Rise of Humanity

Chapter 1015: Damn You

The Fusang Divine Tree’s power reached its pinnacle, shrouding the area with its might, its innumerable branches wrapped in chaos fire, chaos Qi dangled down from the tree like rainbows and the divine tree rammed towards the nine eyes.


Eerily silence engulfed the surrounding, there was no sound, no movements, only rumbles when the two clashed.

Those were rumbles that shook even Yuan Shen as if the rumbles were going to shatter everyone’s Yuan Shen and body into dust!

Next, a terrifying might tore the dimension apart as an apocalypse arrived, burning the skies, tearing the galaxy, and evaporating the planets. Even the indestructible Hurricane Canyon’s walls toppled!

The walls crumbled under the massive shockwaves, shattering into pieces and further fueling the elements’ rampage!

Zhong Yue and the others stood behind the tree, seeking shelter under it while their surroundings were flooded by an element ocean as the two almighty monarch presences clashed together, unleashing a horrifying might in the process!

After some time, the monarch presence finally calmed down and what remained safe was a tiny radius around the tree, but the surrounding dimension was unstable.

The dimension underneath their legs was just like a tiny ground that floated above burning larva and it continuously shook.

In front of the tree, however, was a grand canyon that newly appeared and far away, the rampaging elements continued spreading chaos restlessly.

Zhong Yue climbed onto the top of the tree and looked far away. Pan Ji was seen running away with injuries, leaving trails of blood as he ran.

“Can we catch up?”

Imperial Emperor also climbed up the tree, activating a weapon and hurling it into the canyon, only to see the weapon disintegrate right away upon touching the remaining monarch power.

His expression changed right away and he shook his head, “No way to pass now.”

Zhong Yue’s heart too, was beating quickly upon seeing this scene; the monarch talisman thrown out by Pan Ji had the power of a peak monarch sealed in it, the Fusang Divine Tree’s power was also pushed to the top. He never expected such massive power to result from the crash!

If there were two monarchs fighting, the situation would be much deadlier than this!

Xin Huo was also amazed by this and he murmured, “A monarch talisman passed down by the Panhu Clan’s monarch? Such power! It must be an Earthly Sovereign from the Earth Order Era that passed this down! Only one that stood above an era possesses such power! The Hundun Clan’s monarch is also impressive, to think that he cultivated a branch into such level that can stand on equal ground with an ancient Earthly Sovereign!”

As a sovereign race, the Panhu Clan was not to be underestimated. Their assets were much more abundant and stronger than a monarch race.

“We won’t be able to catch up with him if we go around.”

Yin Fukang frowned, “After this defeat, Pan Ji will definitely head back to his clan and bring out the Panhu Clan’s monarch weapon!”

“It doesn’t matter, the Panhu Navy is crippled and he posed a limited threat now! It will take him at least half a year until he returns with the monarch weapon.”

Zhong Yue calmly said, “Return to the fortress at once! The Heavenly River Navy Fleet is almost here and this battle …”

His eyes twitched for this battle had only just begun. The real fight had yet to come as in the next fight, they will be facing against the renowned known Heavenly River Navy Fleet, Huangting Clan and the Heavens Divine Dao Bell!

Could they fend them off?

Can the Heaven Suppression Fortress hold themselves?

Even if they did, how many will get out alive?

And after that, there would be the reinforcements from Dating Clan and those that supported the Heavenly Court.

Heaven Suppression Fortress would turn into a meat grinder by then!

Zhong Yue bade farewell with Imperial Emperor Duo Yin and returned to the Heaven Suppression Fortress, Can the dead bodies fill up the Star River of our Heaven Suppression Fortress by then….

Meanwhile in the fortress, Yin Fanxuan and Jin Hexi stood on the walls as they watched the approaching Heavenly River Navy Fleet. Wherever they passed, Heavenly River flowed out from the void, extending gradually and the river reflected bright rays that lit up the warships brightly.

Suddenly, the warships all stopped in unison before the countless gods activated one after another divine pillars, set up their camps organizedly and shown no sign of disorder.

As more and more of them arrived, the Heavenly River’s water level increased rapidly and quickly, an ocean appeared right before the fortress.

The Heavenly River Navy Fleet’s camps floated right above the ocean and Lou Zhengshi had the audacity to command his soldiers to train as usual as if he did not bat an eye about the Heaven Suppression Fortress.

“Lou Zhengshi is a formidable enemy, he is waiting for the Huangting Clan and the time to overwhelm us with superior manpower.”

Jin Hexi said, “The Huangting Clan is slow but they will arrive in no time.”

Yin Fanxuan panted slightly for the only army left in the fortress now was the Yinkang Navy but compared to the Heavenly River Navy Fleet, the Yinkang Navy was still slightly inferior to them, making defending the fortress a difficult task.

