Rise of Humanity

Chapter 923: Hundun’s Gift

After the eyeball’s disappearance, another eyeball appeared.

“This future Imperial Star is a very chess piece, it is supposed to grow with its fate to serve its purpose at its fullest. How did it disappear?”

The second eyeball then vanished but not before a third one appeared. This third eyeball also looked around. After that came the forth, fifth….

In Chaos, Hundans swam freely in the river of time and suddenly, the many Hundans were all immobilized, trapped in the current river of time and lied before them was a piece of filthy and tainted dimension, the time flow was messed up and even these Hundans refused to enter.

An ancient voice was then heard, “Living beings are causing ripples in the river of time by disrupting the future. How wonderful! Strange lives messing with the future and obstructing with the progression… This is the not first time already.”

The Hundans possessed the ability to swim freely in time without being affected by time, appearing at any point in the past and future.

However, if the river of time’s future was disrupted, the river would become filthy and tainted, preventing the Hundans from entering.

“I will be going onto the land to check what has happened.”

The entire Jinwu Clan was alerted by the Chaotic Divine Turtle’s arrival; countless magnates charged out and they all looked at the front with an empty mind as the massive Chaotic Divine Turtle emerged from the chaos fire ocean.

The Chaotic Divine Turtle continued crawling forward, but at the same time, his body was slowly changing. After a few steps, it turned into an amazing living being. Suddenly, the Chaotic Divine Turtle was shocked by his discovery and he murmured, “I might have entered the wrong timeline… I’ve arrived 170,000 years earlier than I should be. This time should be Dao Venerate Fu Min’s era …”

He immediately wanted to return back to the chaos fire ocean but right before he could put his leg into the fire ocean, the fire instantly started burning his leg.

After getting onto land, he became a creature of this universe, which no longer made him a Hundun, hence, if he entered the chaos fire ocean again, he was bound to be burned. The only way to enter again was to destroy his tainted body to purify himself.

The Chaotic Divine Turtle retracted his leg and just as he was thinking about what to do, an Innate Golden Crow flew towards him before turning into a man with bird’s head and three claws, he said in a shocked tone, “Brother, where did you come from? May I have the honor of knowing your name?”

“The Jinwu Clan?”

Chaotic Divine Turtle laughed and said, “I remember you. Since time is still early and the ripple will come only after 170,000 years later, I suppose I have some time to spare. To answer your question, I come from Chaos and you can call me Hundun.”

Celestial Monarch Jin Wu’s eyes moved around and he invited, “Brother, the Chaos Divine Fruits on the divine tree recently have just fully ripened. If you don’t mind, would you like to have a cup of tea with me? I will treat you with some of the fruits.”

“Gladly!” said Hundun happily.

On the tree, Celestial Monarch Jin Wu treated Hundun generously, serving him with delicacies and the Chaos Divine Fruits freshly harvested from the divine tree and even had the beauties of Jinwu Clan to entertain them with dances and singings.

Hundun enjoyed himself to the fullest and he kept on praising, “Back then, my life was dull and boring. I never know that there are such delicacies and such wonderful music! If I had known it earlier, I would’ve gotten onto the land long ago! Monarch Jin Wu, can you gift me a branch from the tree? As a token of appreciation, I will gift you a Chaos Bead that could protect you from the future catastrophic event.”

The Celestial Monarch Jin Wu was struck with happiness and he immediately thanked Hundun but not before he gave Hundun a branch from the divine tree.

In turn, Hundun gave the Celestial Monarch Jin Wu a Chaos Bead and the monarch said, “Since you came from Chaos, could you please tell me a little about the future?”

“I’m afraid I can not share with you about what happened. All I can say is that 170,000 years later in the future, there will be someone that disrupts the time flow and create ripples.”


Hundun said, “By giving you the Chaos Bead that will save your life, I have already caused some unpredictable changes in the future but fortunately, your presence has barely any impact on the future like that of a dead man, which will not impact the time flow. However, if I told you what happened in the future, the already messed up situation will worsen right away. My mission is to wait for the human that disrupted the time flow to appear. Jin Wu, you treated me with a great meal so I protected your life but if this is made known to others, you will die.”


Celestial Monarch Jin Wu asked in confusion, “What race is that?”

“You will know when the time comes. He will come looking for you in your territory.”

170,000 years had passed since that day. Turbulence rose up within the Hundun Celestial Race, the most mysterious clan among the 24 monarch races; their grand ancestor showed himself along with a Fusang Divine Tree that blossomed alluringly, shrouding the entire sacred ground with its red rays.

Ancient divinic psyches swept across the field and searched deep into the universe’s void.

After a moment, the grand ancestor summoned a young god from the Hundun Clan, had him bring the divine tree to him, which was later forged into a little branch and handed back over to the young god and ordered, “Hundun Yu, bring this to the Heaven Suppression Fortress and give the fruit on this branch to the human. After that, stay there and observed him in my place.”

“Observe him?” asked the confused young god.

“Yes, observe.”

Hundun’s grand ancestor said, “I came to this place 170,000 years ago to meet him but I’d entered the wrong timeline. The future is completely messed up, preventing me from observing him from Chaos so now, you will observe him for me by staying at his side.”

“Then what’s with the Chaos Divine Fruit?” asked the young god.

“It’s a trade.”

