Returning from the Immortal World

Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 1277: Thorough Extermination

“Boo! Boo! … Wow… this portal really leads to a new world. This place… curse the Gods! The air is so wonderful! This world is so beautiful. What am I seeing here? A bunch of fresh walks of life, beings with blood and flesh? Hahaha… could this be a ranch for us, vengeful spirits? Are these blood and flesh meals prepared for us?”

“Human World? This place is the human world? We finally escaped the Nine Nether Underworld, Brothers! Kill them all! Let’s occupy this world and destroy the damned humans! This place will be our paradise later as long as we can pull the Nine Nether Death Qi to this world.”

“Has it been centuries or millennia, huh? We finally came out of the Nine Nether Underworld. I wanna kill! I want a massacre! So much! Comrades, let’s prey on these blood meals! There are countless living and souls here waiting for us to devour!”

“Damn, I fucking love this place. I’m gonna build my own ghost domain here.”



A stream of black mist radiated from the underground. Shortly after, the black mist condensed and eventually formed a group of grotesque vengeful spirits. At first, their number was but a few, but with the passage of time, tens of thousands of vengeful spirits rushed out of the Nine Nether Underworld in just 10 minutes.

Tang Xiu finally understood what Yama had planned. But he never expected that this King of Hell would dare to release tens of thousands vengeful spirits and ghosts from the Nine Nether Underworld to the human world.

He kept observing and thinking.

After 10 minutes of silence, Tang Xiu finally determined the strength of the ghosts rushing into the human world. A ruthless and fierce expression appeared on his face as he streaked up high and stood in the air. He quickly gave several hand signals that caused the legionaries who rode the Aerogliders from the four major armies to go into action immediately.

“My Great Tang Empire’s soldiers, today is the day for you to wipe out these ghosts!”

Tang Xiu unleashed his divine sword. Lightning bolt-like sword light instantly swept over towards the vengeful spirits nearby. The thousand-meter sword beam instantly destroyed hundreds of vengeful spirits. Only a few powerful ghosts were able to escape from the striking range of the sword beam after they were hit badly and seriously injured.





Under Tang Xiu’s command, the four major corps—the Dragon Army, Tiger Army, Phoenix Army, and Martial Army, launched a fierce attack on any vengeful spirits that appeared on the intense, fierce battlefield. Tang Xiu was not the only one who acted brazenly. Even Xue Yu, Old Blind, and Tang Guang, who led hundreds of hidden Assassination department members, began their killing frenzy against the ghosts.

Several kilometers away.

Yama’s eyes flickered with fierce and sharp glints. Waving his hand, the experts of the Darkwind immediately lunged at the legionaries of the Great Tang Empire. Yama had injected Death Qi into their bodies, so the vengeful spirits did not target the Darkwind members when they ran into them.

Hence, Tang Xiu had to kill both men and ghosts.

However, he focused his attention on Yama. The moment this King of Hell got closer, he launched a heavy blow that killed hundreds of vengeful spirits and then appeared in front of Yama instantly.

“Didn’t you want to see and taste my power before? This 9th hidden island is way too fragile for us. Come with me to the sea. There won’t be a problem for us even if we blast a hole in the sky!” Tang Xiu stared daggers at Yama and shouted in a deep tone.

Yama narrowed his eyes. He could sense the boiling fighting intent coming from Tang Xiu and swiftly said, “Tang Xiu, your Great Tang Empire leaves no way out for my Darkwind to survive, then I’ll have you buried along with the dead. I’m gonna kill you today!”

His glove-covered fists instantly transformed into gigantic fist shadows hundreds of meters in size and powerfully barraged Tang Xiu in front. At the same time, his soft sword evolved into a dark artifact that turned into overlapping layers of sword shadows that attempted to devour Tang Xiu.

“Great Ascension Stage?”

Tang Xiu finally blasted out with his full power. His divine sword turned into a light dragon and instantly swallowed the gigantic fist shadows and the layers of sword shadows. At the same time, he directly cast his Devour divine ability. As a vortex-like force rapidly formed a twister storm in the surroundings, the vortex completely devoured Yama’s strikes, and the strike instantly blasted toward Yama.

“What the hell is this?”

Yama’s complexion greatly changed. Tang Xiu hadn’t unleashed his power to the peak before, that was the reason he couldn’t determine the extent of Tang Xiu’s power. But at this moment, he could sense that Tang Xiu was tens of times stronger than him. He could even tell that Tang Xiu’s cultivation level was at the Crossing Tribulation Stage.

The Crossing Tribulation Stage was a step away and the closest stage cultivators could get before becoming immortals. Once the Crossing Tribulation Stage cultivators successfully passed the Immortal Tribulation, they would transform and become genuine Immortals.

“I gotta run!”

Prior to this, Yama had two trump cards to face Tang Xiu. But his expertise in arrays was left in the dust compared to Tang Xiu. And now, even he must admit that there was a big gap between his strength and Tang Xiu’s.

The battle had just begun, but he knew that he had already lost.

“You wanna run away, huh? Get your ass back here!”

Tang Xiu’s eyes flickered and pushed his Devour divine ability to the limit. Thousands of vengeful spirits in the surroundings were all powerfully pulled in and extinguished by Tang Xiu’s devouring supernatural power while he also devoured the scattered ghosts’ power everywhere. Yama wanted to escape, but the huge sucking force and the twister gale forced him back continuously and pulled him closer to Tang Xiu.

