Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal

Chapter 1960: Are You Not Going to Keep Going?

At this moment, the entire Empyrean Trial seemed to boil. All the Empyrean Exalts here were shocked by Wang Lin passing the 13th palace. They thought they had overestimated Wang Lin, but they were wrong.

“13th palace! How much battle power does this Wang Lin have? Could it be that he wants to break through all the way to the 19th palace!?!”

“This person has already shaken the whole world in just a day!

The Ascendant Empyreans all looked up at the sky with eyes filled with shock. They had good reason to be shocked by Wang Lin!

The moment the golden light came from the 13th palace, it was unknown who had turned to look at Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao first, but a moment later, more than half the gazes were locked onto him.

Wang Lin passing the 13th palace was an invisible challenge toward Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao!

Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao looked calm, but a coldness spread out like a cold storm was brewing inside his body. As this coldness spread, the surrounding uproar immediately stopped.

In the sky, Wang Lin’s figure appeared outside the 13th palace. His face was extremely pale, and after he appeared, he didn’t attempt the 14th palace but slowly sank.

As he sank, the surrounding cultivators were all silent.

“Are you not going to keep going?” Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao’s voice echoed in the silence of Wang Lin’s descent.

As the voice echoed through the Empyrean Trial, the hearts of all the cultivators who heard it trembled. A sense of expectation appeared in their hearts; they felt a storm was coming!

Grand Empyrean Dao Yi’s expression remained calm and he didn’t speak. Grand Empyrean Wu Feng smiled as if he hadn’t heard anything. These two Ascendant Empyreans were both excellent, and they wanted to see what they would do next.

This scene was even more interesting to the surrounding cultivators than Wang Lin attempting the Empyrean Trial.

The people who were far from the Empyrean Trial who saw this were also very interested. As Grand Empyrean Jiu Di looked at the autumn leaf before him, his eyes shined brightly.

“Being able to pass through the 13th palace means that this person is worthy of being recruited. Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao’s action is interesting. I wonder how this Wang Lin will reply. From his appearance, the 13th palace was not easy, ah… But it’s enough to make him famous across the celestial clan.”

In the imperial palace, the Celestial Emperor was sitting on the dragon throne as he looked at the illusion, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
“He has only passed through the 13th palace - that’s nothing to worry about! Ming Dao is a bit too arrogant and won’t allow someone to surpass him, even though it’s only the achievement of someone who has just become an Ascendant Empyrean. Normally, having this kind of personality is not good, but he channels this bad trait into his cultivation, so it’s fine.

“Forget it, just let Ming Dao teach this Wang Lin a lesson. Even though he has passed the 13th palace, he has to bow if he comes to my imperial city!”

Eastern Continent, Purple Yang Sect. The middle=aged man looked at the mirror before him and frowned.

“Ming Dao... This person is a bit too much. How could he speak like this before all the Empyrean Exalts? He is clearly showing his contempt!”

In the Empyrean Trial Wang Lin, who had sunk to the ninth palace, suddenly stopped. He looked at the black-robed young man who was looking coldly at him.

“Who are you?” Wang Lin slowly asked. He naturally saw the party’s hostility.

“Ming Dao!” The black-robed young man’s expression was cold and arrogant.

“I’m asking why you are stopping!”

Wang Lin frowned, and after pondering a bit, he guessed why Ming Dao was acting like this. It seemed that when he passed the 13th palace, he had surpassed this person’s past achievements.

“It’s rare to have this kind of personality after reaching Ascendant Empyrean. This person…” Wang Lin looked at Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao and his eyes lit up an undetectable amount.

“To enter dao with pride and use a heart full of pride to cultivate. Not allowing other to surpass him… This pride fills his heart and soul. No wonder he could become number one among Ascendant Empyreans. He likely does not care about anything but single-mindedly focusing on dao!” Wang Lin smiled and ignored the black-robed young man. He flew toward where Dao Yi and Wu Feng were located.

“Wang Lin greets two fellow Grand Empyreans. After this Empyrean Trial, I still have an urgent matter to attend to and have to leave.” Wang Lin ignored Ming Dao and bowed before Dao Yi and Wu Feng.

“Being able to pass the 13th palace means that you can be considered to be at the peak of my celestial clan. I’ll come find you!” Grand Empyrean Wu Feng smiled and nodded at Wang Lin.

“Haha, Little Friend Wang Lin, since you remember our previous agreement, then I’ll also go find you. As for the specific conditions, we can talk about them in detail after we meet.” Admiration appeared in Grand Empyrean Dao Yi’s eyes.

