Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal

Chapter 1802: Bring It Back to the Cave

Kang Ren first circled the area a few times. After carefully observing for a while, he slowly closed in on the collapsed mountain where Wang Lin was.

He stared at Wang Lin, who was lying there, and his eyes were filled with excitement and greed he couldn’t hide.

“Such a powerful body. This is very rare for people not of the ancient country! Looking at his appearance, he lacks the stars between his eyebrows and doesn’t have the aura that those brutes from the ancient country have. This person should not be an ancient country cultivator!

“For a cultivator to have such a powerful body, I wonder how he managed!” Kang Ren licked his lips and his heart began beating even faster. He felt like his chance had arrived; this was a fortune given to him by the heavens!

He didn’t expect such a thing to fall before him while he was just flying through the sky.

“This person’s aura is all gone and he is in a semi-dead state, just perfect for me to refine into a puppet. With this puppet, I can sweep through all second generation disciples in the Blue Dragon Sect! If I can catch the eye of the old ancestor and get accepted as a disciple, then I’ll pierce the heavens!” As Kang Ren thought about this, he became even more excited.

Although he was excited, he didn’t forget to be careful. He stopped a few hundred feet from Wang Lin and even prepared to escape to call his sect if things went badly. After all, if he couldn’t have it himself, reporting it to the sect was still a great achievement.

His right hand formed a seal and a rift appeared on his wrist, but it disappeared quickly. An ink-colored jade appeared and a violent aura quickly spread from it.

Holding this jade, Kang Ren threw it without hesitation. The jade flew at Wang Lin and landed on his chest. With a bang, the jade exploded and shook the mountain, creating a powerful impact.

Under this shock, Kang Ren retreated 1,000 feet, and the excitement in his eyes became even stronger.

“He didn’t fight back. He must be dead and not just passed out!” Kang Ren smiled quickly before charging forward and instantly arriving next to Wang Lin.

Although the impact of the jade was powerful, it wasn’t able to injure Wang Lin at all. In truth, a jade with only the power of a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator would not injure Wang Lin even if there were tens of hundreds of them.

As for the Heaven Avoiding Coffin, it was still being protected by Wang Lin, so it wasn’t damaged at all. Forget Kang Ren, even a cultivator who had gone through several Arcane Tribulants would find it difficult to damage the coffin.

When Kang Ren closed in on Wang Lin, his eyes narrowed and he looked at the Heaven Avoiding Coffin behind Wang Lin. He saw the woman inside. Although the woman was extremely beautiful, that sleeping appearance caused evil thoughts to appear in his eyes.

“Haha, I didn’t get a good look before, but it turns out there was female cultivator here. Good, good, I’ll refine this female cultivator into a puppet too and have her serve me. What a joyous thing!” Kang Ren licked his lips and his hand formed a seal before he pointed at the sky. A rift appeared on his right wrist and a large net flew out. It trapped Wang Lin and the coffin on his back.

Then Kang Ren waved his sleeve and he was surrounded by black wind. He thought he had obtained a great fortune and flew into the distance.

“I’ve sure earned a lot today! Haha, heaven has eyes, and it really wants me to make it big!” Kang Ren was very excited, and he didn’t dare stay outside for long. The only thought in his mind was to head back to the sect to refine the puppet!

The Blue Dragon Sect was located on a huge mountain range surrounded by poison. The nearby mountains were hollowed out into countless stone rooms to act as caves.

It was difficult to see the end of this endless mountain range with the naked eye. There were nearly 50,000 Blue Dragon Sect disciples, but most were out or in closed door cultivation. Aside from the annual meeting, it was rare to encounter each other.

Kang Ren closed in on the sect as a ray of light. Although the mountain was surrounded by poison, the poison moved aside when he entered. It was obvious he had something to protect himself against the poison.

After charging into the poison, a giant mountain appeared before Kang Ren. There were countless caves visible on the mountain.

Just as Kang Ren was about to enter the valley, a roar came from within.

“Who dares to break into the valley? Report your name. If you don’t report in three breaths, you will suffer the consequences!”

There was a flash of coldness in Kang Ren’s eyes as he stopped outside the valley and roared, “Virtual Cloud, what is the meaning of this?”

“Oh? So it turns out to be Junior Brother Kang. The fog was too thick, so I didn’t see clearly. Didn’t Junior Brother Kang head out? How come you’re back already? What did you capture with the puppet net?” The voice was casual and a hunchback youth walked out from the valley.

