaped with the help of the magic treasure. As for these damn ants, only God knows where they came from.”

Jiang Bin’s expression was grave as he said, “That boy escaped from the sure-kill situation. Will this be bad for you if they reach Tortoise City?”

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