Besides, Lou Zhengshi was a renowned general of the Heaven Court, making Yin Fanxuan even less confident.

Suddenly, the void rumbled and an ancient ship came charging right out of the dimensions.

The ancients ship landed in Heaven Suppression Fortress and Zhong Yue, Yin Fukang and the others got down, heading up to the walls while the soldiers went to take a rest.

Seeing Zhong Yue, Yin Fanxuan and Jin Hexi felt relief but their heart still sank after seeing the situation of the Xian Tian Royal Guards.

There were only about 13,000,000 of them left and only 7,000 thousand of the 8,000 Fuxi survived.

The battle against the Yu Lin Army and Panhu Navy had, after all, claimed the lives of many.

After getting up to the walls, Zhong Yue looked far away towards the Heavenly River Navy Fleet and after a moment, he suddenly burst out laughing, “Lou Zhengshi is trying to stall for time and we shall not give him the chance. Didn’t he just set up his camp? We will now have him keep the camps away! Hexi, take command!”

Jin Hexi was stunned for a second, but Zhong Yue did not give her the time to react as he had turned to the Xian Tian Royal Guards and had them take a rest.

Yin Fukang also said, “Fanxuan, you will be commanding the navy, I will be waiting for your orders on the command warship.”

Pressure landed on Yin Fanxuan’s shoulders after Zhong Yue and her father gave the commanding power to the two ladies while they were about to head into the battle.

“The divine wooden pillars!” shouted Zhong Yue.

The Xian Tian Royal Guard’s nine generals, Bing Rong, Qiu Yi, Huo Rong, Yu Rong, Wa Yun, Cang Ya, Tai Sui, Li Hua and Chi Song all actiavted a divine wooden pillar and placed the pillar in their light wheels!

Yin Fukang landed onto Yinkang Navy’s command warship and ordered his men, “The divine wooden pillar!”

Right away, the captains of the many warships activated the pillars and placed them in their light wheels.

At the same time, one after another god from the Heaven Suppression Fortress entered the Star Gates, got out from the Star Gates of the nine towns and twelve strongholds before they shouted, “Master’s order is here! Activate the divine wooden pillars!”

Fu Wen, Fu Li, Fu Lie, Fu Shan, Mu Suge and the others immediately activated the pillars and had their soldiers prepare for war.

Zhong Yue looked towards Yin Fanxuan and Jin Hexi. He then bowed and said, “Darlings, we will depend on you to command us now. Leave the bloodbath to us.”

Yin Fanxuan was saddened by Zhong Yue’s words and she murmured, “Darling, you’ve not rested for so long. Xian Tian Royal Guards could still take a rest on the ship but you …”

Ever since Zhong Yue left, he had been pouring his energy into the ancient ship, depleting his energy and stamina quickly and this intensified during the battles; for a few months, he had never had time to rest and Yin Fanxuan was worried for him after knowing his status now.

“It’s fine, I can rest after this fight!”

Zhong Yue smiled gently and shouted, “Open the gates!”

“Open the gates!” repeated the guards after receiving Zhong Yue’s orders.

On the walls, the gods started blowing the warhorns.

Du—— Du———

Outside the gates, the Creators guarding the gates revealed their true form, dragged the chains backward and opened up the gates while Zhong Yue and his men marched out grandly.


Under Chi Song’s command, divine wood planks flew out, landed onto the river and as Zhong Yue kept walking, the wood planks laid themselves in front of him.

Li Hua who was at the end of the army then had the bridge removed after the soldiers marched past.

On top of them, the thousand singed ancient ship sailed steadily, moved as they moved, shadowing over the Xian Tian Royal Guards.

Behind Heaven Suppression Fortress, Yin Fukang and his navy fleet sailed underneath the water, contrasting greatly with Zhong Yue’s Xian Tian Royal Guards.

The army formation was just like a three-taloned golden crow that had its wings spread widely, three feet up while Zhong Yue and Yin Fukang’s army stood right at the position of the beak, showing the crow’s might!

Upon reaching the designated position, Zhong Yue and Yin Fukang’s army immediately launched an assault towards the Heavenly River Navy Fleet’s camp!

The war drums sounded loud as Heavenly River Navy Fleet immediately readied the soldiers. From the center camp, Lou Zhengshi ascended into the air, gigantifying quickly and he sat in the center of the camp like a giant, dwarfing the warships around him. He frowned at Zhong Yue’s army formation.

What kind of formation is this?

This was the first time he had seen such a weird attack pattern, but that did not stop him from giving out orders. He commanded his two generals to hold Zhong Yue off while he observed.