“This is impossible! It’s impossible for you to have such a formidable power! Goddammit. Those three old fogeys on Earth will never interfere in any issue in the world since I made them swear a heavy oath before. How did you achieve this? How did you become so powerful?” Yama furiously growled, his tone and expression full of disbelief. However, he was not to blame. He knew Tang Xiu from the investigation. More than 5 years ago, Tang Xiu was only a muddleheaded, ignorant schooler at Star City First High School. At that time, it could be said that he was just a silly and idiot kid.

Even if… say, Tang Xiu had run into some enormous fortuitous encounters in these five years, it was still impossible for him to reach the Crossing Tribulation Stage in such a short time.

This was all against common sense. Not in line with the Heavenly Dao laws!

“How can a frog at the bottom of a well understand my existence?” Tang Xiu sneered.

Having said that, he frantically drew the Primal Chaos force from the celestial bodies in the universe inside his body while casting his devouring magical ability more violently.

Yama’s heart was pounding crazily and desperation filled his heart. A savage and ruthless look flickered in his eyes as his right hand stabbed his own chest. The moment his blood sprayed out, a thick Death Qi erupted from his body and instantly transformed his physique in a flash.

Spikes grew on his shoulders and a pair of sharp horns appeared on his forehead. His nose was slightly enlarged and his mouth tilted up slightly. Dense scales appeared on his skin, making him look like a grotesque monster.

His aura instantly rose tens of times in a flash, nearly comparable to the Crossing Tribulation Stage.

Still, he didn’t try to fight Tang Xiu with everything he had but broke away from Tang Xiu’s devouring suction. His sorry figure trembled violently and flickered away, apparently trying to escape and save his own hide.

“Go back!”

An old figure suddenly emerged out of thin air and instantly blocked Yama’s retreating path. A swift and powerful kick directly struck his face and sent him flying backward. The instant after, the flying divine sword impaled his body from the back and crushed his heart.

“How is this possible?!”

Disbelief was all over Yama’s face as though he had just seen the most incredible thing in the world. He used all the strength he had left and growled. “Aren’t you an Immortal?! How the hell was an Immortal able to appear in this world with its fucking damn Heavenly Dao laws? This… is impossible.”

Tang Xiu appeared behind Yama in a flash. The smile on his face looked devilish and evil as he grinned and said, “I told you that you’re like a frog viewing the sky from the bottom of a well, didn’t I? You think this and that is impossible since you lack the knowledge and are ignorant. You must know that there’s more than one immortal on this Earth.”

Having said that, he punched King Yama’s head and killed him directly.

Suddenly, thunderous thunderclap rumbled and the sky was covered by dark clouds coming from all directions. Lighting sparks blasted amid the layers of dark clouds and brightened up the whole world.

A bit of reluctance was seen on Ji Chimei’s face as she knelt on one knee in mid-air, placing her right fist on her left chest as she said in a deep voice, “As a Vanguard Officer of the Great Tang Empire, this subordinate will leave for the Immortal World to investigate the situation over there, Your Majesty. We shall meet again in the Immortal World a few hundred years later.”

A complicated look was cast on Tang Xiu’s face as he slowly replied, “Keep your safety as the top priority in the midst of serious crises, anytime and anywhere. Take care of yourself, Ji Chimei.”

“Please take care of yourself too, Your Majesty.”

Ji Chimei firmly nodded. An immortal sword suddenly appeared in her hand out of thin air. Waving her hand, a sword beam suddenly cut through the vast sky, tearing open the vault of heaven above before the slit quickly mended.

It would be very dangerous, and Tang Xiu was perfectly aware of it. He was well aware that Ji Chimei wouldn’t land in the Immortal Pond when she returned to the Immortal World but would randomly appear somewhere. There was even a chance that she would appear in a dangerous place in the Immortal World that would drive her into desperate straits.

After a while, the cracks in the sky disappeared. Invisible energy swept across Tang Xiu and everyone on the battlefield below. Eventually, bolts of lightning bolted down. However, the target was not Tang Xiu, nor were the soldiers of the Great Tang Empire, but the tens of thousands of ghosts coming out of the Nine Nether Underworld.

The whole scene resembled that of a judgment day, an apocalypse.

Tens of thousands of vengeful spirits wailed before they turned into black smoke and eventually dissipated from the world. At this moment, Ji Chimei’s roar resounded and, shortly after, a scarlet light broke out and streaked up into the vault of heaven from Yama Island’s direction before the entire island vanished along with that fearful terrifying aura.

Tang Xiu knew that Ji Chimei destroyed Yama Island along with the arrays right before she left. In the wake of these arrays’ destruction, the portal between the human world and the Nine Nether Underworld was also ruined.

Tang Xiu looked down and immediately shouted, “All the warriors of the Great Tang Empire, heed my order! Kill the members of the Darkwind and destroy them completely!


The soldiers of the four major legions stormed over to kill the remaining members of the Darkwind once again. The disparity in strength between both sides was too big, and all members of the Darkwind were all slaughtered in just 10 minutes, including Yama’s 18 confidants.

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment and looked at the mostly destroyed 9th hidden island. Then, he suddenly shouted:

“The victory is ours! Let us return with this triumph.”

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