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JReader 10
Chapter 1462 2 days ago

Amazing novel, balanced with calm and character development moments and hell-break-lose rushes. The lore is plenty and of golden quality. Definitely recommend

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Lord_Of_The_Horny 1
Chapter 1201 2 days ago

Sunny is a great main character for weak to strong as he started out weak but now he's weak but less Really good, great world building, I'd smash saint and nephis

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mrahc 1
Chapter 188 5 days ago

The world building and lore is honestly great, nearly continued it just for that, but the MC is unlikeable so it's an unfortunate drop. The MC is quite cowardly and ambitionless. A lot of people might argue that it's more "realistic" but I feel he has regressed since his first nightmare and become less independent and more dependent on side characters. I'll be generous with the score since I do like the idea though.

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  • JReader 10

    Your comment just prove you haven't understood where Sunny is coming from. To bad for you, would recommend you push through. It only gets better

  • Supreme_deity 2

    cowardly and ambition less you say bro... Well in my perspective sunny is having his development really well and also the romance also keeps popping tho it is a bit ... Anyway it is a great novel and has great characters.the horror is also really good hopefully you read it more for you to get interested well the first nightmare is a bit long it's great

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  • Sumer 48

    Bro its a 1400+ chapter novel. What makes you think your judgement is correct when you've read only 188 chapters? Atleast read till end of first Nightmare. Don't rush to judge

WatermelonCat 3
Chapter 1444 7 days ago

Finally caught up to the latest chapter. . So here's my review of this story!! This is an absolute masterpiece with unparalleled world-building and a captivating storyline. The protagonist's balanced power level keeps the plot focused, despite occasional slow moments that are quickly overshadowed by mind-bending twists. This novel offers a refreshing take on a dystopian fantasy world, blending modern and magical elements seamlessly. While it may have its slower parts, the author's vivid prose and attention to detail make every moment engaging. The complexity of the lore could easily translate into an astounding game. Highly recommended for those seeking a fresh twist on the genre. It definitely deserves the 5 star rating. .

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El_Naggar 3
Chapter 1450 8 days ago

To be honest, the description of the novel does not show even 1% of its quality. This is one of the best novels I have ever read, and the good thing is that it is good even in the last chapters, which are continuing now, so I advise it to all new readers🔥🔥🔥

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ReaderBree 4
Chapter 968 10 days ago

Shadow Slave captivates with its thrilling action and a cast of characters you'll adore. The plot unfolds seamlessly, keeping you engaged at every turn, while maintaining a perfect pace. It's the book that ignited my passion for fantasy novels, and I can't recommend it enough. A must-read for anyone craving an exhilarating adventure!

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  • Luthor 1

    what is exhilarating about being carried by OP females? fan service?

SenanIbra 3
Chapter 1442 11 days ago

So far I have only read up to chapter 1300, but seriously the novel is very good. There is very good psychology in the novel, sometimes it is as if you feel the emotions inside yourself. Mc is talented and smart enough. There is a romance tag, but it doesn't move very quickly. If it progresses a little faster, I believe we will see very sweet scenes. (Seriously. . . I find all the excitement, pleasure and many other emotions in fiction that I cannot find in real life)

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Raequ 1
Chapter 635 12 days ago

I liked this so much I actually read the first 650 ch in two weeks. I adore the intricate world setting and its history and the characters are well written too. Overall very good and I liked it a lot :) 5/5! (I don't like romance though so I kind of pretend the tag is not there haha)

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dragondish 1
Chapter 1111 12 days ago

5 star novel. best journey of characters and all things come together at finale of respective arcs from all chapters before. All characters even mc, his friends and even villain have their growth over time.

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lillogie79 1
Chapter 1437 13 days ago

For me this is 5 star because u will see some crazy development on any aspect whether its the mc power , personality all of it . Just give it a try for 100 chapters in u will like it

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