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yahya3216 1
Chapter 569 2 days ago

This novel has become my favorite without a shadow of a doubt. The plot is amazing; the MC has to work very hard to get stronger. This is not a story where the MC gets whatever he desires. The characters are very likeable. Definitely give it a try.

Angom 2
Chapter 808 2 days ago

Good book overall, it has its flaws but that's the beauty of it , it starts of in its one pace it's neither slow nor fast , the characters are interesting and not dull , really enjoyable writing too. People opinions may vary but in my opinion it's a wonderful story , recommended !

Phosso 1
Chapter 808 2 days ago

Absolutely fire it turned a pretty boring concept it one of the best stories I’ve ever read it’s my number 2 and every arc is better than the next

Fishfcker69 1
Chapter 367 2 days ago

This is one of the best novels I have read. . . If you haven't read it you should give it a try. . . The world building, Character sketch everything is brilliant. Easy 10/10

Drypaint 7
Chapter 806 2 days ago

Great Novel MC is not the strongest in the group he is second so if you are expecting MC to face slap everyone just don't read it , all the characters feel real and are well written .

NOOBmaster 2
Chapter 806 2 days ago

This novel is easily one of the very best novels on this site. Let me explain why. Starting off, we have great world building, nothing is neglected. From the beginning to wherever we are right now, all key elements that are even minutely important and always focused on, and developed to an extent. Sunny's character development is top notch. Other characters like Sunny's friends and acquaintances have amazing character development and are always masterfully woven into the story. This brings me to my second point; the characters themselves. As expected, the main character is heavily focused on. As Sunny evolves, we see a detailed description of how it happens, be it a change in his personality, views or his power. The same can be said for the side characters. However, there are more than enough details to fully understand each and every "key" character's development. Then we come to the antagonists. This aspect has also been wonderfully written by Guiltythree. Though not a huge number of villains make an appearance in the novel, this is clearly compensated for and then some by the fact that the villains we saw in the novel were amazing and provided very entertaining and gripping arcs. All in all, this is a 10/10 novel for me. You will not be disappointed.

BrothersInArm325 2
Chapter 387 2 days ago

This Novel is very good somehow it able to make me feel either the happiest man alive or puts me in a very bad depression 10/10 novel. (I wish it had more chapters 😕)

KishouArima4444 2
Chapter n/a 2 days ago

Just the first arc was enough to get me hooked to shadow slave, the way the nightmare was described and even the description of the world will make you feel like you are watching a movie and the bone chilling horror some scenes are presented with will make your throat dry from the anticipation.

lnwUser90838 2
Chapter 804 3 days ago

One of the best books I've read on this site. It's in the top 3 for sure. I would definitely recommend it. The city arc is relatively slow but the rest is terrific. Oh and if the author is reading this, A message from the masses: Your cliffhangers are so annoying.

TheSlime 1
Chapter 650 3 days ago

So Shadow Slave is probably the best novel I've ever read. Compared to Arifureta, TenSura and Strongest necromancer in heaven's gate. The character are realistic and have proper personalities and character flaws. The power system is unique but at the same time interesting and the lack of cheat characters is refreshing. The best part is that the romance is slow and the characters develop at a good rate. It is also good in that the side characters are not just names

  • RimT3mpxst 12

    The comparison to Tensura Slime Datta Ken is Flawless