The youth was very handsome, but his hunched back destroyed all the positive vibes his appearance would exude. Instead, it seemed like something was off about him.

“You’re too nosy!” Kang Ren let out a cold snort and charged into the valley. The hunchback youth revealed a vicious expression as he stared at where Kang Ren went.

“There is something strange, there is a problem, there is a treasure!” As he pondered, he left a puppet here and flew toward the valley.

As for Kang Ren, he flew through the valley and closed in on a mountain. He instantly entered one of the caves and waved his left hand.

The door to the cave slowly closed and a formation activated to make the door extremely strong. He was still not certain, so he waved his hand and nine puppets of varying ages appeared to guard the door.

At the same time, two more dark wooden people appeared inside the cave. As Kang Ren walked out, the two men made of wood revealed ghostly light in their eyes.

Kang Ren didn’t even look at them as he walked past them. He arrived in the depths of the cave. There was a night pearl here that released a soft light that quietly illuminated the cave. However, the light wasn’t strong, so it made the cave feel dark.

There was a formation about 100 feet wide that gave off burst of purple aura under the light of the night pearl. This aura made the formation look very strange.

Beside the formation, Kang Ren waved his right hand. Wang Lin, who was brought by him, landed inside the formation.

Kang Ren excitedly rubbed his hands together as he stared at the formation surrounded by fog, his eyes shining brightly.

“I must refine it as soon as possible. That Virtual Cloud is very vicious. Once he learns that I’ve brought a puppet back, he will have some scheme in mind!” Kang Ren waved his right hand and portions of materials used by the Blue Dragon Sect to refine puppets flew out toward the formation.

At the same time, his left hand formed a seal and pressed it against the formation. The formation rumbled and began to activate. The fog formed a vortex. Then a source of fire was pulled from the ground under the formation, causing the cave to be filled with heat.

The heat wave landed on Kang Ren’s body and immediately caused sweat to appear on his forehead.

“Every time I refine a puppet, I need to use the earth fire, which is simply too hot. Only those power houses with a fire essence cannot be affected by the earth fire; they can even use it to cultivate.

“I don’t know when I’ll become a powerful cultivator too…” Kang Ren’s eyes were filled with longing. He sped up the extraction of the earth fire and began refining.

He kept throwing materials into the formation, and his expression was very excited.

“No matter who you used to be, now that you’re in my hands, you will become my puppet! I’ll refine you!! I’ll definitely refine you!”

When the formation activated, outside the cave, the hunchback youth was respectfully standing on top of another mountain, and before him was a white-haired old man.

This old man’s face was purplish black, which formed a shocking contrast with his white hair. The aura of an early stage Nirvana Void cultivator spread out from his body.

“You dare to disturb this old man’s closed door cultivation for such a trifling matter? Even if you have a personal grudge against the Kang Ren…” As the old man spoke, his eyes lit up and his gaze penetrated the cave Kang Ren was in.

He felt the formation that was used to refine puppets rumble.

The hunchback youth knelt there and whispered, “Teacher, there is something strange about the puppet he brought back. Kang Ren is rarely ever so hasty. I have known him since he was little, there must be a problem!

“That puppet must be a treasure! I hope Teacher can steal it and give it to Disciple…”

The old man was still looking into the distance and after a long time, his pupils shrank and he stood up.

Seeing the old man standing up, the hunchbacked youth revealed a look of joy.

“To extract so much fire, there is indeed a problem… Forget it, follow me to see what kind of puppet he is refining!” The old man waved his sleeve and walked out of the cave. The hunchback youth quickly followed while barely suppressing his excitement.

As for Kang Ren, he was soaked in sweat, but he was even more excited. He was no longer sitting but walking around the formation. He continued to place seals and throw in various materials.

The excitement in his eyes became even more intense.

“I have used all my materials. Once I succeed in refining this puppet, haha!” Kang Ren had forgotten about everything and moved even faster.

Wang Lin was lying inside the fog and was surrounded by fire as if he was burning. However, the flames around his body didn’t burn him at all. They seemed to be excited and continued to enter his body.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, the ink tattoo formed by the mosquito king on his right arm opened its eyes as well. The mosquito king’s eyes were filled with a terrifyingly cold gaze.
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