Reverend Insanity
Reverend Insanity

Reverend Insanity

Cổ chân nhân



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Reverend Insanity novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Gu Zhen Ren. 2334 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Humans are clever in tens of thousands of ways, Gu are the true refined essences of Heaven and Earth.

The Three Temples are unrighteous, the demon is reborn.

Former days are but an old dream, an identical name is made anew.

A story of a time traveler who keeps on being reborn.

A unique world that grows, cultivates, and uses Gu.

The Spring and Autumn Cicada, the Venomous Moonlight Gu, the Wine Insect, All-Encompassing Golden Light Insect, Slender Black Hair Gu, Gu of Hope…

And a great demon of the world that does exactly as his heart pleases!

*Gu (蛊) referred to poison in various cultures in South China while in folklore Gu spirits could transform into all kinds of species.

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  • Dannyboy876

    This novel end without really ending waste of time now we know nothing if fend yaun wins or not

    14 hours ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser61873

    I recommend Isekai Goumon-hime or Torture Princess of Another World It settings is Dark fantasy, Gore fun to read it about kill, torture and resolve imo well you need to read it you self and it male protagonists but heroine is better.

    3 days ago 0 Likes
  • Okcigens

    Uhh, Is this good? I don't really like gore, eh. But the reviews are good in here so... I'm contemplating if I'll read or not. Bcs I also want the kind of Mc that won't hesitate or reason out with their killings. Like Shiro. (Nanomancer Reborn) I also like those stories with an mc with a relational thought process. I love it. Well, I'm hesitating bcs of some tags that don't align with my taste so... Maybe I'll come back some other time. Haha

    3 days ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser44866

    This twisted piece of shit of story . The author seems to be mentally deranged .

    8 days ago 1 Likes
    • CantStopReading

      U know the tags clearly said CRUEL AND GORE so whats up with you ? Tsk tsk

      yesterday 2 Likes
    • scar_let

      First, you’re the shit. Second, go back to your mommy's arm and let her cover you up with full or warm and love 🤢 fucking clown.

      6 days ago 2 Likes
    • IngrainedIntel

      I guess you weren’t brainwashed by other novels before this lol

      7 days ago 2 Likes
    • lnwUser44866

      Well I get the give it back attitude. But being this cruel and cunning is too much In my point of view . Killing for small grievances and being outwardly cruel doesn't sit well with me. But that's my personal opinion. The author surely has some twisted ideas.

      6 days ago 0 Likes
    • scar_let

      It’s not twisted. What do you expect from a villain? He go ride a pony and slide from the top of the rainbow and do some pajama parties while inside the murim world? Okay? Okay? And you have no right to say that the author have some mental problems, you should solve your own mental problem first. Just because this story is different from some heroic novel, you go saying this is shit and the author have some mental problems. And obviously, who have some tiny braincells to understand the real reason behind this novel.

      6 days ago 3 Likes
    • Braggard

      Eh, some people don't like that kind of thing. And to be fair this story got banned in China, so I think that says something about how messed up it is. Even if it is in character? Although yes, I realize there were reasons why this story getting banned was bullsplop. But it stands to reason that there are also valid reasons for why this story was banned, and the author is at fault for failing to color within the lines. We are all slaves to that. In the end not everyone likes to read a story about absolutely horrible people in an absolutely horrible world. Creating a story where everything is terrible isn't a very niche genre and is actually very repulsive to most other people. The author is incredible for writing something so outside the norm. But they were short sighted in their execution. If not for the fact that this was banned, i would say it was a viable story. However it did, so to me it really isn't.

      4 days ago 1 Likes
    • scar_let

      Indeed. Since then, every entertaining games and stuffs keep banned at there, I don’t agree with it but we can’t do anything because that's how they keep their country intact and working. — i just really got pissed off because that ‘person’ didn’t think before he commented. Saying ‘shit’ (which could effect and might discourage others to read this eye opening novel,— this is a masterpiece so this deserve a lot of attention ) So i hope he/she is ready for the rants I’m commenting, especially that everyone is very sensitive about mental health during quarantine, and I admit I’m being a pussy to the kid but i can’t help it. This is the only thing i can do for being a fan 😊.

      3 days ago 0 Likes
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  • roamingsaber

    The author of reverend insanity is writing a new novel called infinite bloodcore 212 chapters have been translated in the official website

    9 days ago 0 Likes
  • IngrainedIntel

    Basically the peak of character thoughts, You can’t get any other novel that even closely resemble this novel’s amount of thinking. One down side is that, You really would view every other novels as below average.

