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I love this story, the writing is so descriptive, I became attached to some characters and I feel as if I can see and sympathize with some. Great read. I usually don't read 350 chapters in 3 days so this is good. I aspire to write like this one.


Amazing, I didn't expect much when first seeing it, but I completely blew away my expectations. Both the mc and the side characters are extremely interesting and it's nice to not have an op mc. The novel also has plots twists that keep it interesting and make you want more.


I have read my share of novels, some were bad and some were good, but i can say that Shadow Slave took a spot in my top 3 novels. The story is well written, it may have a slow pace but it isnt repetitive, through the narration we can clearly understand the MC thoughts, emotion and how he has changed. The MC is unique it isnt the common op, smart, heroic, brave and selfless. Its very difficult to find such a rare gem online nowadays and I hope Shadow Slave gets more recognition.


ABSOLUTE MASTERPEICE !!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *opens Google / searches* recommend Novels similar to Shadow Slave [Google]: Error can't find any, the Shadow Slave is a gem, a great work, can't find any error -------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTSTANDINGLY Written Neat work It's now one of my favourite novels, - Reborn;Apocalypse - TBATE - Shadow Slave - The Author's pov -ORV - LOTM


Just finished Volume 2 and can't wait for more. The world building, cohesion between characters, and the long term Story creation the author is making is amazing. Can't wait for the suspense in how the story goes


Bro this novel is a gem, right up there with the beginning after the end and classroom of the elite. If you are on the fence about reading this book, do it, you’ll be happy you did


The book is amazing, insane. The depths of the characters and their writing is well planned out. Don't even get me started on the world building, mesmerizing and beautiful world building which was beautifully conveyed to words - I'm on the edge of my chair to see what's coming!


Currently finished volume 2 , currently it's the novel with greatest potential to be one of the best when completed. On the level of great novels like LOTM and ORV. . . And mc rocks


BROUH THE BEST STORY AND PLOT I SEENI. It's like I saw the end of the story even though the story is just the beginning i want to see the mext volume


This novel is so awesome. The mc growth and other characters are all amazing. It's not fast paced where Mc gets FK ton of abilities or cheats his way through. One thing i really hate is the slave part . If Mc becomes slave of someone no matter who, it becomes annoying to read and I might as well drop it cause it's not my type of novel. Hopefully author does something about it.