Second Life Ranker (Sa Doyeon)

Chapter 113 Legendary Beasts Successor (4) (*teaser*)


Didn’t the Void Dragon die?

Yeon-woo’s eyes became bigger, and the same voice from earlier echoed in his head. It was the same way of communication as the Phoenix.

It was definitely the Void Dragon.

[Kehahat! I wondered what kind of guy the Phoenix had a fondness for. If you’re here, you also know what’s happening. Then you have quite the motivation, hm?]

Yeon-woo felt wide-awake.

“Are you really the Void Dragon?”

[Kinda weird that the guy who woke me is saying that, isn’t ie? Kekekek.]


Yeon-woo was going to ask what the Void Dragon meant, but trailed off because he had a thought. He didn’t have the qualification to collect a soul that he didn’t kill. Even if he could, the Void Dragon’s tier was too strong, so he didn’t know if it was possible.

To be precise, this didn’t seem to be a soul. What if it was a remaining vestige of the Void Dragon?


Then, Chirpy spread his wings, and confidently stood face to face with the Void Dragon.

[I see. You’re the one that’s taking over the South instead of that arrogant bastard? I guess you’re her kid. This is amusing…….

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