Shadow Hack

Shadow Hack

Chapter 915: If You Have the Ability, Don t Run

Li Yunmu looked at the four clan patriarchs with a calm expression and spoke with ridicule in his voice. “How do I want to die? I want to comply with nature and die of old age. I wonder if the four clan patriarchs will satisfy my request?”

Upon hearing his words, the four clan patriarchs sneered. In their eyes, Li Yunmu’s words were an enormous joke. Chen Xiu was destined to be an enemy of the four clan patriarchs, so giving him the option to choose the method of his death was already being extremely benevolent.

Yet Chen Xiu wanted to grow old and die then? Was he playing around?

“I am afraid that we cannot do as you wish. Since the sixth ancestor couldn’t think of a good way to die, then allow the four of us to decide for you.”

Jiao Xiu took a step forward while speaking in a calm voice. He erupted with peak god level presence after that, and the other three clan patriarchs as well as the sixty gods’ also released their presence.

The pressure intimidated the birds and beasts in the surroundings, and they all scattered away.

Li Yunmu looked at the enormous formation and asked with a calm face, “You want to kill me openly?”

Deva Clan’s matriarch waved her jade white hands and cheerfully said, “How can we possibly let you run away? The foundation of the four clans is profound, and every clan’s Elder Council has hundreds of gods. Right now, each clan dispatched twenty gods, and each and every one of them possesses profound cultivation. Additionally, we, the four patriarchs, also came, so how is it possible that the sixth ancestor, your distinguished self, might be able to run away?”

If four peak stage gods and sixty elders at god real could not kill one false god, then their cultivation of so many years would have been in vain. Regardless of how highly god father valued Chen Xiu and how much he wanted to assist the branch family descendant in his fight against the direct descendants, he would not give away any real treasures to him.

After experiencing the rebellion of the four clan ancestors, Asura wouldn’t believe any of his sons again. Chen Xiu possessed a world fragment, but it could be useless as well as extremely formidable. After all, if the four clan patriarchs and sixty gods entered it, they wouldn’t be able to defeat Chen XIu.

But the situation was completely different in the outside world. In front of so many enemies, Chen Xiu would be crushed like an ant.

“That is to say, after the fifteen gods you dispatched before were dealt with, none of you dared to move, but when you heard that I possess a world in my palm from Yan Xiu’s mouth, you decided to settle the score with me. Yes or no? Is it possible that you didn’t stop to think why I did that?”

After saying that, Li Yunmu revealed a mysterious smile and looked at the four clan patriarchs. They were slightly startled by his words.

Chen Xiu had come so far precisely because his brain was very sharp. Yet when the four clan patriarchs forced him to leave Asura City, he didn’t resist in the slightest.

At that time, the four clan patriarchs believed that Chen Xiu had compromised, because god father was in seclusion and he had lost his only backer. Under the coercion of the four patriarchs, he could only accept being pushed.

After the fifteen gods disappeared, the four clan patriarchs realized that it hadn’t been the case. The reason why Chen Xiu compromised was because he had a trump card in his hands.

But Chen Xiu’s words just then were like stone being thrown into a calm lake and created ripples. The four clan recalled what had happened and thought about it. If Chen Xiu only had one trump card in his hand, he wouldn’t have let Yan Xiu see it or allowed him to sense the presence of fifteen gods trapped inside.Read the next chapter on our

Chen Xiu knew that Yan Xiu would inform the four about the matter, which would lure them into his trap. The four of them had come with sixty gods, but Chen Xiu was still acting as if it was an ordinary matter.

The only explanation for it could be that god father was in the vicinity.

The four clan patriarchs looked at each other, then the divine presence they emitted weakened slightly. The four were thinking the same thing, so there was no need to say it aloud.

They were all full of terror though. The deaths of the four ancestors they had personally witnessed stood before their eyes.

Asura was ruthless in dealing with his own sons and even directly killed them. If he was in the vicinity, then the actions of the four clans would violate his dignity and what awaited them would be their clan’s extermination.

Li Yunmu looked at the subtle changes in the expressions of the four clan patriarchs, clearly understanding their suspicions that Asura might be in the vicinity. Although they didn’t say anything out loud, they were like birds startled by the twang of a bow.

“What, are you afraid now? Now you understand fear, but I can honestly tell you that god father is still in seclusion in Asura City and isn’t nearby. How about it, will you heave a sigh of relief?” Li Yunmu asked with a smile.

The moment he finished, the four clan patriarchs did heave a sigh of relief. But when they saw that Li Yunmu was still full of smiles, they began to frown. The matriarch of Deva Clan twisted her figure, and looked at Li Yunmu with her phoenix-like eyes.

Patriarch Doro’s expression was dark. Being played repeatedly while he was the brain of the four made him feel really frustrated.

“You are quite honest. But if god father isn’t nearby, what other tricks do you still have up your sleeve? Could it be that god father has given you a divine weapon?” Kiao Xiu said while looking at the calm and collected Li Yunmu. He was trying to probe him with vigilance in his heart.

As Li Yunmu continued smiling without saying anything, the system suddenly spoke in his brain. [Little Bu has brought the gods of Lakshmi City, no, that’s not it… The main forces of the five ancient gods are also here. They are less than fifty kilometers away.]

The distance of fifty kilometers was only a matter of a few breaths for five ancient gods and the gods dispatched by Lakshmi City.

After a moment, Li Yunmu raised his head and looked at the four clan patriarchs and sixty gods, then said with a smile, “Don’t you all want to see what trick I have up my sleeve? Come then… look behind me.”

The four patriarchs looked at the direction in which Li Yunmu had pointed and waited. Suddenly, a small black dot appeared in the sky. It quickly enlarged, and when Jiao Xiu saw the appearance of the

person, he was slightly startled and said in surprise, “Yan Xiu…”

When did a mid stage god Yan Xiu become the trump card of Chen Xiu?

Rahu Clan’s patriarch noticed that Yan Xiu only had the cultivation of mid stage god and furiously looked at Li Yunmu. He then raised his hand that was as large as a palm leaf and pushed it forward.

“Shameless! Now drop dead for me!”

As he shouted out those words, the normous hand struck Li Yunmu’s body, but it faded away upon touch.

The four patriarchs looked at Li Yunmu’s figure and the sky in Asura City’s direction. They could clearly see Li Yunmu leaving behind afterimages while rapidly flying away.

Before the four could react, they heard one more sentence from Li Yunmu.

“I don’t have any tricks, except that thing behind me. Just wait a minute, and if you have ability, don’t run away at that time!”

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