Seoul Station's Necromancer

Seoul Station's Necromancer

Seoul-yeog Nekeulomaenseo

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Last Update 2 years ago

The Seoul Station's Necromancer novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Wu jinseol. 209 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


[You have entered the dungeon at Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit.]

When former high school student Kang Woojin finds himself returned back to Earth after being forcibly summoned to a foreign planet for 20 years, he soon finds that Earth is not the same, normal place as he once remembered it to be.

With his former strength and age reset back to zero, watch Kang Woojin as he gets back on the path to becoming the Earth’s strongest Necromancer!

Latest Release: Chapter 208: Epilogue

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17 days ago

kinda trash,but if u like lite stuff maybe you can enjoy this novel
there is no spirit ,just word after word
this type of novel just for new reader

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  • LostWeeb Oct 07, 2020

    Good read and enjoyable.Mc is op and Smart.He will not hesitate to kill anyone he doesn’t like.He kinda like jinwoo from solo leveling. Not a masterpiece but worth your time. My rating 8/10 (The last arc was kinda rushed)

  • ColdDemonSlayer Aug 05, 2020

    (posting here cause i keep getting an error when i post it in reviews)
    Pretty good if u want something to read. Its not a masterpiece but it is pretty entertaining. It has some comedic and sad elements. Its not as good as for example second coming of gluttony but its entertaining so give it a read and you'll get addicted