    10 days ago 4 Likes
    • FallenLeaf
      Reader i don't have shit to read for whole 1 year...i literally scrolled through the whole site's list of novel and nothing can get my Interest anymore...and i especially hate those sissy pants stupid brain dead MC who spare their enemy because 'I am not like you and i can't become a bloodthirsty person' but would kill weak characters for a simple treasure...

      6 days ago 1 Likes
    • Show More Replies
  • MidoriyaIzuku

    words can't describe this novel!! Its that good!!!!!

    12 days ago 2 Likes
  • scar_let

    I like how fang yuan use his brain and especially his logic. Human life is truly insignificant on their side, differencing some facts, pros, cons, weakness, strenght and many others. You either understand some valuable lesson on how he describe and expresses his logic or be consume by a dark entity living on you heart and base this story as your self taught 101 on how to stand still if you become a loner or if everybody will leave you. The way he view the world is truly spectacularly and very underrated. He doesn’t hesitate if he’s confident that he will pull it and retreats when he realizes that it’s still not enough. Isaac and fang yuan are both your best adviser to obliterate your naivety.

    24 days ago 5 Likes
  • scar_let

    This is it. After contemplating for almost a year wether to read this or not because I’m having a trouble memorizing chinese names (and some unfamiliar places,culture and stuffs)—after genuinely donated some brain cells and tons of concentration. All i can say is, it’s worth it.

    24 days ago 4 Likes
  • RetardedUser

    Absolute masterpiece if you’re someone like me and got tired of finding those Chinese harem-tagged light novels with no thought put into characters at all.

    a month ago 4 Likes

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God tier. After reading this mentally deranged masterpiece will you truly understand the meaning of cultivation. At first, it seems like Fang Yuan has everything under the heavens ( not above, clearly ) under control, but as we read on, everything slowly spirals out of his control as he reaches for the pinnacle. You’d have to have slight issues to enjoy this, but I think we all do hidden inside.


An amazing novel.. unpredictable, villain protagonist whose every actions has its own logic and reasons that we won't feel it wrong. The title clearly shows the essence of the novel. And the ancient legend that comes in between gives an even more realistic touch to the novel.


This is probably the best novel I've ever read so far, or will ever read in my lifetime. The world-building is top tier and I have never seen something that comes close to it, let alone rivals it. The Gu World is a rich, complex, and detailed world by itself, but what Reverend Insanity really shines in is the history. From the creation myth (introduced in the first chapters to explain both the unique power system and the social structure of the Gu World) to Fang Yuan (the protagonist of this story) discovering the truth behind the founding of his village or the millenary struggles that ravage the Gu World.


if u want a novel with a plot this is for u. it really pulls you in with the story and the ruthless MC. (trust me, the MC is heartless). but I rated it so low because the MC is coldblooded all throughout and you wont expect any development in character. there will be story but just like other Chinese novels, you know that he will eventually be the strongest there is and no one can contest that, even thought the writer didnt want this to be just like other novels it ended just the same path as others, the story provides twist and turns but the it all ends up in one conclusion.


Man I just can't get enough of this why the hell banned it.unlike those shitty novel with naive mc this author not only develped FY's personality the plots and the unpredictability of the events make it more lovable. absolutely insane👍


Love the novel but yeah mc is too ruthless...
Although I did not become angry on fang yuan killing on the latter on the story, I still hate its... Whatsmore it got ban because of it... I hope it continue in the future


O que faz esse estória diferente dos demais é os personagens, - irônico não é! - porém, de fato aqui eles brilham de forma magistral.
Se me perguntarem se existe falhas, claro; e muitas. Talvez esta seja meu desalento, queria algo digno da perfeição, pois eis aqui personagens na qual merece. Ainda assim eu amo está estória!


Hmmm im so conflicted, i would really love to try it but i keep passing everytime im about to start. Please sum1 tell me that the names are not confusing. I don't want to be heartbroken again just becuase of the names. i've read so many chinese LN but i keep stoping in the middle because of the names (like the actual name and nickname when someone personal is calling them) my brain cant keep whit the "er" "ling". Pls dont hate, i just really wanna know cuz they say that this is simillar to ISAAC and i love that novel and im searching for a novel like that and it brings me here but the name, the names are killing me somebody tell me😭😭


Love this novel. As a goody two-shoes in real life, this was so exciting to read. All the shamelessnes! For some reason it says completed but i feel like there should be more chapters. Maybe a mistake?