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Reverend Insanity is in my opinion the greatest xianxia novel out there. The power system is incredibly unique, the characters are all very well written and the story itself is fantastic. If I had to critizise one thing it'd be the slow start, other than that I can't really point anything out. Sadly the author had to drop the novel cause of issues with his government. If you like RI please read Infinite Bloodcore, his newest work, it starts very slow as well, but has an incredible plot twist at the end of the first book.


4 stars is for getting this review attention. I would give it a 4. 8 I love RI & hope more people can read this masterpiece. But there is something I want to share as I have been reading it for the past 7 months. New readers can also check this out. Readers can develop negative mentality reading this tbh. And many already has. Guys, this is a fantasy novel. Nothing like this will ever happen in the real world. We don't ever want to be like Fang Yuan. It sounds cool but nobody should go through so much sufferings & cruelty as he does. I see some people saying stuffs like Love & Friendship is bullsh*t & trash. Being cold & ruthless while being opportunist is the best. I don't think u should have that mindset. This is just a novel. This world that turned Fang Yuan into a villain isn't like ours in many ways. Humans r social beings. Interacting with others, caring about ur loved ones & loving others r not cringy. Enjoying edginess & trying to be like Fang Yuan in real life r totally different thing. I suggest no one try it. Having a tough mentality is good unless u start to have justification over some things. (I'm currently on the zombie arc & it's driving me nuts! Still got 56 chapters to finish the arc. . . it's SOOOOO exhausting damn it!)


Best Chinese cultivation novel I have read. It has a very unique cultivation method which makes all the powers very interesting. The MC is very ruthless and there is a lot of killing so it is not for the faint-hearted. Just read the first arc fully and you will know whether you like the novel or not by that point.


It is so bad, hehehe Dialogue makes me wonder if gu are brain parasites. MC is "ruthless and cunning" (because author said so), goes into planning mode, then extorts and kills bad guys, then "fok you, hehe, that's why" and extorts and kills good guys and then author narrates "it was almost impossiburu but MC is successful because he is cunning and has 500 years of experience". Rinse and repeat. Bleh


One of the best if not the best WN i have read. Finally a story where the MC doesnt just win every time with new found strength, he apparently just got. Definitely a story you just got to enjoy in the moment, because it of its annoying aprupt ending


This is guaranteed to be the greatest novel I will ever have the honor of reading, everything about it was beautiful, amazingly written, and with the very best MC I have ever read about.


MC, Power system, characters, world building, social commentary it s all 10/10 I can see how some people might get bored at the beginning specially since the power system is unconventional but I highly recommend it.


Actually really interesting. The fact that there is so much content which was well thought-out and paced is beyond just good. There is a lot of wisdom included which play a great role in making the story much more interesting. I'd say this is an excellent piece of writing. Shame that it was banned in China. Looking forward to more updates.


My favourite book ever. Only read the first 4 books atm(c1900 ish . Apparently it becomes. . . well different (I think the Chinese government pressured the author. I'm pretty sure that was the story, or something like that otherwise he couldn't make another one. ) So apparently the 5th isn't as good as it could. The rest of the books are so good I don't want to read the last one just to have it go down the shitter with Chinese propagand and a mc with a different personality. But definitely recommend reading it. All I can say is that the author is pretty good at writing the mc.


I have not finished the series yet, currently at around c1400, but I just want to leave a quick review to make sure I've given it 5 stars. This is a rare work that I will be thinking about for the rest of my life. Read past 32 chapters to see the start of the story.