Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student
Chapter 815: How Could Dad Kill Someone?

Chapter 815: How Could Dad Kill Someone?

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“Your name, age, and occupation. What business did you have with Jiao Hongmei in Shenhai?”

Xie Xuning was silent. He’s not the easiest guy to talk to.

He also wanted to see how these people worked in Shenhai since those men asked him to come over.

However, the working attitude of those people really let Xie Xuning down.

“You are not talking. Are you an idiot?”

Xie Xuning’s silence pissed the interrogator off.

The interrogator slammed the table in front of him and uttered bad words.

Xie Xuning grabbed the man’s throat as fast as lightning. He moved so quickly that the man didn’t find out how Xie Xuning did it!

“Listen carefully. Jiao Hongmei was dead, and you suspect me, which is normal. I am willing to sit here and cooperate with your investigation. However, it does not mean that I am a murderer. If you treat me like this again, I can’t guarantee what I will do.”

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As soon as Xie Xuning let go of the man’s throat, the man flushed with fear.

He bluffed, “You still have a reason, don’t you? If you are not a murderer, then can you tell me who did it? It just so happened that Jiao Hongmei was killed in her own home just after you came out of her neighborhood, right?”

A sharp glimmer flashed in Xie Xuning’s handsome eyes.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Did those people think he was that stupid?

If he wanted to kill someone, he had many ways to do so without anyone knowing.

Why would he go to all that trouble?

“You should have asked the forensic doctors to investigate the witnesses, material evidence, and on-site evidence collection, right? Don’t you all know the murder weapon, the time of death, the footprints on the scene, and the roadside surveillance? If you’re trying to beat me into a confession, I’m sorry; you’ve got the wrong person!”

Xie Xuning was tough with an attitude.

There was no room for compromise at all.

He didn’t have the slightest guilty conscience or fear that a suspect should have when he was seating there.

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He just sat upright with his hands on his knees.

In another interrogation room, his guards also remained silent, even without Xie Xuning’s instructions.

They were holding up the interrogation work.

They had to report the situation to their superiors.

“Brother, what did you say? It is impossible.”

Ye Tianxin received a call from Xie Xinghe before she woke up. She was instantly left dumbfounded after getting the call.

How could her dad kill someone?

Anyone could kill, but Xie Xuning can’t kill!

“Okay, I will pack my things right away.”

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Ye Tianxin called Qie Wenyang while packing her things.

“Yangzi, I had to take care of something over the past few days and I can not come to the hospital. Please help me take care of my grandma. Thank you!”

Xie Xuning was detained.

This was a big deal for Ye Tianxin and Xie Xinghe.

They got on the first flight of the day from the Imperial Capital to Shenhai.

“Brother, what’s going on? How could my dad…”

Xinghe Xie also shook his head with a headache. He was also confused when Xie Qian told him that his uncle was suspected of being a murderer.

“Tianxin, don’t be nervous. It must be a misunderstanding.”

Ye Tianxin sighed. She thought that this was a smooth and profitable year for her at first.

Her grandma’s illness was cured.

Her long-lost aunt was also found.

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Even her father, who had never appeared in her previous life, had been found.

It seemed that all the good things had come to her.

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Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student Chapter 815: How Could Dad Kill Someone?
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