Wang Lin clasped his hands at Dao Yi and Wu Feng once more. He continued to ignore Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao as he flew toward the ancient transfer array to leave.

He felt like he had already shocked everyone and achieved his goal. In the 13th palace, if he hadn’t used some power from the avatar in the void, he could not have passed it with the soul armor alone.
At this moment, he decided to stop here. The 13th palace was enough to attract great attention from the Grand Empyreans.

When all the cultivators saw Wang Lin leaving, they felt slightly disappointed in their hearts.

“It looks like this Wang Lin doesn’t dare to provoke Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao.”

“This means he knows his limits. After all, he has only passed the 13th palace, and Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao is the number one Ascendant Empyrean who passed through the 15th palace!”

“However, Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao is a bit too aggressive. His words earlier were not polite at all, as if he was questioning Wang Lin.”

“What do you mean, ‘too aggressive?’ Cultivators like us respect the strong. Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao is number one under Grand Empyreans and should act like this. On the contrary, it is Wang Lin ignoring him that seems arrogant.”

The surrounding discussions were no longer via divine senses but with voices, as if there was a purpose. The discussions became louder and louder. Even Wang Lin, who had arrived next to the ancient transfer array, could hear some of it.

Wang Lin frowned and looked at the cultivators behind him. Under his gaze, all the chattering stopped. Wang Lin turned back and was about to leave the Empyrean Trial through the transfer array.

But just at this moment, there was someone who didn’t want him to leave like this!

“Are you just going to leave like this? I have already asked you twice!” A cold voice came from the black-robed young man, Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao.

Wang Lin stopped, after pondering a bit, he turned to look at Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao.

“That’s right, I’m no longer going to attempt the trial. What do you want?”

“Nothing, I just want you to try the 14th palace. Once you fail, you can leave,” the youth in black slowly said, the arrogance on his face becoming even stronger.

After Wang Lin heard this, he suddenly laughed and no longer paid attention to Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao. He stepped into the transfer array and it lit up. However, at this moment, there was a flash of killing intent in the the black-robed young man’s eyes.

“Arrogant!” As he spoke, he raised his right hand and pointed at the transfer array. With this, the entire Empyrean Trial seemed to tremble. A giant finger appeared and flew toward the transfer array!

Fighting was not allowed in the Empyrean Trial- this was a long-standing rule of the Empyrean Trial. However, right now, Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao had attacked with no regards to this rule!
This rule was not set by the Celestial Ancestor, but by later generations. Therefore, attacking someone here wouldn’t provoke the Empyrean Trial, but people rarely dared to disobey it!

The moment the giant finger appeared, it stirred up the energy here. All the cultivators gasped and fear appeared in their eyes as they retreated.

“He dares to act here!”

“Indeed worthy of being number one under Grand Empyreans - he even dares to violate the rules here!”

“These rules were set by the Grand Empyreans. Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao has guts!”

The giant finger created a heaven-shattering howl as it flew toward Wang Lin. If Wang Lin didn’t move, his divine sense would likely be damaged during the transfer and would likely collapse.

But if he hid, he would be forced out from the transfer array and would be unable to leave.

This was the same as killing Wang Lin’s momentum and would seriously damage Wang Lin’s face of passing through the 13th palace.

It would show everyone how strong Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao was, right after Wang Lin had gained his fame! Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao also knew that although fighting between Ascendant Empyreans was rare, as long as he didn’t go too far, the Grand Empyreans wouldn’t interfere.

Grand Empyrean Dao Yi and Wu Feng frowned. Dao Yi hesitated and didn’t speak, but Wu Feng let out a cold snort.

“Ming Dao, you have guts! You dare to attack here?” As he spoke, he waved his right hand. At this moment, a laugh came from a cultivator below. Golden light surrounded one of the Empyrean Exalts below and an image appeared around him. It was a shadow wearing a golden robe and a crown - it was the Celestial Emperor!

This Celestial Emperor appeared here using his own special spell! He waved his right hand at Wu Feng and defused the power from Wu Feng’s wave.

Inside the transfer array, Wang Lin looked up and killing intent appeared in his eyes! He originally didn’t want to create too much trouble here, but Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao’s actions had caused killing intent to appear in his heart!

He wouldn’t allow the goal he had achieved to be destroyed by this person

When the finger arrived, Wang Lin walked out from the transfer array. The finger stopped before Wang Lin and dissipated. It was as if the party had no intention of actually attacking and was just mocking Wang Lin.