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Chapter 597 yesterday

Best novel out there in top 10, as world building and character development goes , slightly above tbate , the author pov and supreme magus imo

Chapter 595 2 days ago

I have read over 50 light novels since 2018 until now. I can say I'm a seasoned reader of light novels, And after really injoying this wild ride I arrived here. THIS IS REALLY A MASTERPIECE. Its the type you put in a different league.

Chapter 595 2 days ago

Very beautiful novel, fantastic protagonist that make you feel both exilarant in the comedy moment that drammatic during serius moment, power system well designed without MC overpower or too fast grow

Chapter 81 2 days ago

Vaguely reminds me of SSS Class Suicide Hunter with how the nightmare stuff works. Other than that, a completely unique take on the "hunter" trope with great execution. Easily my top 5. It's a shame that the author is only publishing this on Webnovel.

Chapter 593 3 days ago

Well written, great story development, no harem. I am enjoying it very much. It is difficult to find a novel where the writing is not embarrassing or boring, so I am very happy to have found this novel, and it has lot of elements that are different from the stereotypical level system novels, fact that I soon found very interesting. Easy and catchy characters' names, loved it.

Chapter 591 3 days ago

It's quite good! Considering that it is following the usual dangerous breaking, Mc becomes powerful from it. One thing I must add This is NOT ur average Novel

Chapter 591 4 days ago

It's a slower story, but I like and prefer it. I highly reccomend this. Coming from TCF and Legendary Mechanic, this has to be my favorite by at least half-to a full point.

Chapter 591 4 days ago

The idea is a uniquel twist on a pretty generic (?) concept. I think a lot of the quirks of the "system" in this novel are really interesting. The worldbuilding seems really deep, and the dichotomy between the real world and the spell world, (especially how beautiful the dream world sounds sometimes) is really interesting in my opinion. The pace is somewhere in the middle, not being to slow despite the VERY long arcs that take place. Despite this, the enviroments and the characters along with their situations easily fill that time. I think the MC's personality and character's past contrasting with a lot of the people he meets and how that affects his actions is interesting, and the author having an attribute to make up for the coincidental and wild situations he ends up in was a cool choice. Sometimes, the characters curse/swear a little weirdly, and sometimes there are typos, but the speed of updates and quality of the writing is high. The novel is originally written in english so the weird translation issues in a lot of good novels aren't here. I think the worldbuilding is the best part of the story so far, but seeing the developement of the characters will be interesting.

Chapter n/a 4 days ago

It's quite good but not that good. 350 chapters just for the First Nightmare(Dream Realm). Slow progress in the story. The author should have make it more fast pace.

  • bashar

    No we need it to stay as is. We are enjoying the slowness

Chapter 589 5 days ago

interesting, a nice twist on dungeons, and good ideas with FLAWED HAHA characters im bad ik but yea try this book out. Grammar is good, story is solid, nothing is predictable, and you never know what ur in for :)