Without hesitation, the generals immediately sailed out with their soldiers and clashed with Yin Fukang’s navy.

Right away, Zhong Yue and Yin Fukang’s army showed their fangs, striking like a golden crow that was about to snap something with its beak and tear the Heavenly River Navy fleet apart.

“This is not very wise, our Heavenly River Navy Fleet can counter you easily,” murmured Lou Zhengshi with a smile.

With a new order, even more Heavenly River Navy Fleet sailed into the warzone but at the same time, Zhong Yue and Yin Fukang ordered their men to retreat back into the fortress while the Heavenly River Navy Fleet bit behind their tails.

Suddenly, underneath of the Heavenly River Navy Fleet’s camps emerged Fu Qizhi with six other commanders from the twelve strongholds, pierced right into the enemy’s ranks like six sharp swords and unleashed chaos upon the enemy ranks!

Lou Zhengshi was surprised by this ambush and he hurriedly sent out soldiers to surround Fu Qizhi and his men, but to his dismay, Fu Wen, Fu Lie and Fu Li came charging out with their men, flanking the left side of the Heavenly River Navy Fleet.

As they emerged, Fu Qizhi and his men retreated while Xian Tian Royal Guards and Yinkang Navy charged out again, clashing with the Heavenly River Navy Fleet.

For Lou Zhengshi, just as he was about to send his men to repel the enemies, even more came charging at his men from the front. But when he sent soldiers to the front, his other sides would be attacked by different enemies.

At the front, there were the Xian Tian Royal Guards and Yinkang Navy while at the back were Fu Qizhi and the other commanders.

Lou Zhengshi started sweating, he wanted to head into the battle himself, but if he did, he would lose control over his army, which would place him in an even worse situation!

As a commander, it was much more important to command the battle than entering the fight himself!

However, if he just watched, his men would not be able to handle Zhong Yue’s weird attack patterns!

Lou Zhengshi quickly made up his mind and put his thoughts into actions; he leaped towards the left side and just as he was about to strike the foes down in one breath, Jin Hexi had the soldiers all retreat and the others to launch an all-out attack.

Seeing this, Lou Zhengshi immediately halted his footsteps, and he turned around swiftly and shouted, “Retreat!”

He landed at the frontline and helped his men to fend off the enemies. The Heavenly River Navy Fleet quickly executed the order; some continued holding the line, others started removing the camps while Zhong Yue and his men held off Lou Zhengshi to buy his men time to slowly tear the Heavenly River Navy Fleet’s ranks, killing many in the process.

Lou Zhengshi sweated heavily and he shouted again, “Forget the camps, retreat at once!”

The Heavenly River Navy Fleet immediately backed off. Jin Hexi ordered the soldiers to stop attacking and start looting the resources of Heavenly River Navy Fleet; after retreating in a rush, the Heavenly River Navy Fleet had left behind abundant resources.

“Take the divine wood pillars away, leave nothing behind!” ordered Zhong Yue.

Meanwhile, after retreating to a safe distance, Heavenly River Navy Fleet started setting up the camps again but just as they set up the camps, Xian Tian Royal Guards and Yinkang Navy showed up again, forcing the Heavenly River Navy Fleet to retreat hurriedly again.

Rendered with no choice, Lou Zhengshi immediately ordered the men to leave everything behind and Zhong Yue and his men stopped at once to turn to the resources left behind.

“Darn it!” scolded a furious Lou Zhengshi.

“Commander, what now?” asked a general.

Lou Zhengshi’s expression darkened down right away at this question; if they set up the camps, they would be raided again but if they didn’t, the soldiers would have no place to stay and that would result in the decrease of morale.

Besides, activating the warships and the other activities alone required immeasurable amount of resources!

“Set them up….” scowled Lou Zhengshi.

Not long later, Jin Hexi gave out an order again and Heaven Suppression Fortress’ army attacked in the same pattern again, hijacked the camps again and Lou Zhengshi had his men backed off again.

The same process repeated again and again, Heavenly River Navy Fleet was raided five times, forced back far away and every resource was lost except for the equipments donned on them and some warships.

“Damn you, King Yi! How dare you!”

Lou Zhengshi was fueled with anger and just as he was about to retreat again, Zhong Yue and his men retreated without hesitation. This shook Lou Zhengshi and with a pumping heart, he quickly turned around and he felt relieved after seeing Huangting Clan’s army slowly approaching.

Zhong Yue and Yin Fukang retreated right away and Yin Fukang praised, “Lou Zhengshi is indeed a powerful enemy. His men may be a little chaotic, but they managed to stand their ground under his lead. Even after five defeats, we still did not manage to further increase our advantage against him!”

Zhong Yue nodded and he too, praised, “Indeed, he is better than Sui Qinghong.”

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