Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal

Chapter 1858: Ambush!

A roar filled with ferociousness came out of the fog around Wang Lin. Yi Si, who had lost an arm, charged out like crazy toward Liu Zhiyuan.

All of this happened as fast as lightning. Several thousand feet only took a moment for Yi Si to cross. The moment Liu Zhiyuan turned around, Yi Si arrived.

Liu Zhiyuan’s expression changed. He clearly felt the fluctuations of an early stage Void Tribulant cultivator in the black fog. His eyes revealed a look of terror. He naturally knew that this was a puppet. Without hesitation, he retreated and waved his sleeve. Seven black lotuses appeared before him and collided with Yi Si.

The thunderous rumbles attracted the attention of the six people battling in the distance. The expressions of Liu Zhiyuan’s three companions changed and they wanted to head over. However, they were stopped by the three cultivators from the Heavenly Bull Continent. Due to the fog, they couldn’t see what was happening, but they knew it was to their advantage!

Seven black lotus flowers collapsed. Yi Si let out a roar and its body was covered in wounds. However, its tongue penetrated the seven black lotus flowers and landed on the Liu Zhiyuan’s chest.

Fresh blood erupted. Liu Zhiyuan felt pain from his chest, but he didn’t have time to check. He didn’t have much celestial energy left, and the fog was absorbing celestial energy from him. He had also created seven lotus at that moment of danger, so he was almost completely exhausted. As he retreated, he waved his right hand and a ball of light appeared. He was about to devour it.

Wang Lin suddenly raised his right hand and a white sail appeared in his grasp. As he waved his hand, waves of cries echoed and entered the mind of the injured Liu Zhiyuan. Suddenly, the image of a woman in white appeared in his mind. Her back was facing him and she was crying.

The moment the figure appeared, Li Zhiyuan’s right hand holding the ball of light paused for a moment.

The moment he paused, Wang Lin closed in and his hand formed a palm toward the sky. The fog rumbled and a giant palm print appeared, descending toward Liu Zhiyuan.

At the same time, behind Liu Zhiyuan, there was a flash of fire. A fire palm print burned its way out of the fog and charged at him!

All of this happened extremely fast. Wang Lin had planned this out in his mind several times.

As the palm print closed in and Liu Zhiyuan’s mind was distracted by the cry, Yi Si let out a roar as it charged back toward Liu Zhiyuan. The blood sword also flew back and cut down toward Liu Zhiyuan!

All of the spells closed in, taking advantage of the fact that Liu Zhiyuan was almost out of celestial energy.

However, early stage Void Tribulant cultivators were difficult to kill. Although Wang Lin’s timing was very good, Liu Zhiyuan’s pupils shrank at this moment. He didn’t hesitate to bite the tip of his tongue to spit out blood. This blood immediately covered his whole body; even his hair became blood-colored.

His skin was also the same, and in a flash, he turned into a blood person. His arms hugged himself, and as the spells closed in, he suddenly opened his arms.

“Blood Armor Formation!” As Liu Zhiyuan’s words echoed, the blood from his body dried up and turned into a suit of armor. At the same time, the blood armor on his body exploded into a blood storm.

The moment the huge palm print touched the blood storm, it collapsed. The fire palm print behind him also collapsed when it collided with the blood storm.

The blood sword flashed out and cut into the blood storm. The Yi Si Puppet also charged into the blood storm with a mad howl. All of this set off a heaven-shattering rumble.

The moment the rumble began, Wang Lin stepped forward into the blood storm. This blood storm was obviously Liu Zhiyuan’s life-saving treasure. Now that it had resisted Wang Lin’s various spells, it showed signs of collapse. Inside, Liu Zhiyuan coughed out blood and his expression was fierce, but he retreated like crazy.

Ss he retreated, his gaze was locked onto Wang Lin, but Wang Lin suddenly disappeared. His pupils shrank as he turned around and his right hand swung behind him.

Wang Lin’s figure walked out from behind him and threw a punch. This punch didn’t have the Ancient Dao shadow, but it was an Ancient Dao punch!