The grand ancestor said, “Bribe him with this so he won’t be able to chase you away.”

The young god asked again, “Then the tree? This tree had been planted and nurtured by you carefully for so many years, why have me bring it to him now? What’s the point?”

Hundun grand ancestor smiled and said, “You really are like me, as curious as me. The tree is to protect you. Now go, stop asking any questions. Go go go!”

Hundun Yu was left with no choice. He immediately brought the tree with him as he left. He rushed towards Heaven Suppression Fortress but not before he returned back to the ancestor after remembering something. He turned back to the sacred ground and asked, “Grand ancestor, you want me to look for this person but who is he? I can’t possibly just hand the fruit over to anybody that I come across with first! Ancestor? Hello? He is asleep again!”

Hence, his question remained unanswered and the confused Hundun Yu recklessly thought, Forget it! Once arriving at the fortress, I will just give the fruit to anyone I run into first and observe him!

Meanwhile in the fortress, Zhong Yue hurried the gods to forge the items and equipments for the war was about to come and with that, a fierce and tough battle!

There were originally about 40 million gods in the fortress and the Hundredth Reincarnated Saint Amaryllis’s scent drew in another 20 million. Though most of them left in the end, there were also some that remained in the fortress, pushing the numbers up to 50 million right now.

Back then, King Zi Guang deduced that in order to secure Heaven Suppression Fortress, at least 50 million gods were required; Zhong Yue arrived with far fewer numbers than that back then and it was a huge achievement that he managed to develop the numbers to such extent.

These gods were then dispatched to forge equipment like siege towers with only a purpose, to make this fortress into an impregnable fortress and their potentials were exploited to the fullest.

Even so, Zhong Yue still felt that they were progressing too slowly and that there was not enough time.

If Imperial Emperor Xian Tian is a cold-blooded one, he will go into his life and death cultivation right now, ignore the consequences and watched as his wife, children, subordinates and his people die.

And if he really is a good leader, he will have one body enter the cultivation and another outside to fight against Heaven Court and the Heavenly Monarch to buy time for his people.

His decision will be made clear to us soon!

In the fortress, the 28 Heavens hung high in the skies and the powers in them were draw out to forge the equipments. Fu Qizhi, Fu Yanshan, Fu Li and the others who were considered as the main pillars of the army were all distributed with almost half of the fortress’ resources.

The wild humans from the ancient universe were already extremely wealth and with the addition of these resources, they were now all armed to teeth.

On the other hand, the main power of Zhong Yue’s Xian Tian Royal Guards were still the 8,000 Fuxi; each of them had 2,000 gods under their lead and with that, 16 million gods under the 8,000 Fuxi’s command.

Mu Suge’s Tiger Jiao Cavalry also received some upgrades and though they were not as strong as Xian Tian Royal Guards and the human barbarians, they too, made themselves powerful enough not to be ignored.

And the captivated 56 Creators were all smitten back into their original forms, chained and made into the siege weapons for the army.

These Creators came in different forms and they were all equipped with heavy weapons. Aside from the eight Creators assigned to guard the gates, there were another eight of them being garrisoned on the walls while the remaining were distributed to the different divisions as vanguards.

Now, the defense of the fortress was completed; outside the fortress, warships sailed in the Star River, each ship had more than ten thousand gods garrisoned, named as the Little Heavenly River Navy and placed under the command of the human female Creators Fu Wen and the others.

On the walls were war chariots that charged around; there were countless chariots and on each of these chariots were a hundred gods, assigned to guard the walls and they were divided into four divisions; the North, South, East, West Alight Division that were responsible for the east Azure Dragon Gate, the south Vermillion Bird Gate, the west White Tiger Gate and the north Black Tortoise Gate.

The four divisions were then led by Fu Li, Fu Shan, and two other human Creators.

In the fortress, banners stood everywhere, the army was trained through friendly matches and there were also the Yu Lin Army and Hu Ben Army.

After some extensive research between Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan, they had created molds for different weaponries and armories, which were then distributed to the many divisions and had them to produce these equipments hastily.

Though Zhong Yue has vast knowledge in a lot of fields, he was not as good as experts in a certain field. With his capabilities, there was still no way he could entirely replicate the many divine weapons and heavy artilleries he knew but as the Innate Saint Spirit Body that was extremely sensitive to Daos, Yin Fanxuan could calculate the necessary Dao totem patterns needed for these equipments.

And with Zhong Yue’s extraordinary calculations, the many equipments were replicated by the husband and wife before they were handed over to the army to produce them.

One day, Zhong Yue activated the ancient ship, boarded it with Yin Fanxuan, had the leaders of the army onto the ship and they started to patrol around the army to examine the results.

Suddenly, there was a ruckus in the south gate and with a flick in his psyche, the ancient ship split the waves apart and headed straight towards the south gate. As they arrived, a divine general immediately came reporting, “My lord, there is a True Deity out there saying he’s here with a gift for someone but he can’t specify who this someone is!”

Zhong Yue was surprised and he said, “Bring him in.”

A moment later, a warship sailed towards them and on the deck was a young god that was being immobilized by many divine generals. On the elbow of this young god was a Fusang Branch with eight flowers blossomed on it, a fruit dangling on the branch and the young god was looking around, “Is there someone reasonable enough to talk to? I am here just to present a gift!”

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