Rise of Humanity

Rise of Humanity

Chapter 1110: Innate Lake

He saw Creators capturing the sword flash emanated by Quasi Star, attempting to forge them into precious items.

This place might be dangerous and harsh but it’s because of this that there are treasures abound. This was also the place Feng Xiaozhong obtained saint herb tea tree.

For days Zhong Yue walked and he soon found the harshest place in Quasi Star. He sat with his legs crossed and his Three Eyes Heavenly Pupil opened, searching for the core within the deepest part of Quasi Star.

His psyche continued seeping into the ground, his eyes searched for the changes in the Quasi Star. Over the next months, his mastery had increased by folds but was still a distance away from achieving the Innate Lake Dao.

His guess was right, in this universe, there was a special Lake Dao, and beneath its terrifying death force was contained tremendous life essence and unpredictable changes.

The deeper his psyche seeped into the Quasi Star Region, the clearer his vision became and the more amazed he was. Deep in the Quasi Star, there were natural Dao patterns that constantly morphed into innate Dao patterns and innate Dao totem patterns!

Could it be that the Innate Lake Dao in Quasi Star is constantly evolving?

Zhong Yue was shocked upon coming to this realization, a place where innate Daos gathered was an innate sacred ground!

Hence, if the Quasi Star’s deepest part was creating its own Innate Lake Dao, then was the Quasi Star slowly evolving into an innate sacred ground?

This was definitely a great discovery!

Zi Wei was a land created by Great Si Ming and the ancient Deity Kings under his lead during the Dark Age’s era. It was a land full of treasures but lacked an innate sacred ground birthed by heaven and earth, thus, almost all the innate gods birthed by the heaven and earth came only from the ancient universe while Zi Wei only birthed innate gods from prayers.

And now, this Quasi Star was slowly turning into an innate sacred ground!

Of course, this evolution was slow and it may take over billions of years, but this was great news to Zhong Yue. Perhaps, the Quasi Star had already birthed the perfect Innate Lake Dao!

With a roar, Zhong Yue revealed his true form, the Fuxi True Form and used the innate draconic scales to decipher the many Dao patterns.

“[Innate Eight Trigrams]!”

Diagrams danced around him, calculating the wonders in the Dao patterns while psyche and vision continued diving deep into the Quasi Star, exploring towards the depths.

Suddenly, Zhong Yue caught a glimpse of something. His heart beat rapidly for he discovered the forming of an innate Dao, like a lava stream amongst the quasi stars.

There is really Innate Lake Dao!

Zhong Yue was happy at this discovery and he wanted to get closer to observe, except that the quasi stars were incredibly terrifying, like boiling porridge in the pot, there were no patterns, no traces and the danger could be imagined easily just through this!

“Innate divine saber!”

Zhong Yue leaped into the air, his hands pressed down towards quasi stars.

Hong long—-

His 12 innate Daos flew out, intertwined together and turned into a divine saber, whenever it passed, everything split!

The enormous quasi star sword rays in quasi stars were split apart, and like a Jiao Dragon, Zhong Yue dove right toward the quasi stars, getting close towards the Innate Lake Dao.

The pressure around him intensified every inch he dived deeper, the energy around turned chaotic and there were even quasi star sword rays that began splitting his saber light!

“Space Secret Realm, Seven Paths Reincarnation!”

The seven light wheels behind his head blossomed. With the seven light wheels spread out, whenever quasi star sword rays got close, they would be shifted away by Zhong Yue’s Space Secret Realm, their projection altered and slashed towards the other rays.

In the deepest part, the pressure became even more terrifying, forcing Zhong Yue into borrowing the Fire Order Era’s fire spirits’ power to boost his strength!

With the fire spirits’ power, his cultivation level now arrived at the Imperial Emperor level, saber flashed across the surrounding and with unstoppable force, he progressed deeper down.

Finally, Zhong Yue arrived at the core of the quasi stars, quasi stars compressed under the terrifying pressure. But with their size compressed, their strengths were condensed, making them much stronger than the stars outside.

Even with the fire spirits’ power, Zhong Yue found himself struggling to withstand the pressure and slowly, quasi star sword rays pierced through the Seven Paths Reincarnation, leaving scars on him.

Eventually, Zhong Yue found himself stopped entirely and any step further would put him in grave danger!

But if he stopped here, he would never be able to lay his hands on the Innate Lake Dao!

Screw it!

Zhong Yue bit his lips, unleashing his monarch level mentality. His mentality was on the monarch level, it was very rare but at the same time, dangerous. His current level, which was the Deity Overlord level would not be strong enough to withstand the assimilation of Daos!

Just when he used his monarch mentality to perform the [Innate Eight Trigrams], the chaotic Dao patterns in the quasi stars boiled, surging from every direction and gushing into his body!

At the same time, the heaven and earth born Innate Lake Dao began flowing away and shown signs of moving towards Zhong Yue!

In the next second, Zhong Yue fell into a dangerous situation never before; the quasi star’s quasi star sword rays contained the Dao of swords with endless power and they were all attracted by Zhong Yue’s monarch mentality, stabbing towards them as they flew at high speed!

“Shao Hao Bell!”