With a bang, Li Zhiyuan’s right hand exploded into blood and he was knocked away. Blood flowed out from the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth, but he didn’t pause. He chased after Liu Zhiyuan.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Wang Lin quickly followed and threw 19 punches. Liu Zhiyuan’s eyes were filled with fear. Wang Lin’s pursuit was too fierce, and he didn’t give him any chance to react. The punches caused him to be covered in blood, and he looked terrible now.

“This isn’t enough to kill me!” Liu Zhiyuan understood that he was facing was a rare life or death crisis. The other party’s timing was very good; it was obvious he had prepared for a long time!

As he retreated, he took one of Wang Lin’s punches and waved his left hand, taking out a black bell.

This was the first time Liu Zhiyuan had time to take out a treasure in his battle against Wang Lin, and it was his most powerful treasure! The moment the bell appeared, it began to release a crisp sound.

As the ringing from the bell echoed, countless shadows of women appeared before Liu Zhiyuang. They were naked, miserable, and filled with resentment.

There were hundreds of thousands of them. As they spread out, they overlapped and their resentment fused together. This formed a powerful resentful aura that all the cultivators battling on the Extreme Sky Prairie noticed!

The battle between the six early stage Void Tribulant cultivators became even more intense. The moment they felt this, their divine senses spread out, but the fog limited them! However, the three people from Green Devil Continent were very familiar with Liu Zhiyuan’s spells and treasures.

At this moment, when they sensed the resentful souls, their expressions changed. They knew Li Zhiyuan was facing a life and death crisis, or else he would never take out that treasure!

The mid stage Void Tribulant old man who was battling Yan Lu’s group of three and the old man named Zhang battling Lu Wenran felt this. However, their divine senses were blocked by the fog, so they couldn’t see.

Lu Wenran’s eyes lit up and his divine sense spread out. However, there was an invisible barrier around where Liu Zhiyuan was battling, causing him to be unable to see who was battling Liu Zhiyuang.

Yan Lu and company experienced the same thing.

The moment the resentful souls rushed out, Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. He had prepared very well. Right now, he had only showed part of his hand and hadn’t used the two real aces yet.

At this moment, he pointed at the sky. A gourd suddenly appeared in his hand. It contained 30 million dao souls, and if it exploded, it could threaten a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator, but he didn’t command it to explode. He coughed out blood that quickly disappeared into the gourd, then the roars of 30 million dao souls echoed. The 30 million dao souls flew out and formed a blood road behind Wang Lin!

“Use my essence blood to summon the the Great Soul Sect’s ancestor. Break the void!! Soul Fantasy Origin!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm but contained a strange force.

At the end of the blood road, there was a huge vortex that seemed to fuse with the surrounding fog. As Wang Lin spoke, a blood figure slowly walked out from the vortex.

Every step it took could cause the world to rumble.

The monstrous resentment summoned by Liu Zhiyuan’s treasure showed signs of collapse when the blood figure appeared. Liu Zhiyuan’s expression changed and he pointed at the sky. The resentment immediately condensed to turn into the figure of a giant woman. Her body was composed of more than 100,000 resentful souls. All of their faces could be seen on her.

The moment the figure formed, it opened its mouth and attempted to devour Wang Lin.

At this moment, the figure of the ninth ancestor of the Great Soul Sect, Luo Yunhai, also walked out from the blood vortex. He raised his hand and monstrous killing intent appeared to form a red lance. He grabbed the lance and threw it. The lance collided with the figure formed by countless resentful souls.

The moment they collided, the lance released a commanding light as if it was purifying them. The huge figure immediately collapsed and the resentful souls inside hissed.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Wang Lin’s body trembled and he coughed out blood. He retreated more than 1,000 feet as the blood road behind him collapsed and the ninth ancestor disappeared. At the same time, the giant figure collapsed and blood erupted from Liu Zhiyuan. He screamed and retreated.

The collapsed shadow turned into countless resentful souls, and they seemed to be causing backlash on him. They drilled in and out of his body, causing Li Zhiyuan’s screams to become even more miserable. However, he was not dead, only seriously injured. Now he no longer cared about the war and was escaping quickly!

“God Tremble, Army Formation!”

“Demon Spell, Wind and Fire Mountain!”

“Devil Dao, Life and Death Reverse!”

“God, Demon, Devil... Ancient Dao No Celestials!”
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