Zhong Yue let out a roar, the 12 innate Daos turned into Shao Hao Bell, shielding him inside and blocking off all the quasi star sword rays!

Dang dang dang—-

The bell rang and trembled before the impact. It shook heavily before the sword rays as holes started appearing on it!

Right now, he was on the monarch level, casting 12 innate Daos to create the Shao Hao Bell, his defense was so strong that even if it was not as strong as the true Shao Hao Bell, he was already far stronger than most Imperial Emperors’ defense!

However, under the quasi stars’ quasi sword rays, even such defensive power was futile!

He then unleashed all of his trump cards to hold off the Quasi Star, but in the next second, the Shao Hao Bell shattered, just like that.


Countless holes appeared on Zhong Yue’s body as the sword rays pierced through mercilessly.

Dao Assimilation was to aid the monarchs to achieve the Dao, but without the appropriate level of strength, the person would be pierced by endless swords!

Zhong Yue groaned in pain, with his palm and fist, he cast Tian Yin’s skill, and after a loud explosion, the endless quasi star sword rays surged towards his palms!


Under the immeasurable pressure and impact from the sword rays, Zhong Yue’s hands burst apart, flesh splattered around as his hands were completely obliterated!

He used Heavenly Daos’ skill to guide quasi stars’ Daos of swords, but the impact was far beyond his limit. One should know that he was under the influence of the fire spirits’ power, which boosted him into the imperial Emperor level. To think that even with such power, he was unable to defend himself from the sword rays!

If he was on his own, Zhong Yue would’ve been disintegrated from inside by a single sword ray!

Daos rumbled, another torrent of sword rays flew towards him, and Zhong Yue raised his newly regenerated hands to cast Tian Yin’s skill. But at the same time, that Innate Lake Dao also flew towards him under his gravity.


Zhong Yue’s body flinched as the Innate Lake Dao finally merged with his own Daos, Innate Lake Dao’s wonders surged into him, the wonders unexplainable and he was exposed to the mysterious yet alluring changes of universe.

Those were something he had never seen before, entirely different from the innate Daos he knew, the Innate Lake Dao contained both life and death. The darkest situation would breed life as destruction descends on the heavens. It was just like the ocean, capable of breeding lives but also quick to claim lives.

With this Dao, one could start to derive the evolution of a new universe!

Zhong Yue’s expression was distorted, his body and Yuan Shen started converting into Dao but the opportunity was not one to be missed so he forced himself to endure it. Only by overcoming this would he be able to fully peek into the wonders in Innate Lake Dao.

The endless quasi star sword rays did not stop however, they continued surging towards him, speeding up the conversion and applying pressure to him. On one hand, he had to resist the conversion, on the other hand, he had to resist the sword rays and also focus on understanding Innate Lake Dao, he was entirely occupied by three things and that made it even harder for him.

Under such circumstances, even the Nine Lives Black Wok Mushroom was incapable of helping him, Dao Assimilation was a slow death and the mushroom could not substitute him.

Life and death, death could become life but life would also turn into death. In Quasi Star Region, he used his life to understand this Dao, succeed and he shall understand Innate Lake Dao, failure to do so and he would die.

If he managed to understand the Innate Lake Dao, he would turn death into life, allowing himself to escape smoothly, even progressing into the Deity Emperor level and past the cataclysmic tribulation.

But if he failed, what would be waiting for him was obvious!

Time and time again, Zhong Yue cast Tian Yin’s skill, halted quasi star sword rays’ Daos of sword and slowing his Dao Assimilation. But his body and Yuan Shen inevitably got weakened.

With one side’s power increasing and the other side’s decreasing, the weakening process would only speed up, and it would become even more difficult to resist Dao Assimilation!

Suddenly, a light stream split the skies apart, descending into the star region and turning into a demonic man.

I can sense it, King Yi is right here! His cataclysmic tribulation is creating his tribulation, the air is condensing every second and it’s calling me here to send him off!

This man was Demon Monarch’s disciple, Mo Yuanlie, he murmured, “His speed is fast, if he continues to run, I will not be able to catch up to him but it seems like he has stopped, just right here.”

Mo Yuanlie did not bother hiding his presence, his intimidating demon air spread around, shrouding the entire Quasi Star, demonic Qi scattered everywhere and searched for Zhong Yue’s whereabouts without any restrictions.

“Which senior martial brother is in our Getian Clan’s territory?”

In Quasi Star, two Imperial Emperors who caught this demonic presence were shocked and they immediately asked.

“Ah, the Getian Clan.”

Mo Yuanlie smiled, “Do you recognize innate Demon Monarch’s disciple?”

The two Imperial Emperors’ expressions changed right away, the Getian Clan was a celestial race but Mo Yuanlie was a demon race from the ancient universe. In the ancient universe, the demon and celestial race never got along and the demon race followed only a common principle, which was that they would never stand on the same side with the celestial race!

And now, it would not end smoothly when the celestial race, Getian Clan ran into Mo Yuanlie!

“Hoho, senior martial brothers, I am no utter evil.”

Mo Yuanlie’s robe waved along the whistling wind, “I am here for King Yi, not you. If you can help me locate King Yi, I will spare you!”




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